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Considering Higher Studies In Singapore? Here Are 4 Perks Of Being A Foreign Student

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 Alice Smith  Published On Feb 05,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Management

Considering Higher Studies In Singapore? Here Are 4 Perks Of Being A Foreign Student


Want to take up higher study in earth’s most populous continent, Asia? Whether you are from the west side of the world looking forward to taking in some different experience in life or from an Asian country yourself, this region has become enriched enough to offer something new to everyone. With an abundance of possibilities, Asia’s top study destination, Singapore has so much in store for every foreign student. Whenever the term ‘study abroad' pops up in your mind, you start to consider over-hyped destinations in European countries. However, for the past few years, multiple Asian countries have emerged as equally viable study abroad options for students who want to get into some prestigious university. According to QS University Ranking, in Asia eight countries are there which can be considered as the best destination for higher studies. Back in 2016, 15 Asian locations got featured in the top 50 of QS Higher Education System Strength Ranking, which brings forth that Asian countries too have successfully shaped most robust higher education system. Among these countries, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korean and Japan were all in the top 10. The Independent had published an article in 2012, where it was mentioned that for UK students, thriving economies of Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea is working as the gateway to enter into an international business career. This article also claimed that studying in Asian university will particularly benefit students who are aiming to become linguists. Multiple cultured ambiences will help them on getting much exposure after completing their courses.


Among all the Asian countries why Singapore deserves a special mention?


The reason is Singapore has gradually become a popular education hub in Asia, the most sought-after choice amongst foreign students looking for higher study destination. Reasons are many, but most likely international students choose Singapore over other Asian countries due to the mix of culture, cuisines and the overwhelming chance of getting to relocate to a cosmopolitan and safe environment to live in. When you come to study in Singapore, you will find a perfect blend of East and West where each student gets to enjoy learning. Most of the institutes in Singapore have helped to design the courses which are tailored as per students' need. In all top-ranked universities and colleges in Singapore always place students' interest in the first place. It is a place where students' interests are considered first.


Education System in Singapore


The education system of Singapore is unique. Here a short description of the overall education system in Singapore.


  • Universities

Universities in Singapore are of two kinds, either private or public. Many of these institutes operate branch and satellite campuses as well. Six autonomous universities in Singapore are: National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore University of Social Sciences and Singapore University of Technology & Design.


  • Polytechnics

Polytechnics colleges in Singapore offer mostly industry oriented programs which help students to be work ready. Both diploma and degree programmes are offered at polytechnics institutes.


Five polytechnics, which are offering extensive ranges of courses in Singapore-


  • Republic Polytechnic
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic and
  • Singapore Polytechnic.


  • Institutes of technical education


ITE offers wide ranges of options to study in areas like electronics, business, media and applied sciences. Students who are studying in ITEs gradually develop industry-specific technical skills and knowledge to work in several industries.


Why Is Singapore a Preferred Study Abroad Destination?


Singapore is so well planned that it has literally redefined the term ‘urban oasis’. It breathtaking superiority comes from specialities that one get to see and experience in this city and the list includes everything from world-class education, superior research facility to advanced level technology and infrastructure. These all features together have helped Singapore to earn the title of ‘world's greatest city' by CNN. International students who are aspiring to study in reputed universities and colleges in Singapore will definitely have the experience of a lifetime. The advanced education facility will lay the groundwork for their future and will make them ready to be at the forefront of their respective fields. Here are the best four reasons why one should come to Singapore for their higher study.



1. You can get scholarship quite easily

It might not be surprising to you that ‘the world's greatest city' is also ‘World's most expensive' city as declared by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). But don't let this fact deter you from following your dream and pursuing your career in Singapore. The best thing about studying in Singapore is, the tuition fee is actually lesser than many other Asian countries and the abundance of scholarship, fellowship and grants are making it easy for international students to stay and continue with their higher study in this city. Those who know where to look for get abound scholarship options to consider.


Some of the scholarship that you can easily apply to:



  • The Singapore Scholarship Of The Embassy Of The Republic Of Singapore

This merit scholarship program renders support to only government endorsed students coming from ASEAN member countries and enrolled in any full-time undergraduate programs at the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technology University and Singapore Management University, three best educational institutes in the country. You are eligible to apply for this scholarship only if you are an undergraduate student studying any course except medicine, dentistry, Law and Architecture.


  • ASEAN Foundation Research Scholarship

Leader countries of Association of Southeast Asian Nations offer to fund ASEAN country students who want to pursue Master's degrees in Arts and Social sciences in the NUS. It's actually a bunch of scholarships. All these scholarships offer to provide tuition fee and other funding for a maximum of two years.


  • Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarship at The National University Of Singapore

This prestigious scholarship help students to pay off every bill, which includes the tuition fees, all book and laptop allowance and also provide travel funds to PhD students for up to four years.


  • Insead Nelson Mandela Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is given in honour of Nelson Mandela. This award provides financial support of €20,000 to one outstanding African candidate annually. Specific clauses are there if you want to avail this scholarship, like candidates must exhibit a commitment to goals of Africa's development. South African students are preferred while offering a scholarship.


  • INSEAD Syngenta Endowed Scholarship For Emerging Country Leadership

Syngenta, the global leader in the sector of agribusiness, offers two distinct scholarship of €22,500 every year to MBA students at INSEAD. Students who come from emerging economies are most awarded based on their outstanding achievement, leadership potentials and management aptitude with the commitment of making a significant contribution to their countries.


2. You will get to study in one of the best education systems in the world


Singaporean education system has now become even more advanced than education system of the UK and USA. If you have managed to get into any top class university in Singapore, then congratulation for you have made way to the most prestigious education system worldwide. While other Asian countries are rising gradually to the top of the world of international higher education, Singapore is graciously outpacing the rest by establishing itself the best from the rest. The education system in Singapore is now acquiring superpower status by adopting unique initiatives. Grad students from any Singaporean higher educational institutes are privileged and are being trained to conquer the ever-changing, expanding and evolving global economy. Thanks to the shared vision and well-planned strategies when it comes to education, which is making things easier for students coming from other countries. So being into Singapore will be beneficial for you in every possible way.


3. You will get a degree which is highly renowned by employers


Singapore has ranked as one of QS’s top three ‘Best student cities' in 2013 for many related reasons. Of course, there is its excellent reputation as an epicentre for higher education, innovation and research, thanks to a combination of various imperative rules and codes regarding education and the collaborative spirit of government and autonomous bodies. Because of Singapore’s renown superiority in the field of education best employers worldwide continuously seeks grads from Singapore. Many universities of Singapore tops the ranking charts and students studying in these universities instantly bag the best offers from employers. The city's dedication and commitment to enhancing level of education further, has made it world's most desirable spot for students. Singaporean education has system opened many doors by a degree from any prestigious university in Singaporean.


4. Exceptional student life


Students’ life in Singapore appears to be at its best. You get all the required amenities and facilities in this country and can actually enjoy being a student.


  • Safety

Aside from the fact that Singapore is a diverse and vibrant city to live in, it is also true that this place excels regarding safety, strict laws and meagre crime rates. What’s more, the city's public transport the safest in Asia. In fact, Singapore has been awarded on #2 spot on the list of ‘world’s list of safest city’ just behind Tokyo.


  • Diversity

Diversity is not only accepted in Singapore, but it is welcomed and appreciated. Overall the friendly nature of natives makes newcomers feel safe. Singapore is the mingling ground of so many rich cultures that now this diversity offers a unique worldview. So during your stay, you can quickly feel the warmth and friendly vibe from everyone staying around.


  • You can get anything you want and anytime

Is action is your end game then Singapore is the best place for you. The city is always alive with people and activities happening around throughout the day. If you are insomniac, then life will be heaven for you here. Shops, restaurants and other attractions remain open up to the wee hours. Extraordinary ranges of local cuisine and unparallel shopping experiences with the world celebrated zoo will never let you get bored with life in Singapore.


  • You pay and you get facilities

Undoubtedly Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. However, on living here, you will enjoy terrific facilities and amenities and can make your life better in every way possible. From essential services like cheap and convenient public transport to awe-inspiring Changi Airport, in Singapore, you are assured to enjoy the best phase of your life.


  • No language barrier

The language barrier doesn't exist in Singapore for English is the official language here. For students especially those who are coming from the western hemisphere, Singapore can seem to be a far-off destination, but you will quickly acclimate to life here, thanks to all four different official languages. More than 75% of the total pollution speaks in English, so you will not be lone sole strolling around the city while being in Singapore.


International student in Singapore? Facing issues with writing assignments? Know how can help you with your higher studies in Singapore


At, all students are assured to get what is best for them. If you are an international student, then you already know how tough studies can be here in Singapore as you are not quite adapted to the education system here. While Singapore students are making to the top of the list when it comes to displaying their intelligence, competence and problem solving skill but also paying a high price for it. According to recent studies, more than 76% of students in Singapore are suffering from study and exam related anxiety issues. Are you too suffering from excessive assignment pressure?


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