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100+ Great Debate Topics - Comprehensive Guide With Examples

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Debate Topics
 Alice Smith  Published On Apr 13,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

100+ Great Debate Topics - Comprehensive Guide With Examples

You cannot bake a cake without flour, butter and sugar. Similarly, preparing for a debate takes the right ingredients to be included for the best outcome.

The developmental stage of debate topics is said to be one of the most complicated exercises of all time. Picking the right slant and accumulating all relevant information in support of the subject matter is certainly no child’s play. There are so many aspects to prioritise. But, first things first, one must get the hang of the significance of developing a good debate topic.

Once you know what benefits and positive impacts it can bring on you and your career, you will naturally find the process of research topic development intriguing. Secondly, we need to get hold of the nitty-gritty details of the preparation stage before debates. Thirdly, we will learn about the behavioural aspects one needs to focus on during debates, finally, followed by a list of good debate topics.

So, ready for the insightful ride ahead? Here you go.

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Significance of Good Debate Topics in College Life

Debate topics come in various forms. Some are good topics, while others are overly controversial at times. Well, the academic experts across the world are of the opinion that one must maintain a steady balance between good and argumentative debate topics. Not all argumentative topics are ideal for a good debate. Some of them might appear to be narrow, dangerously controversial or irrelevant to the current situation to some extent. Choosing to debate over such topics will only waste your time and productivity. This makes it more important for you to choose good debate topics, especially during college life, where you are exposed to many research opportunities.

So, take note of the benefits of choosing good argument essay debate topics and motivate yourself to lay more focus on relatable debate topics that are worth your time and research.

  • Picking good debate topics for discussion paves ways for engaging, active and learner-centric activities among students.
  • Good topics give you the opportunity to hold productive brainstorming and knowledge sharing sessions effectively.
  • It enhances the ability to structure and organise thoughts in a uniformed manner.
  • In addition to it, debating over good topics helps college students improve rigorous higher-order and critical thinking proficiencies.
  • It will also develop effective speech composition and delivery skills among college students.
  • College students look for productive research avenues. Debating over concrete, and rationally accepted debate topics encourage analytical research and note-taking skills
  • Choosing significant debate topics in college helps students gain broad, multi-faceted knowledge across several subject matters beyond the learner’s regular academic lessons.
  • Lastly, productive debate sessions over insightful topics allow young learners to gain confidence, develop self-esteem and an enriched poise.

I hope you are now aware of the significance of good debate topics in college life? Feel motivated to expand all research scopes. There’s no substitute for a good debate. If you want to perceive things and look at certain subject matters from rational perspectives, sit for a good debate and gain unparalleled knowledge.

Preparation Stages before Debate

Merely knowing about the various benefits of good debate topics will not help, if you fail to prepare for a productive debate session. Students need to learn and understand how to walk through the preparatory stages before holding a debate.

Invest some time in reading what’s included below and learn how to prepare for a gripping debate session ahead.

  1. Hold proactive brainstorming sessions

Here are the essentials of brainstorming ideas one must prioritise before initiating a debate.

  • Focus on individual brainstorming. Spare 5-7 minutes, focus on the subject matter in question and jot down every single relatable thing that comes to your mind.
  • Once you are done with the brainstorming individually, dedicate some time in group brainstorming.
  • Each group must have a sheet of paper. After a thorough group discussion, every group must jot down unique debate ideas derived from the session.
  1. Organising all accumulated ideas

The brainstorming session gives you enough ideas to initiate a debate. But, you also take a step forward to organise those ideas in an unformed manner. Here’s how.

  • Identify at least 8 to 10 points of arguments you have picked from the brainstorming session.
  • Do not consider significant arguments. Instead, join al similar points of arguments together.
  • Write the names of the arguments in a sheet. Make sure each name should be no longer than three words.
  • Based on the primary points of arguments, you need to prepare a compelling debate speech.
  1. Structuring the speeches

At this stage, you need to structure your debate speech and include each of the key components in it, as mentioned below.

  • Introduction: Mentionwho you are and what cause of argument do you stand for.
  • The preview: Mention the names of the points of arguments you are going to cover.
  • Rational perspectives: Firstly, you must come up with a generic overviewof the points of arguments. For example, you may start with, “Let’s take a look at what I’ve heard or accumulated from other sources.” Remember, even though you would introduce a rational perspective, the idea is to disagree with those points and establish yours.
  • Primary point: Firstly, you start establishing your point with confidence. You may come up with, “Coming to my points”, or “As far as I’ve deduced” and the likes.
  • Secondary point:Here you need to mention the reason (an explanation why is your point true or why is it more believable that what people have known till date). Secondly, you need to mention the evidence (facts, examples, analogies and imageries to support your point of view).
  • Reminder: Lastly, you need to remind your audience of the points you have covered so far. While structuring this particular segment,make it a point to establish a link between the rational perspectives associated with the argument and your personal opinions. 

You need to understand that every argumentative speech or debate should entirely be based on the following points.

  • Reason
  • Evidence
  • Research/analysis
  • Link

Without citing a proper reason, you cannot expect your audience to buy your opinions. If you have a reason or cause behind arranging the debate session, then there must be evidence to support your cause. To accumulate all vital pieces of evidence, you need to invest time in research and thorough analysis.

And finally, you must establish a concrete link between the topic of debate and what conclusions are to be drawn at the end. Getting the hang of it?

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Behaving During Debates

The behavioural aspect in a debate room is undeniably one crucial point to be prioritised. You can never be a good debater if you lack basic courtesies, presentation skills and other ethics. Hence, one needs to know-how to be ethical during debates.

Hence, take a look at the following suggestions.

  • Never go personal. A debate should be healthy and ethical from all perspectives.
  • Focus solely on the primary point of argument, instead of getting carried away and ending up passing personal remarks.
  • It is important for you to keep calm while debating, instead of shouting or getting angry. This will only show your weak side to your opponent.
  • When you start off with an argument, speak clearly, sound smarter, and feel confident of what you speak.
  • Explain your logic behind the argumentative point in a step-by-step manner.
  • You should also consider being respectful. Do not insult, talk over or judge the person you are arguing with.

You should remember that a constructive debate aims at deriving a solution to the problem. It should focus on the key takeaways and helping the audience perceive things from the debater’s point of view. Behavioural issues leading to physical abuse, fights and personal attacks will only ruin the very essence of it.

100+ Unique Debate Topics for Every Taste

Here’s an informative list of 100+ unique debate topics you can choose to talk about. Refer to them and stage a strikingly impressive debate, like a boss.

Educational debate topics

  • Should school homework be banned?
  • Detention in schools and colleges should be immediately banned.
  • Should schools and colleges have armed security guards at the gate?
  • Should academic institutions block social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?
  • All schools should be private schools. Debate for or against the topic.
  • Should religions be taught in schools or it should be banned completely?
  • Is traditional schooling better than homeschooling?
  • Is it mandatory for students to wear school uniform?
  • Is it acceptable to eliminate the concept of the student loan?
  • Why is sex education still a taboo? It should be made mandatory in high schools.

Technology Debate Topics

  • Should the government invest in an alternative source of energy?
  • What makes cell phone radiation dangerous? Should it necessarily be banned?
  • Do you think net neutrality should be restored?
  • Has social media really improved communication?
  • Are we still slave to the technology, or is it the other way round?
  • Should individuals own their DNA? The debate for or against the topic
  • Is technology helping us, or is it making things worse?
  • Is social media communication actually beneficial or harmful for the young generation?
  • Any form of technological advancements should be banned. The debate for or against the topic
  • Is there a real history behind genetic engineering? Decoding what’s unknown 

Social and Political Debate Topics

  • Should human cloning be made legalised?
  • Why should abortion be banned? Debate for or against the topic
  • Is there a concrete reason to abolish the death penalty?
  • Should all politicians be college graduates? Debate on this point with your personal perspectives
  • Should the minimum wage for workers by $20 per hour?
  • Why should juvenile criminals be tried and treated as adults? Is there a sold reason behind it?
  • Banning of plastic bags. State constructive reasons for or against this practice
  • Should every citizen be mandated to perform government services? How could it be made possible?
  • Is the world in need of banning all sorts of violent video games?
  • Banning packaged water. Should bottled water be made illegal to sell?

Debate Topics Related to Economic Issues

  • Abolition of income tax and GSTs across the world
  • Should people of all income groups pay equal taxes?
  • Is socialism antithesis to democracy? Say for or against the topic
  • Does sovereignty has any meaning among economically unequal states?
  • In the post 9/11 world, is job war, the biggest creator of the job?
  • Should tax fraud be considered as waging war against the country?
  • Are democracy and capitalism different? State your opinion on this notion.
  • Why do people take up arms against the state? Is lack of job the reason behind it?
  • Is income tax is merely an amount that is asked by the government on professional success?
  • GST is raising a market entry barrier. It should be banned immediately

Debate Topics for College Students

  • Is media treated unfairly by the celebrities?
  • Should the government allow non-IT students to apply for IT jobs?
  • Is corporate social responsibility a charity or mere marketing gimmick?
  • Is it possible for artificial intelligence to replace human intelligence by any means?
  • Is democracy in Singapore a success or failure?
  • War is never a solution to settle international disputes among various countries
  • Should organ donation be banned or should it be made compulsory?
  • Is it feasible to opt for nuclear disarmament to ensure world peace in the long run?
  • Do MBAs really make great business leaders? Debate for or against the notion
  • Should the concept of zoo be abolished permanently?

Debate Topics for High School Students

  • How should contemporary society respond to drug abuse among teenagers?
  • Does social media influence contribute to teenage suicide?
  • Mobile devices in school should be banned permanently
  • Is it mandatory for all students to learn at least one foreign language?
  • Is it harmful to teach or introduce new religions among school students?
  • Tourism affects our environment. Do you agree to the notion?
  • Are modern healthcare and antibiotics really effective to combat all critical health issues?
  • Can the Singaporean government ensure the country’s economic and social stability?
  • Has global warming led us to experience catastrophic changes around the world?
  • Is it a good idea to play video games during idle hours?

Financial Debate Topics

  • Should financial education be made compulsory for every student?
  • Mass incarceration and its impact on the financial stability of Singapore
  • Should the government give every citizen access to seek online financial advice?
  • Is there a link between high profitability and environmentally hazardous practices?
  • Is mobile banking actually effective, or is it fostering online frauds at a higher level?
  • How far is the concept of credit card effective? Does it hinder economic advancements?
  • Should there be any economic justification for wars?
  • Is Singapore financially stable, or do we need to take finances more seriously?
  • Is there a relationship between corruption and financial instability?
  • Should there be any financial justification for wars among various countries?

Debate Topics on History

  • Is King Arthur a real entity or a false interpretation of the personality?
  • Ancient Singaporean history and contemporary historical culture of the country
  • Is there any concrete justification for the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  • Was ancient Roman culture male-dominated? Debate for or against the topic
  • Knowledge of historical facts and figures improves our global perspectives. Is it true?
  • The emergence of interracial conflicts. Should we blame our history for that?
  • Was colonisation a good or bad thing? What’s your take on the topic?
  • Should school history lesson focus on world history of a nation’s history?
  • Should aboriginals have special rights to the land of a particular country?
  • All historical artefacts should be returned to their individual place of origin? 

Fun and Interesting Debate Topics

  • Is daydreaming better than dreaming at night?
  • Why fairy tales impact the perception of children?
  • Are women smarter than men, or is it the other around?
  • Do humans eat to live or live to eat?
  • Dishonest and rich, poor and honest; which one is better?
  • Older women should be allowed to marry younger men. Debate for or against the topic
  • Pirate or superhero; which of them is more real?
  • Twilight or Harry Potter; which one has a better story?
  • Are Ironman and Batman misleading superhero idols for teenagers?
  • Are human beings aliens of some sort? Express your perception on this?

Debate Topics on Sports

  • Has Kobe Bryant become more famous after his death?
  • Are professional wrestlers paid too much?
  • Is hockey actually the most intense sports in today’s world?
  • Should violent sports such as kickboxing and MMA be banned?
  • Should Lionel Messi join a new team?
  • Which one is more popular? Outdoor sports or indoor sports?
  • Should girls be allowed to play basketball?
  • Should physical abuse be allowed in hockey, basketball and rugby?
  • Is it ethical to allow amateur boxing as a school sport?
  • Do we need to think beyond cricket and game of soccer?
  • What should be the ideal punishment for drug abusers in sports?
  • Can football become the fifth major sport in the world?

Still Stuck with Complex Debate Topics?

If you are still not able to find concrete solutions to a bunch of overly complicated debate topics, then count on our expertise. We, at,, are dedicated to working on a plethora of debatable subject matters under the sun. If you need customised outlines or assignments that talk about the primary point of debate explicitly, place your order with us right away. Our in-house academic experts know how to lay focus on the problem associated with the topic.

Based on a thorough analysis, our essay writers shall walk that extra mile to accumulate all verified information, in support of the argumentative topic. You can use our assignments on debatable topics for references, pick all essential points to counter an argument and venture out with confidence. So do not waste any further time, specify all requirements you have and upload your files right away.

We shall do everything possible to ensure 100% flawlessness in your papers, without fail.

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