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Valuable Practices To Swear By: How To Present A Self-Analysis Essay

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 Alice Smith  February 14, 2019  Essays

Valuable Practices To Swear By: How To Present A Self-Analysis Essay

Essay writing is easier in comparison to other types of academic assignments. You would probably jump at the scope to showcase your writing prowess while writing an essay that allows you to be creative. However, when it comes to describing yourself, you might find yourself at a loss. To tell you the truth, writing a ‘who am I’ essay isn’t that simple at all.  

Just as with any other essay paper, a “who am I” essay requires you to follow certain steps without which your paper will be incomplete. If you are looking for tips to write a stellar essay, this elaborate guide on how to prepare a self-analysis essay will surely be of great help.

Narrow down the topic

Decide on a particular topic, elaborate it in detail, and use it to introduce yourself. It is always wise to select a topic and use plenty of details to provide a long list of general ideas.

For instance, what is your most unique or interesting quality? What word(s) defines you the best?

Focus on a single event

Typically, a “who am I” essay should not consist of different themes or events. It should elaborate on a single event or theme that ultimately points to a greater context. You can focus on personal experience and connect it to something you have learnt in class.

For instance, you can describe how you discovered your fondness for writing and how it has helped you bring out the best in your academic assignments. You can check out this resource to gain ideas about self-analysis.

Stay humble

Even if you’re highly skilled, humility will take you far in life. So, do not try to oversell yourself or boast about your accomplishments. You can definitely list out your strengths and successes, but the language should exude humility.

Consider the contrasting examples given below-                                                

Focus on the complexity instead of the cliches

Resorting to clichés won’t do any good for your essay. When you’re pondering over the topics to write about, focus on the successes and accomplishments, but also spare attention to the areas of your life that could use some improvement.

For example, talk about how one time a friend of yours got into trouble trying to save you because you forgot to bring your essay paper. Or, you can talk about the time you skipped class and got caught. Details about similar incidents will highlight your shortcomings and lend reliability to your write-up.

Introduce yourself the right way

You may have too many enriching experiences, talents, and skills to put together in a paragraph, or two. Approach the task as if like you are introducing yourself to a stranger. Focus on what he/she would like to know about you. You can focus on the questions mentioned in the illustration.

 Your introductory paragraph will set the foundation for the rest of the essay. Instead of giving out the dull biographical information (name, place of birth, favourite song), express the essence of the story you are going to tell. Also, focus on the themes you are going to explore in your essay.

Know your limits

Let’s just admit it; you cannot sum up your entire life into a five-paragraph essay. So, it’s best to pick an event that spanned only a day, or a couple of days at most.

If you want to talk about what inspires you, don’t waste time on a story for which you have to provide details of an elaborate background. Get straight to the point. 

Incorporate the details

A self-analysis essay will ask you to incorporate numerous details and images that can appeal to the readers.

Refresh your memory about specific things that you remember about a particular event. For instance, what did the surrounding look like? What did your friend say to you?

Relate the details to a broader theme

If you are writing about an unfortunate event that went down in your family during the holiday season, you need to understand the parts that will connect the story to the broader context.

You can ask yourself the following questions-

  • What's the point of this story?
  • What meaning should people derive out of this story?

You need to highlight on the thread that ties your story back to the main theme of the essay.

Highlight your potential

Always ensure that you include your plans for the future. While you are focusing on self-analysis, you should also discuss how you plan to contribute to the development of the society.

When it comes to a college admission interview, you can mention how you want to contribute to the college community or how your skills will lead to the institution’s progress.

Consider starting at the middle

You can try developing the element of suspense in your ‘who am I’ essay. If you want to discuss the time you unknowingly ruined Thanksgiving gathering at your house, then write about peoples' response to it. You can also talk about how you moved on. A little shock and awe won’t hurt your readers.

Round off with a fitting observation about yourself

While writing the conclusion section of your essay, you need to present a recap of what you elaborated throughout your paper. Make sure to keep the conclusion impactful, so that your thoughts linger in your reader’s mind.

Wrapping it up,

Presenting a ‘who am I’ essay might turn out to be the most challenging task for you. Implement the aforementioned ideas and present an awe-inspiring essay paper.


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