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An Ultimate IEEE Referencing And Citation Guide For Students

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 Alice Smith  Published On Sep 20,2019 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

An Ultimate IEEE Referencing And Citation Guide For Students

Ask any student about citing an academic paper in the  IEEE citation style, and they would tell you how challenging and overwhelming the process can be. You need to put in substantial efforts in citing sources as you do in case of writing the paper itself.

The problem arises when you have from vague to no idea about the significant guidelines of the IEEE reference format.

If you are also one of those students who are often on the lookout for outstanding IEEE citation generators, then this blog will surely aid you. If you are striving to cite just like a pro, then this blog will provide you with helpful insights.

Let’s now discuss in details the intricacies of IEEE citation and referencing.

IEEE citation style: A general overview

Before unearthing the intricacies of IEEE citation guidelines, it is crucial to know “what is IEEE citation style?”

IEEE citation style is one of the primary citation standards that are currently in practice. It is the official style of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  IEEE citation standards are commonly used in formatting the research papers and reports of electronics, engineering, telecommunications, computer science, information technology, etc. IEEE uses a note- bibliography system akin to the Chicago/Turabian style. This style requires endnotes and references to be cited numerically in the text.

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How to do IEEE citation: The Basic Rules

Any citation style is set up to provide the reader with immediate information about sources cited in the text. IEEE citation standards incorporate multiple rules that a student is required to follow while formatting a paper.

There are mainly 3 features of the IEEE citation style:

  • The last name of the author follows the first name in the IEEE citation style. This differs from MLA, where the last name of the author is written first.
  • The title of any article, be it a chapter, conference paper, patent, etc., should always be put in quotation marks.
  • The title of the journal or books should always be written in italics.

These conventions enable the readers to grasp all the information as well as distinguish between different types of reference at just a glance. The accurate placement of periods, commas, colons, date, and page numbers depict the type of citation style you are choosing. Hence, it is utmost crucial to be careful while citing sources in IEEE referencing style.

How to Cite a Research Paper in IEEE citation format

Like any reference style, according to top IEEE citation generator software, the IEEE citation style requires sources to be cited in two distinct places:

  • Within the writing (in-text citation)
  • At the end of the writing (reference page)

Here, we will introduce you to the basic obligations a student is required to fulfil in completing the IEEE citation of resources for their research paper.

  • In-text citations:

In the IEEE in-text citation format, it is not essential to mention the author’s name, pages used, or the date of publication. Instead, one can refer to the source with a number in a bracket that should correspond to the full citation in the reference list.

Have a look the below-listed guidelines to format the in-text referencing as per the IEEE citation style:

  • Number the resources as you cite them in the paper. Once you have cited a source and given it a number, continue using the same number as you cite the source throughout the paper.
  • While citing multiple sources at once, follow a preferred method to list each number separately, in its own brackets, using a dash or comma between the numbers.


Examples :

“Einstein [1] has argued that….”

“Numerous recent investigations [5], [7],[20], have suggested….”

  • Reference Lists:

In IEEE reference format, to finish citing sources, a numbered list of reference should be provided at the end of the research paper. Have a look at the guidelines mentioned below:

  • Title the list as ‘References’either at the centre or aligned left at the top of the page.
  • Create a hanging indent for each reference with bracketed numbers on the left side of the page. The indent should reflect the numerical sequence of the references.
  • The author’s name should be listed as the first initial, last name.
  • Place title of the article in quotation marks


[1] B. Mayer and P.Richadson,  Science and Technology.  Cambridge, Mc: MIT Press, 1991.


How to cite a book in IEEE citation style

As per the IEEE citation manual guide, you can follow the format given below to cite a book accurately:


Author(s) Initial (s). Surname(s). Title of the book, xth ed. City of Publisher: Publisher, Year of Publication, pp. xxx-xxxx.


  • E. Peterson and H. Harriet, Technology and Communication, 6th ed. Penguin Publishing, 2015, pp-14-20

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How to cite a web-based document or source in IEEE citation style

As per the IEEE referencing standards, to cite a website follow the format given below:


Author (s) Initial (s). Surname (s). Title of the Webpage, Publisher/Production Information (if relevant), Abbrev. Month. Day, Year of Publication, Accessed on: Abbrev. Moth. Day, Year. [Type of Medium]]. Available: site/ path/ file.


[2] P. Holland,  Finding Jess,  The University of Canada, August 8, 2008. Accessed on: September 05, 2008 [Online]. Available: article/ finding-jess?

How to format PhD dissertation or master thesis in IEEE citation style

After dissertation writing, How to cite a dissertation remarkably execute the following format:

Format :

Author(s) Initial(s). Surname(s), “Title of thesis or dissertation”, Type of thesis (Ph.D. dissertation or M.S. thesis) Abbrev. Dept. Abbrev. Univ., City of University, (U.S. State or Country), Year of Publication. Accessed on: abbrev.month. day, year. [Type of medium]. Available: site/path/file


  • T. Adams, “Implementation of Electrical energy,” PhD thesis, College of Eng. And Sc., Charles Univ., Alabama, Jan 2008. Accessed on Dec.12, 2009. [Online].

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How to reference Government / Company Reports in IEEE style  

As per the IEEE citation standards, follow the template below to cite government/company reports:



Author(s). Initial (s). Surname (s), “Title of the report”, Publisher, Place of Publication City, (abbrev. US state or country), Report number/ type (if available), Abbrev. Month. (day if available), Year of Publication.


[3] W. Grint, “18th Infrastructure and Construction Project,”Alabama Parliamentary Committee on Public works, Alabama, ACT, Rep. no.5, July 2015.

Parting words,

Writing an outstanding academic paper in IEEE citation style is not a matter of child’s play. To most students, it may seem an incredibly excruciating affair. However, this task will cease to be as challenging as you imagined to be if you are acquainted with the guidelines and IEEE citation standards. Read this post to understand the guidelines, comprehend the format, and take an idea from the above-mentioned IEEE citation examples to compose an exemplary assignment of your own.

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