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Ways To Do Research For The Dissertation Methodology

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 Alice Smith  Published On Sep 06,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Management

Ways To Do Research For The Dissertation Methodology

The dissertation can be considered as the most important task of your entire academic life. It is also much longer in length and much harder to complete. So, it is important to give your best efforts to write it. Now, the methodology is an important section of the paper which includes your reason for selecting a certain method of research. There are many ways to conduct a research which we all know about. But, there are also some other research methods which are not so popular or hardly used by people. This blog can enlighten you about these lesser-known research methods.

In a dissertation, you are mainly asked to do an extended research on a topic of your choice. So, you will have to do thorough research for writing it a paper which fetches the best marks. Choosing the right research method is very important as it will contribute largely to the success of the dissertation.

Your dissertation may include quantitative, qualitative, or both the methods. The qualitative research method is used to collect data that are non-numerical, and the quantitative research method is utilised to gather numerical data.

Following are a list of research methods that you can try for your dissertation:

  • Media content analysis- This methodology was extremely popular at the 1920s and1930s. This type of methodology is mainly used to study the depiction of anything ranging from violence to racism in the form of any popular mass media. The ‘content’ of ‘media content analysis’ can include pictures, ideas, words, themes or anything that can convey the message. This study method can be seen as a quantitative research method.
  • Scenarios- Using this method, you can develop an interesting research and create a great impression on your professor. This process involves repetition and revision and assists you to pose a challenge to the assumptions regarding something that already exists. You will also be able to recognise new ways to question something and facilitate new opportunities for researches to appear in the near future. This unique method will make it easier for you to comprehend and deal with a complicated background of a research topic and deliver exciting findings.
  • Competitive analysis- This methodology will be very useful to you, especially if you are writing a paper on any management topic. In this method, you will have to find out the potential competitors of the company you have taken as your subject. Following this, the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors must be evaluated to create effective strategies for the chosen company.
  • Literature review- Although this is not an unpopular method of research, it is an effective one which can be very useful for some specific research questions. In this method, you will check different works of literature to gather all the information related to your subject matter. This can help you to get a good background information or context on your topic and proceed with your research.
  • Live experiments- You can conduct your own fresh research on the chosen topic. This will bring uniqueness to your dissertation. So, you will do the research without having any previous knowledge or any past user knowledge. This can be a good way to really impress your professor.
  • Brainstorming- A good way to do the research is to brainstorm. Here, you can take help from your friends. This is also a method which will help you to find an easy solution. You can form a group to brainstorm and try to find the solution to the research question by getting effort from more than one person.
  • Quasi-experiments- This is quite like a normal experiment with the exception that here, the groups are usually formed beforehand. So, in these experiments, you cannot select random people and put them in different groups. Thus, the variable which is being studied will be a subject variable. In this type of research, you need to examine the difference between the groups. However, one limitation of this experiment is that the results from this can be limited.
  • Indirect observation- In this research method, the results of the actual happening is observed instead of the direct happenings. This technique involves using some accounts of the previous behaviour related to the research subject to assume what activities took place at the time of an event. This type allows you to examine the data from others who have done similar observation in the past.
  • Longitudinal analysis- This method may be time-consuming but can be an effective process to do research. Here, you will collect data of the users for a specific time in order to check the changes in their behaviour.

How to select the right research method?

As mentioned above, a lot depends on the method you choose for doing the research. So, you need to do this very carefully. You can use the following steps to do this:

  • The result- Think about the result or goal you are trying to achieve. You can consider what you want to accomplish with your dissertation to decide which research method you should utilise. This can include the type of information you need in your conclusion to produce a great methodology.
  • Quantitative or qualitative- This is another thing that you can consider to decide your research method. You should first make up your mind whether you want numerical data or non-numerical data. This can also depend on your research question. For example, if you need to answer several questions, it will be best to gather quantitative data. So, based on that, you can decide which research method you will opt for.
  • Availability of time- Some research takes much longer and some don’t. You can consider how much time you have to complete the dissertation to decide on your research method.

As you can see, there are several methods that you can use to do the research for a dissertation. Utilise them to produce an excellent dissertation.

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