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Why You Must Adopt These Best Practices To Obtain Straight ‘A’s In Your Class

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 Alice Smith  Published On Feb 12,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Management

Why You Must Adopt These Best Practices To Obtain Straight ‘A’s In Your Class

When a student crosses a threshold of high school and enters college or university, the academic pressure hits them like a whiplash. Adapting to the new rules and complicated guidelines become all the more overwhelming. In the process, getting great grades turns challenging. However, this is the point when you’re given more independence when it comes to approaching your assignments and expected to provide a fresh perspective on the texts you study.


Under such circumstances, however, daunting it may be you can achieve the best results with a little hard work. You need to take your assignment and coursework seriously since it's directly associated with your prospects. Success in your school assignments and activities matter a lot as it opens up new vistas in your career when you are trying to land the best jobs in a renowned corporate organization. So if you are concerned about getting straight ‘A’s, this post is worth a read.


1. Try to attend all your classes

Now you may find this obvious, but many students are guilty of skipping classes for various reasons. But if good grades are what you’re aiming for then you better not miss classes. Listed below are reasons why should be present in class regularly -


  • Understanding the study material

Even when the professor is only following the textbook, just listening to the discussions and interpretations will help you grasp the concepts.


  • Try to be attentive in class

One of the advantages of being in college should be that you establish a connection with some of your teachers, and if you don’t go to class, that sense of familiarity between you and the teacher will never establish. So make sure to be involved and participate in the classroom activities and discussions. This is how you also become aware of the varied insights that your classmates may possess which you can use to your advantage to attain better grades.


2. Get acquainted with your professors

Every teacher has different characteristics and technique for conducting their classes, so it’s only logical that you try to understand what your professor wants at the beginning of the term. The following are some methods to get acquainted with your professors:


  • Know about the course requirements

You will most likely be handed over with the course syllabus in the first week when the classes commence. So it is your liability to be aware of the deadlines and all the guideline for the specific course.


  • Try to get acquainted with the teachers on a personal level

Instead of perceiving the professor as some authoritarian figure standing in the front who regulates the fate of your academic pursuits, Try to establish a connection with your professor as a person.


  • Reach out to your professors when you are having trouble in studies

When there is a host of students in your class, it's natural that the teacher won’t know when you are experiencing issues, so whenever you are having any concerns with the tests or the assignment, make sure to meet with your teachers and seek their advice on your problem areas.


3. Maintain an organized approach

Up until high school, you may have never needed a planner. But once you start your journey as a college student, you will be required to multi-task more often than not. And you will possibly get intimated with the hectic schedule, and team meetings and other activities that demand your attention. So mentioned below are some tricks on being organized -


  • Use a calendar or planner to note down the important details

You can also look for the digital alternatives to remind you about the deadlines and exam dates.


  • Always stay updated on the due dates

You need to understand that having a system is one thing, and using it to the advantage is another. So once you have everything organized, start using it efficiently.


  • Keep coursework, exams, and term papers where you can find them easily

Don’t throw away your assignment papers after they have served the purpose. You never know when you’ll need those papers as references for your future endeavors, keep all your class materials in a location where you can find it easily.


4. Manage your time appropriately

Even if you are the most organized individual in the world and are used to multitasking, time can be one of your worst adversaries. The following are some tips to manage your time efficiently -


  • Deal with the complicated assignments first

Start with the topics or subjects that you find most difficult first so that you will be spared with enough time to finish it. You’ll feel a sense of satisfaction accomplishing your assignments in this order.


  • Take breaks after finishing your tasks

Allow yourself some respite after you’ve put together a complex task. You can use that time to talk to a friend or watch some TV series. These breaks not only serve as a motivation to help you accomplish more, but they also allow you to manage the rest of your studies by offering a fresh perspective.


  • Break elaborate assignment into smaller and more doable chunks of write-ups

If you have to submit a crucial and elaborate term paper at the end of the semester, it's wise to divide the work into small bits and set deadlines for completing each section.


  • Do not exert yourself unnecessarily

Aside from all your academic engagements, you will also possibly get involved in different kind of clubs and societies while in college/university. But there will be days when you will need to prioritize your studies over other activities.


5. Try to take down notes as often as you can

This is another reason why you should be present in class regularly. Taking notes offer valuable ideas about what the teacher considers to be the most crucial material for you to understand, so apart from taking notes, you must know how to apply those to your advantage. The following are some specifics for you consider -


  • Be a good listener in class

Try not to engage in any insignificant activity, like gossiping with friends, or sending text messages, while the class is in progress. Make sure to listen attentively and carefully, and ask for clarification when you think it’s necessary.


  • Take notes properly in class

When writing down the notes, it’s essential for you that you get the most significant information down so that you can apply them when you need it the most.


  • Organize or rewrite your notes on your PC

This trick may seem a little too much, but the writing the material down helps in elevating your understanding and retention of the texts.


6. The textbook can be extremely useful

There’s a reason why professors recommend several textbooks. They are basically utilized to support the discussions and lectures from your class. While you buy all the textbooks, make sure to follow these tips-


  • Go through all the assigned materials

Quite an obvious thing to do, right? When a professor discusses a chapter, go through the whole thing thoroughly.


  • Know what’s significant

Try to decipher what portions of the text are most vital. For instance, the vocabulary may play a major role in the class, and the textbook elaborates on the key points by having all the phrases and their definitions highlighted in the margins within the specific chapters. Adopt a methodical approach to grasp the study material with ease. In this case, only reading and highlighting the important points won’t be enough. To ensure you reap the maximum benefit out of what you’re reading, you should also write down the most important aspects of the material.


7. Follow all the best practices of writing

Throughout your college or university days, you will be required to present one or more written assignments, be it five-paragraph essay to elaborate dissertation papers, and you’ll do well on these papers if you religiously maintain these habits -


  • Focus on your ideas, opinions and thoughts before writing

A stream of random thoughts may have worked while keeping a journal, but it isn’t exactly applicable in case of writing assignments. That’s why it’s best to chalk out a structure before you dive in to start writing.


  • Know the requirements for the assignments

Every teacher appreciates if your paper is properly organized, and it’s always wise to understand them before writing the assignment. Also, ensure that you’re acquainted with the citation system and all other essential needs of the particular academic paper (cover, font, footnotes, margins etc.).


  • Prepare a rough draft, and seek feedback from your professors or mentors

Specifically for elaborate and complex academic assignments, you are more likely to have a great assignment (and a stellar grade) if you can present the professor with a rough draft, way ahead of the deadline to modify and refine the content later.


  • Rewrite, edit, repeat

You need to understand that editing and rewriting are the best way to go about preparing the assignment. No matter how good a writer you are, to churn out the final product in one sitting is too much even for you. Writing is a process; it's always better to go by that.


  • Proofreading is essential

While there are tools to catch various errors and inconsistencies, there is no better substitute than reading it thoroughly, and for that, you need to learn the art of proofreading. Or otherwise, you can ask a classmate to proofread your paper for you.


8. Study extensively

This again is an obvious one, but the fact is you should spare a considerable amount of time for your studies. Also when you’re in college, it happens too often that you end up spending a lot of time on some subjects to register and understand the study materials. So you might want to go through these suggestions -


  • Study often and start early

Dividing your study time into shorter spans will make it less of compulsion and allow you time to grasp the materials before moving to the next topic.


  • Follow good study habits

This may sound a little too preachy, but the truth is if you make studying a habit, it’ll be easier to cope with all the pressure later.


  • Understand what works for you while focusing on your studies

Some people prefer absolute silence to focus while others don’t mind a little noise. See what works in your favor and follow that.


  • Study with your friends, but focus on only studying

Your friends can be a great support in this case, but only if the focus remains solely on studying.


  • Socialize only after you’ve made progress on your studies and assignment

Studying is extremely integral to learning, which again is crucial for obtaining good grades. So work on your assignments first before indulging in fun activities.


9. Be efficient while taking tests

Just about every class at any university conducts continuous assessments through assignments and tests, and sometimes these tests have a direct link with the final grades. So it’s significant that you handle these tests meticulously. Mentioned below are some hacks to get through these assessments -


  • Get an idea about what to expect on exams

Every professor tends to prepare the test questions differently. So it’s better to interact with your professors to understand the types of questions that will feature on the test.


  • Go through the questions thoroughly and address the requirements in your answer

Take your time at the start of the test to decipher all the instructions and plan your answers accordingly.


  • You need to be prompt and quick so that you finish answering all the questions on time

Don’t forget to check the marks allotted for each question, that way you can prioritize and finish the ones that are most significant just in case time is not on your side.


  • Ask questions in case of any confusion

If you have difficulty in deciphering anything or need to clarify something, ask the invigilator. Don't wait until the last minute, only to discover that you answered the question incorrectly.


10. Brush up on your verbal communication skills

These days most classes require the students to deliver a presentation on specific topics. In such scenarios, these tricks will help you to refine your verbal communication skills to boost your grades -


  • Practice presentations, speeches

The best presentations are the ones that are well-rehearsed, so get your write-up or PPT ready early enough to start practising the delivery of the presentation, while you're at it always ensure that it fits within the allotted time.


  • Always have a back-up when you’re using technology

Technology is convenient, but it isn’t invulnerable. If you are set to present a PPT, keep copies of it just in case you need it.


  • Understand the classroom situation, and develop a plan precisely

Every professor lays down detailed guidelines when marking the presentations, and classroom environment also tends to be different, so consider all these factors before developing your presentation. These tricks should work their magic on your grades when followed diligently, but here’s another small tip for you, think of your professors as your allies and confidante, not your enemies. And if not your allies, at least your well-wisher. Every teacher wants their students to excel in their academic endeavors. And if you study meticulously, good grades will automatically follow. And if you’re particularly bothered about some aspect of study materials, make sure to pay your professor a visit. This will only lift your chances of attaining a brilliant academic performance.


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