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The Most Frequent Challenges That International Students Face In Singapore And How To Overcome Those!

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 Alice Smith  Published On Jan 10,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Management

The Most Frequent Challenges That International Students Face In Singapore And How To Overcome Those!

In the space of just a few years, Singapore has transformed from a colonial outpost into a country with a higher level of per capita gross domestic product which is even advanced than UK and USA. Similar magical turn of events has pushed the level of the academy of this country to a greater height. In May 2013 Singapore became the first Asian nation to get into the top 10 of the Universities 21 ranking which evaluates countries' academies by different parameters like investments, gender balance, international connectivity and research output.


For more than a decade now, Singapore along with Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Shanghai, Finland and Hong Kong, has climbed up to the top of the international league table that measures child's capability in solving mathematics and science problems. Some experts prefer Singaporean school system as a new model for the west. Anna Lim, an educationist, based in Singapore says the model that Singapore schools have adopted is adequately preparing students for the complex demands of 21st century’s jobs market. 


But everything related to academics isn't a bed of roses in Singapore, recent studies have revealed that more than 86% students in Singapore suffer from study and test related anxiety even if they are completely prepared to take an exam. Singaporean students, especially international students studying in Singapore face multiple issues while studying in this island city.


Problems Which are Most Common Among International Students Studying in Singapore

From grabbing some grub to in-depth exploration, following are some few things that you need to know about Singapore. It is an attractive destination especially for international students with an abundance of well accredited educational institutions, a stable political landscape and secure neighborhood to live in. However, if you are an international student in Singapore then you already know, living and studying in this sunny city may not be about everything good, once you set foot on this land of Pagodas you are in for a lot more than just world-class infrastructure. For someone who doesn't belong to Singapore, at times, this city can be little hard on them. From finding food to searching a suitable accommodation or understanding local language, everything is a challenge that most international students successfully overcome.


Being a student in Singapore is a challenge and being a foreign student is even a bigger one. So if you are struggling to make your way to the top, then this blog is meant for you. Here in this blog, you will get to know six common challenges faced by the maximum number of foreign students on Singapore.


1. Finding a Proper Place for Accommodation

In Singapore the most prominent issue that any foreign student face is finding an appropriate place for lodging. Getting suitable accommodation seems to be tougher than doing well in your semester, says a recent graduate of the National University of Singapore. You will be able to find local accommodation for foreign students, but not everything will be a proper one. Many accommodations don’t allow cooking; in some places you need to live in with your landlord who might be fussy about every little thing, especially the way the apartment needs to be maintained.


2. Understanding Language

English can be little tricky for non-native speakers but in Singapore, not everyone will use proper English while interacting with you. Your classmates, professors will use proper English, but you can’t expect the same from local shopkeepers. They usually use an amalgamated language of Chinese dialect and English.


3. Managing Your Budget

Living in aboard is overall an expensive affair, and Singapore is by no means a cheap city. Unless you have properly planned your budget, you won't be able to manage your expenses while being in Singapore. Yes, you can always take up some part-time jobs to support your expenses but will you be able to control your studies while working at odd hours? For food and drinks, you need to find some local food joints. Or instead of buying food, you can cook for yourself. But not all apartments provide this facility of cooking. If you are allowed to cook at home, try to recreate dishes with ingredients that you get at the local market. These wet markets are everywhere around Singapore that sells fresh fruits, vegetables and meat at lower rates than supermarkets.


To manage your budget, you can use a finance budget app to keep track of what you are spending every month and on which items. At the start of every month or whenever you get your allowances, start your expenses by paying bills which must include rents, phone bills, tuition fee, etc. This will make it easier for you to be sure of what you can spend on buying groceries, toiletries, food and recreational activity.


4. Making New Friends

If you are lucky, you may know few people before moving in this city who are either staying or working in Singapore. But if you don't know anyone who is from your native place, then you are all alone in a new country. First few months, for some probably a year or two is going to be monotonous. Now although this blog is not about how to make friends, here we are giving you some tips on how to make new friends in a new country. The best way of making friends in your class is spending some time around them; don't run off right after class! Stick around and put on a smile and try to speak to people around you. If you are particularly good at any hobby like photography or soap making, join a club in your university so that you get to know like-minded people. 


5. Taking the Public Transport

As a student in Singapore, the cheapest and easiest way to commute would be via public transport like bus and MRT. The transport system is one of the best one worldwide, all thanks to how small city Singapore is, you will get to anywhere around in an hour max.


6. Being Bullied

Bullying is one of the prime concerns making the ministry of education in Singapore uncomfortable with its growing number of cases. This might be discouraging, but it might happen to you. Whether it‘s for your accent or the particular way of doing things, you might get bullied for. Some will laugh at you and make fun of your behavior. We suggest you always need to pick your battles. If it is a fellow student, then engage with them kindly and politely and explain why you don't appreciate the behavior. As much as possible, smile and laugh it off. But if the issue is infringing any of your rights as a foreign student in any way, you can always get in touch with anti-bullying, anti-raging wing in your university.

As a foreign student in Singapore, you may face all of these issues and challenges, but you need to find the best way to resolve those problems. From joining clubs to Skype-ing your parents and friends back home, everything can soothe your mind and help you to feel a little less homesick. In this way, you will be able to get more out of Singapore as it has much more in store for you other than world-class education and promising career. 


While Writing Assignments What Are The Common Problems That Students Usually Face?

When it comes to facing issues with writing assignments, it doesn't make any difference if you are a native from Singapore or you are an international student, the most prominent problem that you face while writing assignments is time crunch. Your professor demands quick submission, and if you don't have a clear understanding of a topic, then it is going to be harder for you.


Other than time crunch, you need to battle with related complications like not understanding in-depth concepts or not getting enough information about the related topic. Not being able to interpret topic, not finding enough sources and not giving any idea about how to start your write-up is quite common. Few issues that are hidden or plays significant role in pushing you backwards are mentioned here -


  • Lack of Researching Skills

This probably has happened to you already, while you have struggled a lot to come up with relevant data, your classmates have submitted flawless assignments, now poor researching skill might be the reason. Studies reveal that more than 74% of students in Singapore lack in research skills and only rely on the internet to complete their homework. So this one is another prominent reason for you are not being able to get the best score on an assignment.


  • Issues with Format of Different Types of Assignments

Different assignments require being written in various structures. Ideas about structuring different tasks are not shared among students. If you lack in knowledge about how to structure different assignments then hiring assignment writing help is your only way out.


  • Things Get Complicated with in-text Citation

MLA format of citation requires students to write in-text citation now to properly cite every source; students need to have complete knowledge about how to format different assignments to accurately being able to present tasks. But many students don't have knowledge about writing assignments by following perfect format.


  • Issue with Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing might sound easy, but it is actually not. Many students find it extremely difficult to paraphrase an assignment as while paraphrasing, avoiding chances of accidental plagiarism possess the real challenge.


How does Offer Helps to International Students in Singapore?

The main issue that you are most likely to face in Singapore is trying to try to cope with the impending academic pressure. As per few recent studies, a higher percentage of stress among Singaporean students has become a national matter of concern. In case you want to excel in your academics then you must take assistance from experts like


The principal reason for hiring academic help provider like is to get best scores without getting stressed about any tough assignments. The best part of hiring writing and editing help from is you get the best deal. At we try to offer fastest delivery services at the cheapest rate. Most reliably, we provide you writing, editing and proofreading assistance.


  • We Offer Writing and Editing Help to Solve all Types of Assignments

We offer writing assistance on all kinds of tasks, we suggest writing support with dissertation help, thesis, essay, PPT, lab report, review writing, and with every other possible assignment types. To write assignments, we rely on our expert team of writers whom we have hired from different fields of study. To deliver the best assistance, we have engaged subject matter experts, retired professors and PhD writers. Our screening process is robust and only knowledgeable persons can get past our selection procedure.


  • Our Writers Thoroughly Follow Guidelines While Writing Assignments Which Ensures Top Score

Our in-house writers and editors make sure that students are getting guideline-oriented assignment solutions which means they are assured to get the best score with every type of assignment. To provide writing and editing assistance, we have formed different teams of writers depending on their level of expertise. Writers who have relative experience in writing research papers or have PhDs generally tackle dissertation and thesis papers whereas our professional essayists deal with essay assignments.


We have also hired industrial professionals to work on case study assignments mainly. We make specific attention to make every assignment paper flawless and proper. Our team of professional editors quality check every assignment before delivering it to students. We understand that most universities are strict about plagiarism. So to make sure that every task that we provide is unique and genuine, we scan those using highly advanced plagiarism checkers.


  • You Can Hire Our Writing Services While Being on Budget

Managing budget is a huge deal for students; most foreign students don't get time to get into part-time jobs. We at understand that hiring writing service in Singapore while being on the budget can be tough. So our services are cheap and affordable so that it becomes easier for every student to engage our assistance. To make our rates more competitive, we never get associated with freelance writers or third parties, we only hire professional writers, retired professors and academic subject matter experts so that students get the best assistance from authentic and reliable persons.


  • We are Always Online to Offer You Support

At we understand that students can face issues any time of the day, so our support team is online 24*7 so that you can get in touch with us anytime you want.

As an authentic academic help provider, we can only offer you help with your studies, assignments and examination, but you need to pick up life skills to be able to embrace a completely new cultural ambience in this new city. Best of luck with that! Are you troubled by tough assignments? Now you know whom to get in touch with.

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