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Education In Singapore – An Extensive Overview

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 Alice Smith  Published On May 17,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Management

Education In Singapore – An Extensive Overview

Education is perhaps the biggest tool, imperative for a nation’s progress, growth and prosperity. A man who has the right education will always be able to pave the way for a better and progressive generation ahead. It is evident that Singapore is one of the most progressive countries in this context that has put some serious steps ahead in order to uphold its integrity. As posted in, according to UNESCO, the adult literacy rate of the country was 97.5% in the year 2016.

This pretty much sums up the academic scenario of the nation how progressive a country can be in this particular context.  With a literacy rate of 97.5% back in the year 2016, we won’t be surprised if the figure has increased in a couple of years. From coherent teaching methods to a reformed academic model, the country is progressing towards a better tomorrow with its educational agendas. Here’s an overview of the country’s take on education and progress.

The Classroom Scenario

As far as the classroom regime in Singapore is concerned, it is to be mentioned that the regulations are quite rational, practical and dynamic in this matter. The nation aims at preparing students with semester-driven teaching methodologies, and also in a way which could help them excel in national level examinations. The teachers follow lots of work samples, textbook references, practical exercises, so on and so forth.

Special attention is given when it comes to expressing academic problems, mostly in subjects like Mathematics. It is also to be added that the teachers while reviewing their students’ knowledge and learning about a particular subject, instead of emphasizing on whether the student is aware of the correct answer; their level of understanding is reviewed and taken into consideration. This clearly depicts how progressive and performance-driven the education system of Singapore is.

The Higher Education Status in Singapore

The local demand is pretty strong for higher education in Singapore. HSBC made a survey in the year 2015 in order to know about the importance of higher education for the Singaporeans, and found out that 91% parents are of the opinion that an undergraduate degree is vital for their children in achieving career success. About 98% parents, who expect that their children would go to college, plan for them financially.

As recorded in the year 2014, the CPR (Cohort Participation Rate) depicting the percentage of Singaporean residents studying in the country’s local universities was 26%. Around 61,993 students in Singapore were enrolled during that year. That marked an increase of about 2,000 students as compared to the previous year, 2013. Although the stats shown here dates back to 2013-14, the present day higher education scenario is a proof of a progressive nation with enthusiastic students around the country looking forward to a better tomorrow and a more educated society.

If we are to talk about the international students, well, according to, in 2018, there are at present 50,000 in Singapore from all over the world. In order to set global standards for students and education in the country, the nation encourages exchange programs, joint degrees, research collaborations and the likes, which are quite popular among local colleges and universities.

Thus, even if we look back to the past and compare with the present day status, it is quite evident that the nation has always been quite enthusiastic in promoting advanced learning and shaping a better future for the students with the right assistance and learning methodologies.

Talking of higher education and development in Singapore, it is also to be noted that there are numerous private sector organizations and government agencies coming up with the opportunity of full-time scholarship for high-ranked students looking for scopes to pursue graduation and post-graduation in foreign colleges and universities. This is yet another great initiative taken by the nation in order to promote education.

In addition to such noble initiatives taken by the government agencies and private sectors; the country boasts being one of the top 5 nations in the world offering international education for students.

The Leading Sectors of Education in Singapore

In addition to a smooth flowing educational system with advanced teaching methodologies, there are several degree courses, which have become truly significant among the students, paving a path towards better prosperity and global recognition. Here are some of the most notable sectors that are expected to see growth with opportunities flowing in.

  • Gaming Software
  • Animation
  • Financial Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Life Science
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Automation Technologies
  • Medicine

As the education system in Singapore is quite progressive and constructive from every possible angle, the country is likely to embrace more of such advancements and expansions in the field of education opportunities, and career.

The President Speaks …

To sum up, as posted on, president of Singapore Dr. Tony Tan has shared his perspectives and agenda regarding the future of higher education, during a “Public Lecture Series” held at the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics. He looked back at the developments that were made in the sector of higher education, and what role did it play in the field of social development and economy of the country.

Talking of what the future holds for higher education in Singapore, the president remarked that with highly-proficient and skillful workforce in countries like India and China, there is a need for this country to stay ahead of its neighbor nations in terms of manpower, workforce adaptability, natural resource in order to develop new skills and upgrade the current ones.

Thus, with a wide new range of occupation and career options, the president feels that the present day challenge for higher education in the country is to be more flexible but without compromising with its educational standards of excellence, for which the country is known. The President added that as far as the future is concerned, Singapore shall stay as an open society, despite facing more competitions in the years to come.

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