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30+ Humorous Persuasive Speech Topics To Make The Audience Go ROFL

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 Alice Smith  Published On Mar 15,2019 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

30+ Humorous Persuasive Speech Topics To Make The Audience Go ROFL

Do cats make better pets than dogs? Does a vegan menu at Burger King mean the end of the world? Should post-apocalyptic movies stop portraying aliens as the big, bad guys? All of these make pretty compelling arguments, albeit on the funnier side.

That is precisely what a funny persuasive speech asks you to do. In addition to taking a side in the argument, you need to add humour elements that will keep your audience entertained. In a way, it is not only interesting but also quite a stress-buster if you are the kind to shy away from public speaking.

Preparing for a funny persuasive essay is sure to give you a gala time, especially since you get to style it as per your sense of humour. Unleash your funny side while composing the speech, but do not forget to add crucial arguments to persuade the audience too.

Who would not love to have the audience hanging on their words, reacting at just the points, and getting influenced by their oratory skills? With the right set of skills, systematic planning and a sharp, analytical mind, you can be that enigmatic guy up onstage/ podium too. Read on, and you will find 35 engaging topics for a funny persuasive speech along with a few clever tips on planning it to perfection.

Humour and persuasion – funny topics for a persuasive speech

 Not everyone can get the audience roaring with laughter at everything they say. That is best left to stand-up comedians. However, there’s no harm in trying your hand at a funny persuasive speech for it takes the stress out of having to prepare an elaborate persuasive essay.

If you are the kind of person who breaks into a cold sweat at the very thought of public speaking, then a persuasive speech assignment may worry you to bits. However, there is no need to hit the panic button just yet.

With the right mix of humour and information, you can actually give your audience a gala time. The easiest way to do so starts with picking a topic that is not only funny, but also has the potential to turn into a great speech.

Pick one from the following topic prompts or write one of your own using the topic examples as inspiration. Plan your speech well, so it packs in the right punch. Here are 35 funny persuasive speech topics that you can choose from.

  1. Everyone who owns a Smartphone is a photographer these days
  2. Art supply companies can do better business with a brand new “Draw on the Wall” contest for kids
  3. Schools should not allow children to read Harry Potter as it may promote witchcraft
  4. Why you should keep your parents off social media sites that you are an active member of
  5. Is tomato a vegetable or a fruit?
  6. Men are known to gossip more than women
  7. Video games and puzzles help in boosting IQ among kids
  8. Laziness is just genius in disguise
  9. Banks should ban shades and hats to prevent armed robberies
  10. Women accepting specially allotted public spaces (at shopping malls, in public transport, etc.) is an example of reverse discrimination
  11. Broccoli, kale and lettuce are Godsend for vegetarians
  12. Why being fair does not always lead to a better life
  13. Children should be given the right to divorce their parents
  14. Encouraging cross-dressing since childhood instils the value of gender sensitivity and awareness in young children
  15. Heavyweight (pun intended) passengers should pay for two tickets to balance out the extra weight in flights
  16. Reincarnation is real, and Jenny Cockell (among others) is proof of that
  17. Fudgy cookies are the real shizz, and way better than crumbly, dry ones
  18. Drinking age should be lowered for everyone gets their hands on booze at homecoming parties in high school anyway
  19. Tactics to make the spouse let go of the television remote
  20. Good grades don’t matter much in real life
  21. Thieving should be pardoned when committed out of desperation of poverty/ hunger
  22. A thumb is, essentially, a finger
  23. Horror movies are awesome for an adrenaline quick fix
  24. Sleepwalking is dangerous for your health, especially if you do not know where you are going
  25. One should not take life too seriously (or anything, for that matter)
  26. The Twilight series is enough to make all vampires turn in their metaphorical graves
  27. Students should be given the opportunity to grade their teachers too
  28. Reasons why healthy food is seldom tasty
  29. Bringing out currency notes made of plastic can be a great recycling method, cutting down further ecological damage
  30. Adults need to unleash the kid inside them to tackle the pressure of adulthood
  31. Funny pick up lines are the best kinds, and almost always work
  32. Santa Claus is a man, for women are not likely to repeat their outfit every Christmas
  33. Why having a twin is a curse and a boon at the same time
  34. Getting fat is a cakewalk (you just need to replace at least two meals a day with extra-cheese pizzas)
  35. If you want to become older and wise, you must learn to be young and stupid

The art of persuasion – planning your speech

Now that you have chosen the topic for your persuasive speech, the time has come to plan it well. Take the speech planning stage as drawing a perfect roadmap to success. The better you plan, the more likely you are not to fumble for words awkwardly on stage with the audience staring on expectantly.

For a persuasive speech, you need to consider your stance on the topic first. Choose a side and gather the evidence to support your choice. Since your aim is to tickle the funny bones of the members of the audience, keep humorous undertones throughout your speech.

Quick note:

A funny persuasive speech should not lose out on the elements of persuasion just because you take a light-hearted approach. Intersperse the arguments with fun facts or anecdotes, but never digress from the points you are trying to establish. You would want your audience to keep their grey cells at work even while chuckling through your speech.

And for that, you need to have a clear idea about the structure of your speech. If you don’t know what to say, you are most likely to jumble up the sequence, especially if you are shy about public speaking.

Pro tip 01: Start planning early. Choose a topic and gather the information. Keep tabs on all external sources that you may need to state in the course of your speech. If needed, draw an outline, mind map or table of the primary elements of your speech.

Pro tip 02: Follow the structure of your speech when you are composing it. Here is a template that you can use to create the persuasive speech structure. Fill in the template, and you will know the way you should take your speech using examples and funny insights.

Summing it up,

If you choose a fascinating topic and plan your speech well, keeping calm on the D-day will be a cakewalk. Once you go through the ideal structuring tips for writing a speech and know the sequence of arguments by heart, there won’t be much that can go wrong. Be confident with your speech so that you can get up on that podium with a spring in your step.

Plan ahead, so those jitters pass soon enough once you face the audience with a big smile. Remember, if carefully constructed, your speech will have the power to move them according to your opinions. Present your best elf on the day of the speech, and half the battle will be won right there. So, go out there and nail it like a pro. Here’s wishing you all the very best for an amazing persuasive speech.

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