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Singapore Students Stress & Mental Health Statistics - 2020

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 Alice Smith  Published On Jun 23,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

Singapore Students Stress & Mental Health Statistics - 2020

Stress and anxiety are the two critical odds to be present in everyone's life. In Singapore, the level of anxiety disorders and other issues related to stress appears to be ever-increasing Singapore students stress statistics have posed a severe threat to the parameters of wellbeing and stable mental health. The country could soon be tagged for having the most stressful education system in the world.

With stringent academic norms and updated syllabus, students are reportedly finding it difficult to cope with too many things at the same time. An international Singapore students stress survey suggests that the stress level is critical in Singapore students.

Most of them suffer a high anxiety level due to issues such as homework stress, bullying, performance pressure and other factors. So, in this blog, we shall try and analyze each of the factors that cause the young minds to deal with the wrath of anxiety and mental stress. 

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Singapore Students Stress Statistics - Evaluating the Root Cause

There is a common belief among the residents of Singapore; to have a privileged lifestyle, one must achieve higher educational degrees. This very notion gives rise to stress and anxiety among students. They are constantly on the lookout for academic breakthroughs to score more than their classmates.

 At times, the quest gets harder for them to carry out, and the students eventually surrender to acute levels of stress and anxiety disorders. For the students in Singapore, attending schools and colleges is considered to be one extremely crucial part of their lifestyle. They take academics so seriously that they end up getting panic attacks.

Here are some alarming statistics that will help you explore the broader picture of education in Singapore and its problems.

  • 76% of Singaporean students feel anxious to take a test, even if they are well prepared for it.
  • 3% of students in Singapore are of the opinion that they were made fun of at least a few times a month.
  • This leads to those students developing childhood traumas, thus building up anxiety disorders down the road.
  • 82% of Singaporean students want to secure the top spot in the class. This, as a result, leads to serious competition between them and results in critical anxiety disorders.
  • Mostly, due to the fact that the students are afraid of losing their positions in class. No one is ready to compromise on their academic reputation, no matter what.
  • According to other Singapore education statistics reports, peer pressure is said to be one primary reason behind the increase in the level of anxiety and stress among most students.
  • As per the Ministry of Education(MOE), 15 year-olds in Singapore are preparing for their N and O level examinations.
  • This is a clear indication of the fact that the academic competition in Singapore is not only fierce but mentally draining as well.
  • It also indicates the challenging scenario for the students to cope with exams of stringent academic levels at an early age.
  • Other criticalities, such as expenses, homesickness, conflict with friends and family, the meritocracy of the education system are said to take a heavy toll on the students' mental health.

No wonder, the Singapore students stress statistics appear to be alarming and fearful to a great extent.

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Singapore Students Stress Statistics - In Search of Remedies

To battle the criticality of the Singapore education system stress statistics, let us focus on the remedies. We cannot let an entire generation suffer the wrath of anxiety and stress disorders to the extent of criticality. So, here are some of the notable suggestions and effective remedies that will allow students in Singapore to lead a peaceful and healthy life. 

Daily exercise

First things first, daily exercise is the key to gaining mental peace and a healthy body. Since most students in Singapore are often exposed to the odds of stress and anxiety, they need routine exercise. Educators in Singapore must take initiatives in this matter.

Here are some recommendations that will come into play.

  • Focus on meditating or practicing free hand exercises at home.
  • You must spend at least 1.5 to 2 hours in physical exercise and other guided workouts.
  • Educators must take the subject matter of physical education in schools and colleges of Singapore more seriously.

Focusing on the primary issue

Students must take initiatives to focus on the issue that triggers their anxiety and stress the most. Here are some constructive ways that will help students lay their focus on the primary problem.
  • Educators can arrange for counseling sessions and help students track and identify the primary cause of their anxiety disorders.
  • Students can take initiatives from their end and conduct self-brainstorming session to think over the issues closely.
  • The reason can be anything. From peer pressure to bullying, the list is endless.
  • Parents can also take part and try talking to their children regarding the factors that have been troubling their minds.
  • One can also encourage the young ones to take anxiety test and focus on the outcome to strategise further remedies.

Seek medical assistance when in need

There’s no point in ignoring symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders among students. Parents need to be strong and gear up to take charge of things in the following manner.
  • Fix appointments with mental health physicians on behalf of your child.
  • Try and abide by the medical therapies and other suggestions the doctor would ask you to observe and guide on behalf of your child.
  • Be consistent in seeking medical appointments on regular intervals.
  • Remember, skipping medical treatments in such cases will only make things worse with each passing day.

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Parting Thoughts,

Instead of putting the entire blame on the Singapore education system for stress and anxiety among students, we can always do our bit and help improve such conditions. Finding a remedy to this problem is not difficult. We all should come together, take sincere initiatives from our end, and implement more of such remedial measures.

It is all about time, endurance and patience. The Singapore student's stress statistics will be seen improving drastically.

Cheers to that.

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