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Essays may not take up as many words to write, but they do take up as much of your time to finish as the rest of the assignments. This is because a lot of careful planning and research goes into the making of the perfect essay. If you can’t make head or tail out of your essay or just don’t have time or energy left to invest, you can take essay help from We are the number one essay help service provider in the country, and no matter which corner of the country you belong to, we will be there to help you.

Do you want to be a successful student? It’s time you sought online essay help from!

Whether you are a student in Woodlands or Serangoon, Johor Bahru or Tampines, we know that your ultimate desire is to reach the pinnacle of academic success. The good news is we can help you with that. Just hire our essay helpers to get to the top.

Assistance for all academic levels

From elementary school to the university level – no matter which level you need essay assistance for, we will be there to help you. We can help you with your essays even if you are studying in correspondence and require online essay help.

Top quality essays for all topics

We uphold high standards of quality and compose each paper keeping those standards in mind so that you can always confidently submit a high quality paper. We can also provide our essay guidance services to you for any topic you need.

Best grades in class guaranteed

We understand that your central purpose behind taking essay help is to improve your grades so that you can have an impressive report card. Hence, we make sure that our experts compose your essay in such a way so that you get nothing short of a B+ or an A at the minimum.

Fully customized solution

With our essay support services, you can be positive that a customized solution is what you will get. Our experts always take your recommendations and instructions seriously and incorporate them into the essay they compose for you.

Our essay helper will even go to the extent of matching your tone and writing style so that your paper appears to be yours. So if you want to enhance your grades, we are the ones you should choose.

‘What is the process you will follow to do my essay?’ Take a look for yourself below

We understand that entrusting an essay help company with your paper can make you nervous and conjecture just exactly ‘how will you do my essay?’Well, when you give us the responsibility, we will make sure that we do a thorough job out of it. Here is the process we will follow.

Selection of the choicest topic

The topic of your paper is one factor that can influence the interest levels of your professor. For example, if you pick an oft-used topic, chances are your professor may not be interested in it. This is why our essay helper always make sure that they pick the choicest topic for your paper that is both original and interesting

Conducting research on the topic

The next step we follow is carrying out research on the topic chosen for your essay. While researching, we only pick verifiable information from credible resources. We organize the information gathered in a logical manner so that it’s ready for use.

Creation of an outline

Wondering if we will ‘structure my essay?’ The answer is yes. Our essay help writers will brainstorm ideas and arguments concerning your topic and will then frame them in a coherent and logical structure, backing the arguments up with the research material gathered.

Writing the thesis statement

There’s no need to ask us, ‘will you write my essay along with the thesis statement’ as we will do that regardless. Before we start writing the main portions of your essay, we will first develop its central thesis statement so that we never lose track of the aim of the paper. We will make sure that the thesis statement is one that packs a punch.

Composing an impressive introduction

Since the introduction of your essay can be referred to as its opening act, our essay help experts are extremely careful while crafting this section of your paper. They always aim to compose an introduction that creates a solid impact by starting it off with an engaging quote or a fact that can stun the audience or even a controversial angle.

Jotting down arguments in the main body

Once the section of the introduction is out of the way, our seasoned essay help experts start creating the main body of your essay as per the structure created by them earlier. They make use of the right kind of language to drive their point home in the most convincing manner possible. They include all the stats and figure gathered earlier on in this section of your paper.

Rounding it up with the conclusion

Our essay help experts tie up all the loose ends of your essay in one solid conclusion that sums up the entire essence of it without sounding repetitive. They also take great care not to introduce fresh albeit related concepts in the conclusion as those can possibly confuse readers and make them feel like no conclusion was reached.

Adding finishing touches with editing and proofreading

Lastly, to make sure your paper is as perfect as you want it to be, our essay help scholars add finishing touches to it by editing and proofreading. They go through each and every line carefully and eliminate all sorts of errors they come across.

Our essay help also do the bibliography section, making use of the right referencing format so that each and every aspect of your paper is covered.

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Can we help you overcome all kinds of essay problems? Yes, our help for essay services can!

While writing an essay, you will come across several problems that can act as stumbling blocks, frustrating you to the extent that you give up the writing of your paper altogether. However, with our essay writing services, you can obtain effective solutions to all these problems.

Inconsistency of tense

While writing an essay, it is wise to stick to either the past tense or the present tense. And it is mandatory to stick to the tense you choose. Our essay help experts can write your paper for you if you find it difficult to stick to one tense.

Summarizing instead of analyzing

The academic writers we have as part of our essay editing services never make the mistake of simply summarizing the main points in your essay. The present a deep analysis of all arguments so that you have a rich essay to submit to your assessor.

Writing incomplete sentences

In a rush to complete, many writing services for essay can submit a paper to you that is full of incomplete sentences. Such papers can bring your grades down. However, that is something we do not do. We always write the full sentences.

Not backing up arguments with data

In certain cases, it is likely that you may not find enough data to back up your arguments. We have a large inventory of data at our disposal, which can fix your problem of lack of relevant information.

Using second person

An essay is a part of academic writing and hence, must be written in a formal tone of voice at all times. If you find it tough to do so, you can hire us as your preferred essay proofreading services and have your paper modified accordingly.

Misuse of quotations

One of the commonest mistakes most assessors find in student essays is the introduction of a quote without giving due credit. Our essay help writers do not make that mistake. They either paraphrase the said quotation or give the source of the quotation when including it in your paper.

Giving a bland title

An uninteresting title, for example, ‘The Impact of War' or a borrowed title, for example, ‘War & Peace' can instantly put your professor off and create a negative impression in his/her mind regarding the quality of your essay. Therefore, our essay help writers only create the most captivating title of your paper.


If plagiarism is spotted in your paper, even if it’s unconsciously done, your professor can fail you in your paper. We subject your essay to reliable plagiarism checking software in order to weed out any instances of plagiarism whatsoever.

Making spelling and punctuation errors

Too hard to get complicated spellings right? Don’t worry. By hiring our essay help services, you will get a paper that is entirely free of either spelling or punctuation errors.

If you take essay help from us, not only will you get a virtually perfect paper, but you will also manage to thoroughly impress even the nuttiest professor you have.

Why our online essay help services are known to be trustworthy? We offer the following guarantees

We understand that we can earn your trust only by offering you the kind online essay help services you want from us. Therefore, to show your our commitment and dedication and ensure that you can trust us, we offer the following guarantees.

Essays written by PhD experts

With over 3000 PhD essay help writers on our team, you don't need to go anywhere else to get your essay done in the best possible way. Our experts are professional writers with relevant experience and PhD degrees from leading institutions such as the National University of Singapore, Singapore University of Social Sciences, James Cook University and more.

Papers for all subjects

We are one stop online essay assistance platform for papers of all subjects. The complexity of your subject is not an issue for us as our experts can skillfully handle assignments for nearly 150 subjects in total.

Delivery before the deadline

We don't mess with the deadline set by you under any circumstances whatsoever. We value your time, and try to make sure that our essay help experts do not waste even a single second while doing your assignment. The result is that you get your paper even before the deadline.

Prices that fit into your budget

We do not want you to waste even a tiny portion of your hard-earned money. The rates we charge for our services will easily fit into your budget and even leave some scope for savings! Since we offer attractive discounts on your first purchase and bulk orders, you can save up a lot more than you spend.

Sound payment gateway

With online essay guidance services, you never have to worry about unsafe payment options. Our payment gateway enjoys the dual protection of both the bank and PayPal, so there are zero chances of you losing your money during the transaction. To further put your mind at ease, we also provide a 100% money-back guarantee. You have the choice to pay us via your credit or debit card as well PayPal and net banking.

Revisions as many times as you want

We will not reject your request for revision of the paper we have submitted. In fact, you can get in touch with us without hesitation and ask us for as many revisions as you want. We want you to have the kind of assignment you’ve always wanted.

Live customer support all the time

Seeking online essay support in the dead of the night on a holiday? Just give us a call, and we will still be there to assist you. You can get all your queries resolved instantly by emailing, calling or live chatting with our customer support staff.

Timely essay status updates

Hire our essay help services, and you will get regular status updates concerning the progress of your paper via text messages. We extend this service free of cost and even use it to keep you posted on our latest offerings.

All types of essays covered

All in all, essays are of 20 types, ranging from persuasive to expository and argumentative as well as creative ones. We have experts for each type of essay on our team. So irrespective of the type of essay you need help for, you can freely contact us.

Complete confidentiality

Worried that your school or university will find out that you’ve taken essay help from us? That is not happening. We mark your personal details as confidential and keep it safe in our records, so that is not even accidentally leaked out anywhere.

Bunch of free services

To prove that we are not out there to scam you as well as to strengthen your faith in us, we offer a bunch of free essay writing services such as title creation, provision of plagiarism report, referencing, and sample papers.

So if you want only a reliable essay help company to work with your paper, we are the ones you should place your order with.

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By now we are sure that you cannot wait to get our help with your essay. Well, our ordering process is fairly simple, and you just have to do these three things to get your essay from us.

Fill up the order form

You’ll find the order form on the top of the page, which you simply have to fill up with all the relevant details to get us to guide you with your essay.

Get a quote and make the payment

Once you place your order, you will get a very reasonable price quote, which you can accept to get our assistance with your essay.

Receive a top notch essay

Our essay help experts will start working on your topic immediately so that you get the paper in your inbox before the deadline.

Now is the right time to place your order as those who are taking our support with our essay for the first time will get an attractive discount. So hurry up!

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