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6 Social Media Trends Students Should Look Out For In 2018

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 Alice Smith  Published On Feb 01,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Management

6 Social Media Trends Students Should Look Out For In 2018

If you observe closely enough, you will see social media is always bringing on new trends. Social media websites are never static and these will never be. Networking websites are here to stay by incorporating further changes so that users get to experience something new every time. There is no doubt about it that social media engulfs significant amount of our time and attention. The average attention span of ill-focused goldfish is 9 seconds, reveals a new study performed by Microsoft Corp.; whereas humans lose concentration right after 8 seconds which is even shorter than the fish. These are effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle. Social media is very much there in our lives, and as a student, we have already learnt how to balance time between study, work, life and social media.


Now using social media doesn’t necessarily means being laid back or wasting time. We can always count on social media when it comes to certain aspects like building rapport, expanding sources and obviously getting to know new people. It might come to you as a shock that social media go well with your study. In this blog, you will get ideas on how we can bolster the positive effects of social media, what new trends are coming our way and what new surprises social media has in store for us. 


We all know for sure that taking the plunge into social media has its own effect on your life, depending on numerous factors like how much time you spend on various social media platforms, how often you log into and on what you do while being online. Singaporeans are one of the most active consumers on social media worldwide. The arena of social media education in Singapore is ever-changing so new trends are always evolving. Studies related to social media reveals that an individual who regularly logs into his or her social media account spends 20% time online. According to the website Hashmeta, 74% of Singaporean students use social media on a regular basis. They spent 2.1 hours a day on social media. 31% of internet users in Singapore are students. These stats make us think twice - is there any positive effect of social media? Yes, there are many.


So what have we already experienced in 2017 in social media arena?

In 2017, we have already seen many changes happening in different social media. Few changes are listed below:


  • Live streaming video
  • Merging of different social media platforms
  • Chatbots
  • Increased personalised content
  • Increasing use of social influencers


6 trends likely to overpower social media in 2018

If we go by the dictionary, trends mean something that changes or develop in a general direction. Now some social media trends that are very likely to make an entry in 2018 are about to bring a lot of changes in ways how we interact on social media.


  1. Increased relevant content

Nearly three out of four users hate irrelevant contents. When content isn't relevant to readers' interest, it is of no use. Target personalization is already a trend in content marketing, and now it is likely to get into social media as well. As social media platforms are undergoing changes of diverse magnitudes, business-specific features like their analytic tools will become more detailed and valuable to brands. Marketers will be more interested in creating personalized content for their audience. To promote content, they are likely to use social media more this year. It's past time for marketers to produce and distribute content that is engaging enough to bind audience.  This year social media will make the distribution of relevant content more manageable. Now how can this trend be beneficial for a student? If you are someone who after every half an hour checks feeds, then you are most likely to come across more relevant contents on social media than ever.


  1. Social media channels are going to overlap more

Platforms with similar features are going to crowd up the virtual place. If we compare, Snapchat and Instagram, high school students are more on Snapchat whereas university goers prefer Instagram. With more likely channels clamoring on the internet, students need to be selective about which platform will provide them with the best experience. With the live story feature in most of the social media sites, it will become easier for students to follow what others are investing their time into. It directly doesn't have any as such learning purpose though.


  1. More socialization is likely to take place!

As in 2018, we are expected to experience rapid growth in social media; it will become easier for students to socialize with others.  'Contrary to popular belief, being glued to social media isn't always necessarily harmful to students. With increasing chance to get in touch with, to build up rapport with 10% more people online, it will help them to build up network and connection with peers and people who might benefit s fresher to land up with a good job,' says student counselor Bob Morley.


  1. Videos will expand just like 2017

It's too obvious to mention that video contents are more popular than written ones. In 2018 we will experience rapid growth in video content marketing. In their social media marketing strategy, marketers are more likely to incorporate more video contents in 2018. According to digital marketer Andrew, “Videos will only grow more valuable in 2018 for creating more engagement and to build up follower base, users are more likely to come across engaging videos posted on different social media platforms.”  He also added, “More than 200 million users have started using Instagram story feature every month.” Amazingly Instagram stories-feature is just one year old and at this rate by the end of 2018 nearly half of the Instagram users will start using Stories. On asking about, how will students be benefitted with more video content?  Educationist Michelle Huang says, “Everyone knows that we perceive and learn more and in a better way when we see, hear and understand new idea and concept that are just reading, so with more video content on social media finally students will readily perceive most complex concepts.”


  1. Chatbots will continue to surge

Chatbots are very likely to grow in 2018 as well. Instant connection and widespread internet access are making it possible for us to get things in next five minutes. Chatbots are efficient when it comes to providing immediate replies. Companies use chatbots to interact more quickly in a way that feels personal. Companies always personalize their bots in order to make their customer more intimate with their brand. Through chatbots, they can send personalized content directly to users.  Bots have become a craze, more than 100,000 monthly active bots are communicating with potential consumers on Facebook Messenger. Two billion messages are exchanged between different brands and their audiences every month. But marketers are assuming that 2018 might be the last year to test chatbots. Students who want to get in touch with any online assignment help providers or want to know details about different courses can instantly get information from contacting respective universities or colleges online and most likely from bots they will get all necessary information. Another advantage of this new advancement of social media is bots are online always. You can always get appropriate information from this bots anytime you want.


  1. Social media will focus more on publishing

In 2018, different social media platforms are increasingly exploring new options to improve the user experience. Different social media platform will frequently focus more on publishing user's contents. With this new trend, users can simply move beyond and share contents as this will allow them to post their own write-ups. Over the last year, Linkedin has been growing in popularity as a publishing tool with many companies becoming dependent on Linkedin more to boost up their B2B marketing from influential posts and articles. In 2018, Snapchat and Instagram are also evolving by allowing features to swipe to read articles. Recently Facebook’s instant article feature is gaining popularity with content creators. Marketers are using these features to get more exposure and to reach more audiences.


So students who want to build up their career in content marketing, content writing, journalism and publishing can start following a passion for writing right away, for now, all social media platform is offering chance to publishing articles, blogs and posts.


Advantages that students get from using social media platforms

  • By spending much time with working on new technology, students will develop more familiarity with new advancements in social media which will introduce them to new technologies. With the increased focus on technology in education and business, this will help students to build their skills.


  • In another way, students can get benefitted by changing trends in social media. While customizing their profile, students become more aware of essential aspects of design and layout. Writing bios seeing how others are presenting their introduction on social media make them more competent when it comes to building resumes and designing personal websites. Students get significantly benefitted from skills learned while customizing the layout and designs of social networking profiles.


  • Uploading pictures, images, video resulted in a more significant amount of sharing of creative work. By uploading your artwork, you can expect to get instant feedback about your creative work. By getting immediate feedback from others, a teenager will feel encouraged to develop their artistic abilities. And these provide much-needed confidence to decide what career path they want to pursue.


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