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A Complete Guide To Writing An Argumentative Essay With Example

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 Alice Smith  Published On Mar 27,2019 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Essays

A Complete Guide To Writing An Argumentative Essay With Example

Since an argumentative essay requires you to convince the readers of your opinion, the task calls for a lot of research. You have to follow the right style of writing which in unison can help you put across a point more convincingly. Essay writing can be quite an ordeal, and an argumentative essay just takes the level of difficulty a notch higher.

If you thought that convincing a person who has opposing beliefs with facts /figures was easy, then you might want to reconsider. If you want to make a strong argument through your essay and cut the mustard, then here are the key elements to write a winning paper.

8 Tips for Writing a Killer Argumentative Essay

  1. Choose your topic wisely 

Given that you have the prerogative to choose the topic for your essay, make sure that the issue you zero down on is contradictory enough to have more than one point of view. The topic should be current – something that people are talking about. Choose a topic that makes you passionate. Also, make sure that the topic is specific and talks about one issue at a time.

  1. Mind map before you start

An argumentative essay is all about taking a side and justifying it. You need to take a clear stance right in the beginning. Do not be vague and convince the reader of its legitimacy in contrast to other perspectives. Use your argument to appeal to the emotions of your readers. This will help your audience resonate with what you are trying to establish. Try to strike the right chord to arouse feelings in your readers.

  1. Research well

Before you start collecting evidence, invest your time to research and gather knowledge about your audience. Try to study the side of the argument they are on. The information will assist you in building a strong case with relevant evidence. Make sure that you collect enough facts and statements from experts that will compel your readers to side with you. Ensure that the sources you retrieve your information from are authentic and reliable. Also, use up-to-date information.

  1. Start with an appealing introduction

Always start your opening paragraph with a hook to grab the attention of your reader. You can start with a quote or construct a vivid imagery. Your opening statement must be smart enough to mould your audience in the direction you want. Present your point of view and give a logical explanation for the side you have chosen. While writing the thesis statement, be very specific and focused.

  1. Transition into the body smoothly

While moving from the introduction to the body, make sure that the transition is smooth so that the reader goes with the flow of the content. Even for the three body paragraphs, use the last sentence of each section to provide a natural transition to the succeeding paragraph. Include references and facts to support your claims throughout the body.

  1. Address the opposition

Most students make the mistake of not addressing the views in opposition in their argumentative essay. Jot down the possible objections that your readers might raise. Consider each of them and try to overrule them using strong evidence. Anticipating counter-arguments and providing logical rebuttals will lend a sense of completeness to your essay.

  1. Draw a logical ending

For the conclusion of the argumentative essay, you need to summarise your key arguments. End your conclusion with a rhetorical question or a query to the readers that might compel them to dwell on what you have said. You can also end your essay with a call for action or a recommendation. 

  1. Draw up the reference list

Since an argumentative essay involves a lot of data, you must provide a complete citation list along with the names of the authors, the sources and the websites. While at it, make sure that the list you draw up is in the correct format. Talk to your teacher about the format that you are supposed to follow – APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard.

Now that you have drafted a comprehensive argumentative essay with the help of the above tips, let us move on to the next section. To make sure that the essay you submit is flawless from every aspect, revise your piece multiple times. Check the context and the reliability of the evidence that you included in the essay. If you are scared of missing something out, take a third opinion from a mentor or seek online help from academic experts.

Still can’t seem to get it right? Here is a sample of an argumentative essay that has helped a student score a straight A+ in school.

Topic: Why should schools switch from traditional paperback textbooks to E-books?

Let us first take the opportunity to be grateful for the advancements in technology, without which our lives would have been way less comfortable. With every service going online, we barely have to step out of the comfort of our homes to fetch things. Like every arena, education too has benefitted a lot from technology. Most students these days are ditching visits to bookstores and purchasing study books from online sites like Amazon or Kindle. While many e-books have its share of disadvantages, the advantages sure weigh them out substantially. That brings us to the question – should schools ditch the traditional tomes and replace them with the easily accessible e-books?

To start with, E-textbooks are actually quite similar to the paperback textbooks minus the paper. E-books contain the same layout and content. The only difference? E-books are only available on the web and can be viewed and downloaded on the computer.

We already know how deforestation poses a fatal threat to the mother earth. The hardcopy versions are generally made up of hundreds of pages of paper. We all know where the paper comes from – the trees! Did you know that it takes felling of around 75000 trees to print the Sunday edition of the New York Times. So, you can imagine the number of trees that are cut down to produce enough paper for a textbook. Deforestation has already taken a toll on the environmental and on the climatic condition of our planet.

Moreover, it takes an average of 5 litres of water along with the bark pulp from a tree to produce one A4 paper. You don’t even need to consider the entire world. Just take your class for example. Let us assume that your class has around 50 students on average. Now you can contemplate the damage that is being inflicted to the environment to supply your class with the textbooks of just one subject.

Apart from the environmental damage, you also have to pay a lot of money to buy paperback textbooks. While for e-books, you could be saving almost half the money by downloading the books with the help of your internet data. Now, you may say that the internet is expensive. But considering the availability of internet all over the world, the price of an internet connection has come down by a lot. 

With the books saved to your desktop, you can simply find the chapter using the Find features and go to any page you desire with just an input. However, that certainly isn’t the scenario with a textbook. You may have to skim through hundreds of pages and yet not find the section that you wanted to go through. You can also highlight and mark significant portions without scribbling in an almost illegible handwriting. You can even convert the textbook into an audio file, and use your headphones to learn the material. Wondering what are the best benefits that softcopy textbooks have to offer? No more heavy bags weighing you down. Did you know 41% of students suffer from spondylitis due to carrying heavy backpacks.  The number of youngsters who suffer from pain in their backs, shoulders and necks due to strained muscles is growing by the day. With e-books in the academic spectrum, the hassle of dealing with the specifications of a textbook can be curbed. Al you need is your laptop, and you will be good to go!

However, most institutions argue that e-textbooks are not the right way to go. Teachers and parents think that children are already glued to their phones (watching movies or gaming). But considering how they are already on their desktops for the wrong reasons, they might as well make some good use of the internet. Moreover, several universities earn a handsome amount by supplying students with textbooks. That is one major reason why schools and colleges are not ready to replace traditional course study material with its online version. However, it is time for academic institutions to reflect on the costs involved in shipping the books from the publisher and delivering the books to each student.

The decision to use e-textbooks over the hard-covered counterparts boils down to one’s personal preference. Weighing in all aspects, it is not difficult to see that electronic books are a lot better option when it comes to learning. Not only do they give learning an interesting spin, but they also help us avoid felling of trees, thus helping us in saving the environment. E-books are less expensive and more eco-friendly as compared to traditional textbooks. A student can get instant access to all the information he or she needs with just a click of the mouse. Who isn’t wise enough to choose an option that lets them save the environment and some money as well?

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