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81 Quality Research Paper Topic Ideas Plus Some Added Tips

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 Alice Smith  Published On Jun 12,2019 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

81 Quality Research Paper Topic Ideas Plus Some Added Tips

High school suddenly gets tough when your teacher asks you to write a research paper. Writing a research paper sometimes turns out to be too much for the uninitiated. You might find it really hard to begin with the task due to lack of ideas and the inability to come up with a brilliant topic. End your worries because you can find some exclusive research topics right here.

Why is it important to select an appropriate research paper topic?

The topic is something that the whole research will be built upon. So, the quality of the final research paper depends largely on the topic. By choosing an appropriate type of research paper, you can:

  • Develop an interesting research paper
  • Showcase your talent and skills in the best possible way
  • Create a focused and narrow research paper
  • Get enough information and data to write the paper
  • Write without getting bored

Now that you know why it is important to select a suitable topic, you should learn how to choose one.

This is what you should do:

Figure: Steps to Select a Brilliant Topic

A. Health-related topics for research papers:

  1. Alzheimer’s and how to prevent it
  2. Mental health- Are people aware of it?
  3. Is obesity driven by junk food?- Two studies show the results
  4. Problems that arise from substance abuse
  5. Does the flu virus differ from year to year? Why?
  6. How does one’s health condition gets adversely affected by a sleep disorder
  7. The effect of smoking on mental health
  8. Euthanasia- should it be allowed everywhere?
  9. Can the cure for AIDs be found through research
  10. The potentials of stem cell research
  11. Which limits on abortion are realistic?
  12. The advancements in cancer treatment
  13. Do supplements really help us to have better health?
  14. Is too much sleep harmful?
  15. The causes and treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  16. Effect of work pressure on health
  17. Is stress related to depression?
  18. Sustaining public health in a world of personalised therapy and immunotherapy
  19. How does the human body gets affected by marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol
  20. Can long-term steroid use harm the human body?
B. Education related topics for research papers
  1. Is homeschooling effective enough?
  2. The reason behind the lower graduation rate in the inner city high schools and ways to improve it
  3. How smart classrooms help students to learn better
  4. Does any discrimination exist in the education system?
  5. A competency test for teachers or only the requirement of a degree- Which one should be supported?
  6. Pregnancy, substance abuse, and suicide among school students
  7. How much responsibility should school and parents take regarding school violence?
  8. Can education build a bridge between family, work and politics?
  9. The future of European vocational training
  10. What is Plato’s philosophy of mathematics?
  11. Can good education make people work harder and help others?
  12. School policies- merits and demerits
  13. Advantages of public education
  14. Should high-school students be allowed to use Smartphones in the classroom?
  15. What should schools do to develop debating skills in students?
  16. How to learn a complex language at home- the steps involved
  17. The effectiveness of the general tests
  18. Contemporary method of education vs. education methods in the digital age
  19. The advantages and disadvantages of sex education at school
  20. The greatest universities around the world- their journey toward becoming the best
C. Technology related topics for research papers
  1. Will Artificial Intelligence take over the world soon?
  2. Are we getting too much dependent on technology?
  3. The significant benefits of using Symbian mobile OS
  4. Search engine optimisation and its importance
  5. The danger of computer virus attacks and how to prevent them
  6. Why are Macs safer than the Windows computers?
  7. The various applications of machine learning
  8. The pros and cons of social networking sites
  9. How glitches and other such problems be reduced in different technological devices?
  10. Is there any negative effect of technological developments?
  11. Driverless vehicles- are they safe?
  12. Is there any technology that can solve world problems?
  13. Is there any future for bitcoins around the world?
  14. The negative effect Smartphones have on our health and social life
  15. The advantages of data mining
  16. How do the voice recognition systems work?
  17. Wireless surveillance technologies and the role smart object recognition plays in it
  18. Application of computer interactive models
  19. The advantages of using an integrated management system
  20. The importance of DNA information in developing our identity
D. History related topics for research papers 
  1. The role Silk Road played in transforming the West and the East
  2. Industrial Revolution and the Modern world
  3. What led to the initiation of World War II?
  4. The influence of Central Asian art on contemporary art
  5. Ancient Greece practised which Olympic events?
  6. Julius Caesar and Rome
  7. What role did African American play in the Revolutionary War?
  8. How did the Russian Revolution happened and its impact on world history
  9. The rise of the African nations
  10. The Pope’s political power during the Middle Ages
  11. The influence of Karl Marx on the society
  12. European economics after the first World War
  13. The consequences of the Cold War as seen by the world
  14. The architecture of the Aztec Empire
  15. Freedom Riders contribution in changing the society
  16. The impact hippie culture had on the world
  17. The Battle of Hastings
  18. Green Revolution and its impact on the history of mankind
  19. How did Churchill’s actions lead to the British forces’ worst defeats in the first World War?
  20. Ancient Egypt and its famous queens
  21. The reasons behind the war between Iraq and Iran

So, here’s your list of topics from which you can select to write your research paper. According to your paper’s requirements and your interest, choose or take inspiration from this list. Now you can easily draft a high-quality, impressive research paper.

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