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A Complete Blueprint For Writing An Impactful Essay On Depression

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Essay on depression
 Alice Smith  Published On Oct 30,2019 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Essays

A Complete Blueprint For Writing An Impactful Essay On Depression

The World Health Organisation states that depression is the most common illness worldwide. With more than 300 million people suffering from depression, close to 800000 people commit suicide due to severe bouts every year.

To help students cope with depression, they are often asked to write an essay on their mental conditions to give vent to the voices in their head. But, writing a compelling piece on a topic as sensitive as depression can be tough. It is not just about an outstanding introduction and a firm conclusion. It is about putting real emotions in words. The inability to put feelings into words is what leads most students to seek help for essay writing from professionals.

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If you are also one of those students who are struggling to deal with the intricacies of writing an essay on depression, then this blog will surely solve your problem to an extent. Read along to explore some crucial elements, step-by-step guide, examples and more.


Step-by-Step Guide to Write a Strong Essay on Depression

If you cannot figure out how to take a stance to convince readers or support your claims with compelling evidence, here is a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Have a look.

 Guide on Depression Essay

  • Choose an issue that needs redressal

One of the best ways of writing a remarkable argumentative essay is to choose an impressive topic. An argument essay is best served when the topic can be argued strongly, either for or against. Try to select a topic about which you have knowledge.

For example, you can choose to write an argumentative essay on the topic – “Why teenagers are the most depressed?”

You can also take help in choosing a compelling prompt from professional essay writers.  

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  • Conduct extensive research

After you have determined the topic, start conducting in-depth research. Look for resources, especially those that are connected with the epidemic of mental disorder in teens. Go through books, articles, blogs, and documentaries from credible sources. You can also read samples written by essay help experts. Read broadly and make sure to take note of the most common issues argued over the topic. Cover pressing matters, and try to find unique angles that haven’t been thoroughly explored yet.

You can conduct research and elaborate on the following factors:

  1. Biological factors- family history of mental disorders
  2. Behavioural factors- drugs or alcohol abuse
  3. Social factors- isolation and loneliness
  4. Psychological factors- early childhood trauma or a recent stressful experience
  • Draft a detailed outline

An excellent outline will help you ease the writing process. Although drafting a well-crafted outline can be time-consuming, all you have to do it is fill in the spaces afterwards.

You can take help of the infographic given below to draft an outline for the above mentioned topic:

  • Write a compelling introduction

The introduction is the first part of your essay that readers will read. Provide some background on your topic so that readers can comprehend what you are going to talk about. Try to define specific key terms. Finish with a solid thesis statement that clearly states the central argument of the essay.


“Teenage depression is increasing rapidly, but it is often treated erroneously. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 20% of people experience depression during their teen years. Each year, numerous stories of hundreds of adolescents committing suicide catch our attention.

Multiple causes of depression leading to disastrous effects can impair a teenager’s life. Primarily teenagers are observed to have two types of depression: major and minor. Major depression hinders a person’s life functions, while minor depression often builds up to a major one. Hence, it is essential to know the cause and symptoms to understand how to avoid and confront it.”

  • Write an informative body

The main body of your argumentative essay should include supporting paragraphs (advisably, 2) and counterarguments. Here is where you should include details of two sides of the coin and state the strongest points of the counter-side of your issue. Make sure that you provide evidence after stating your viewpoint and explaining the other side.

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If one is alert to the symptoms, it becomes easy to prevent the disease. Knowing the signs can also help teenagers refrain from depression, as they happen before they come under the dark shadow of depression. One of the primary symptoms is losing interest in all activities, sleeping too much or experiencing insomnia. Another significant symptom is Anhedonia, commonly noticed among adolescents. One should always remember that when symptoms of depression go unnoticed, it can bridge out to fatal stages.

However, the question arises why depression is such a common phenomenon in one’s teenage years. Researches have demonstrated that one of the primary causes of depression is extreme trauma. Teenagers are found to be depressed more when they are physically, sexually or mentally abused. Traumas also occur due to traumatic events like loss of parent, friends or due to medical illness.

One of the effective methods to overcome teenage depression is psychotherapy. Another solution is antidepressant medication. AU.S. study revealed that antidepressants helped in healing 50 per cent of depressed people. One of the best solutions is that depressed teenagers should share their thoughts with people they trust and love. They could pursue new interests or join a support group for depression. "

  • End with a strong concluding note

The conclusion is your last chance to impress your readers. It should give your essay a sense of completeness. Use a transition signal for the conclusion like ‘in conclusion’, ‘to conclude’, etc. End with a final comment that sends out a strong message to the readers.


“To conclude, depression is a terrible disease that must come to an end. It is crucial to address the issues and take preventive measures as soon as possible. However, awareness should also be increased on social levels to enlighten teenage individuals who suffer from depression. Society must realise that depression is a severe problem that should be addressed immediately to save thousands of lives in the near future.”

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Wrapping it up,

Writing a strong essay on depression is, no doubt, complicated. However, it does not have to be as challenging and strenuous as you imagine it to be. This complete study guide can help you find just the solution to it all.  Take the help of this guide, implement the guidelines, draw inspiration from the examples and ace your semester with flying colours. Good Luck!


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