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Everything You Should Know About Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On “Bullying”

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 Alice Smith  Published On May 14,2019 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Essays

Everything You Should Know About Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On “Bullying”

You must have heard people say that everything happens for a reason. Every action has its cause and effects. Authors often use a cause and effect essay to determine the reasons and implications of a particular action, occurrence or situation. If you are a student, you may need to write such essays more often than you expect.

A cause and effect essay is not very different from the regular ones that you usually write. However, the approach towards writing a cause and effect is slightly different. Before demonstrating how to write a cause and effect essay, let us learn the basics.

How to structure a cause and effect essay?

Primarily, there are two different ways to structure a cause and effect essay. It depends on how you want to present the essay to the readers.

1. The block structure:

As per the block structure, you need to outline the causes first. The subsequent effects will then follow.

2. The chain structure:

In this structure, you need to describe every cause, which is immediately followed by the corresponding effect.

Both the structures have their own advantages. Block structure is used to organise a shorter or perhaps a less detailed essay. The chain structure, on the other hand, is used when the author needs to relate an effect directly to its cause.

A comprehensive guide for writing a cause and effect essay

To draft a remarkable cause and effect essay on an issue like “bullying”, you need to know a few more things.

  1. Determine a goal for the essay:

Before you start writing a cause and effect essay, decide what you want to achieve with the help of your essay. Is it to inform the readers or to establish opposing arguments? Having a clear goal from the beginning can help you deliver a concise write-up.

  1. Include evidence – the more, the better:

In order to establish convincing ties in your essay, including several examples and sufficient data to support your arguments.

  1. Focus on making better transitions:

It is great for the readability when you seamlessly transit from one paragraph to another. However, when it comes to a cause and effect essay, you need to make smooth transitions from the causes to their corresponding effects.

  1. Mind the length of the essay:

Unlike the regular five-paragraph essays, a cause and effect essay doesn’t generally have a strict limit on the length. However, that does not give you the license to include as much content as possible in the essay. Use only the details that are significant to the topic.

With the help of this knowledge, you must be able to write a cause and effect on "Bullying" on your own. To make things easier, we present a sample that you can use as a reference for your essay.

Sample: A cause and effect essay on “Bullying”

Title: Exploring the Causes and Effects of Bullying

Over the years, bullying has been a serious problem across multiple educational institutions. Most people know that bullying is wrong. However, it isn't stopping the bullies from harassing people. According to the report of the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics shared by, 28 per cent of students in grades 6-12 experience bullying [1]. The report also suggests that 9 per cent of students in grades 6-12 also experience cyberbullying [1]. Statistics from the National Education Association highlight that over 160,000 kids refuse to go to their schools every day because of the fear of being bullied [1]. Some statistics also suggest that repeated incidents of bullying are the primary reason for dropping out of school in more than 10 per cent of students [1]. Before we can find a solution to this widespread problem, it is necessary to determine the causes and effects that the practice of bullying poses on young people.

A number of studies support the fact that bullying behaviours develop in an individual between toddler and preschool years [2]. These behaviours grow further into the individual’s communication style when they go unchecked. Developmental psychologists suggest that unsupervised free play encourages bullying behaviours among children [2]. If parents teach a child to manage his emotions and feelings in the right ways, it is possible to control such behaviours. The nonchalant attitude of parents and school authorities is to blame for the growing bullying behaviours among young kids. Besides, there are other factors, which contribute to the behavioural changes in children.

In several cases, a child turns into a bully due to a lack of self-awareness [2]. Apparently, most of the bullies don't even realise how their peers see them. They see themselves as a well-liked person, while in reality, it's the result of a fear-based manipulation. Since people around them are usually too afraid to speak up, they think their aggressive behaviour is somewhat normal. Another reason why young people turn into bullies is that they suffer from low self-esteem [2]. If the child has a difficult upbringing, it can compel him to develop low self-esteem. When low self-esteem is combined with aggressive behaviour, the child may constantly feel the need to defend himself. Also, if the child experiences changes that weren’t in his control during the growing years, he may feel the need to assert dominance over the peers as a coping mechanism [2].

Apparently, several psychological and emotional problems are responsible for such aggressive behaviours in young people. While bullying might allow some people to cope with their problems, it is never a pleasant experience for the victims. Psychologists believe that bullying can have a variety of short and long-term effects on both the victim and the bully. In some cases, even the bystanders are affected by witnessing the incidents of bullying.

How bullying affects the victim?

A bullied person may experience some short-term effects [3] such as:

  • Isolation from the society
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Insomnia
  • Change in eating habits
  • Avoiding schools
  • Low self-esteem
  • Symptoms of anxiety
  • Higher risk of illness
  • Poor school performance
  • Psychosomatic symptoms (headaches, muscle aches, stomach aches, other physical complaints with no known medical cause)
  • Symptoms of depression

Bullying can also have some serious long-term effects [3] on the victim. Those effects include:

  • Chronic depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Poor general health
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Self-destructive behaviour, including self-harm
  • Substance abuse
  • Difficulty establishing trusting, reciprocal friendships and relationships

How bullying affects the bully?

When a person goes around bullying others, he might experience these short-term effects [3]:

  • Poor school performance (missed school due to suspensions increases this risk)
  • Increased truancy risk
  • Difficulty maintaining social relationships
  • Increased risk of substance abuse

Furthermore, such aggressive behaviours can have the following long-term effects [3] on the person who bullies:

  • Risk of spousal or child abuse
  • Risk of antisocial behaviour
  • Substance abuse
  • Less likely to be educated or employed

How bullying affects the bystanders?

Young kids who witness bullying as bystanders might also experience certain effects [4], including:

  • Substance abuse (tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs)
  • Risk of developing mental health problems, including depression and anxiety
  • Missing or skipping school

A study conducted by Yale University reveals that victims of bullying are 2 to 9 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts in comparison to the non-victims [5]. Unfortunately, Singapore has the third highest rate of bullying worldwide [6]. Several non-governmental organisations are conducting campaigns to help parents as well as the schools to create a bully-free environment for the kids. Things will hardly improve if we fail to address the issues that force a kid to become a bully.

Bullying, being bullied, or watching someone being bullied – all can have negative effects on a child’s psychology and affect his/her behavioural choices. It is good news that many schools are actively monitoring bullying on their campuses [7]. However, we need to walk for miles to create a better future for the young generation.


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