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Issues with the delivery of your order:

Should you choose to abide by our terms of use, it gives us the authority to legally use your credit card information and deduct the payment of the academic paper you ordered. In any case, if stolen credit card information is applied to buy our services then strict legal action will be carried out against this act, and it will be relayed to the law enforcement agency. We sternly prohibit and discourage Cyber crime and falsified transactions in our website. You can get in touch with the customer support department at any time of the day to address and deal with your order-delivery concerns. It is essential for you to provide us with authentic, relevant details so that the product can be submitted on time without any discrepancies. Moreover, we shall not be responsible for delivery problems owing to issues like spam filters, false email addresses, unavailability of internet coverage, or any negligence and no refunds would be made in such scenarios. However, due to any unforeseen circumstances if the product is not submitted to you on the stipulated time then a total or partial refund option can be accessed, this option is dependent on our decision to either accept or ignore your demand-of-refund after thorough investigation and analysis of the condition.

Policy for free unlimited revisions:

We provide the opportunity for free revision for our clients so that if they are not happy with the assignment, they can order reviews with no additional cost for that particular assignment within a fortnight. For big orders, the offer is applicable till 30 days from the specified date of delivery. Once the allotted time for free reviews is over, then a nominal amount has to be paid for every revision you request.

Refund/Repayment policy:

Repayment policy remains applicable up to 3 days from the date of submission of the assignment. If the refund is not requested within this specified time, then it is assumed that you are satisfied and no further refund option would be valid after the specified three days period.

Even if the client cancels the order, the amount charged while placing an order are non-refundable, and it must be conveyed via e-mail or through our customer support assistance providers before the order is processed.

We possess the authority to reject or accept your order depending on reasons we deem fit.

Delayed order causing factors:

  1. Verification issues: Verification of your billing details are needed within the following time span -
  2. 2-10 days delivery = 8 hours verification time
  3. 12-24 hours = 2 hour verification time
  4. 12 hours= 30 minutes verification time
  5. Payment delays: If the client has not paid for the order on time
  6. Inadequate specifications: The assignment will be delayed if insufficient instructions are provided and will be charged as editing if any changes are made.
  7. Wrong educational level: If you have placed an order for the wrong educational discipline then you need to let us know right away.
  8. Message system issues: Live chat is a way to communicate with our writers. The cost will not be refunded if you are negligent in checking your messaging system from time to time.
  9. Content resources: Client is advised to get relevant resources not immediately accessible.

Once the client places the order, and it is delivered, no further responsibility lies with Assignmenthelp.com.sg

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