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A List Of Part-Time Degree/Diploma Courses In Singapore (2019-2020)

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Part Time Course in Singapore
 Alice Smith  Published On Jun 06,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

A List Of Part-Time Degree/Diploma Courses In Singapore (2019-2020)

Coming from a humble background, Shirley Liang had to look for work opportunities right after high school. But even while working, she didn’t give up on her education entirely. She found out that there are many esteemed institutions offering distance education in Singapore or exciting part-time degree courses. This made it easier for Shirley to continue her education while working.

Like Shirley, if you’re also looking for part-time degree courses in Singapore, there are several options to choose from. To help you make a clear decision, we've created this handy guide for you browse through.

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Part-Time Master’s Degree Courses in Singapore

Masters in Creative Writing from the LASALLE College of Arts

Do you harbour a dream of becoming the next Paulo Coelho or Neil Gaiman? You may think writing is something instinctive which cannot be taught. However, pursuing writing courses in Singapore allows you to gain an immense understanding of this art. You’ll become acquainted with elements of creative writing, such as developing a structure and other technical aspects. If this sounds appealing, you must give this course a shot.

Curriculum: Writing plays, forms and functions of creative writing. You’ll also need to submit a final project on creative writing.

Course duration: 3 years, part-time

Master of Education in Education Leadership and Policy from the Kaplan Institute

Kaplan university diplomas for part-time are quite popular among the students of Singapore. If you’re keen on joining the education sector and being at the forefront of change in educational institutions, consider this course as a brilliant outlet.

Curriculum: You’ll acquire knowledge about modules that are ideally designed to cultivate leadership skills. Some of the topics you’ll learn are organisational decision-making, understanding of self and so on.

Course Duration: 12 months, part-time

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Part-Time Bachelor’s Courses in Singapore

Bachelor of Science in Computer Games and Animation from Informatics Academy

Identified as a niche industry in Singapore, learning how to create computer games can be as exciting as the activity of gaming. However, you'll need to develop your skills in programming with the help of many kinds of software.

To learn animation, you must have solid drawing skills and clear knowledge in graphical software. This takes time and a lot of effort to cultivate. Programming and computing skills will definitely give you an advantageous edge. Pursuing this course is like taking your love for gaming and design to the next level.

Curriculum: Gain insights about the foundations of computation as well as game development. Also, become familiar with the current research and developments in the technological domain by conducting industrial technical analyses.

Course duration:16 months, part-time


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Web Communication from Kaplan Institute

If you’re drawn to the field of journalism, this course is for you. The best part about this is that the degree is awarded by Murdoch University. This degree is equivalent to the one offered by Murdoch University in Australia. This adds value to the degree in case you want to move to another country in pursuit of a fruitful career.

Curriculum: Explore topics like media law and ethics, journalism and society, fundamental digital media skills, video journalism, web strategy and design.

Course duration: 28 months


Bachelor in Translation with Minor in Business from Singapore University of Social Sciences

If you’re well-versed in Mandarin, you won’t have to think twice before taking up this course offered by SUSS to enhance your skills. Many corporate organisations look for individuals who are well-versed in multiple languages, particularly since it’s considered atransferable skill across different industries.

Curriculum: Learn how to translate verbal communications and different types of documents (legal documents, or media documents). You also need to learn thebasics of statistics and organisational behaviour.

Course duration: You need at least 130 credit units to graduate.

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Part-Time Diploma Courses in Singapore

Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging from M.A.D. School

Do you take a keen interest in photography? Then this is one of the best diploma courses in Singapore that you must check out. M.A.D. School’s Diploma in Photography helps you become acquainted with various aspects of photography from fashion to food, as per your area of interest.

The diploma will also allow you to learn the basics of Adobe Photography and Lightroom. Everything you learn and create will culminate in a portfolio presentation that’ll help you find the right start in your career.

Curriculum: The course includes portraiture photography, product photography, fashion photography, and insights into the lighting techniques.

Course duration: 10 months


Diploma in Sport and Leisure Management from PSB Academy

There has been an increasing demand for professional courses in Singapore in the field of sport and leisure management.

If you look forward to interpersonal interactions and are an organised individual, the rush and challenging demands of event planning would be satisfying to you.

Curriculum: The course covers topics like Sports and Leisure Marketing and provides insight into the Recreation, Event and Tourism businesses.

Course Duration:12 months, part-time


Chinese Medicated Food Dietician from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Anyone living in Singapore can’t ignore the sumptuous food that this region has to offer. You can take your love for food to the next level by learning how to cook like a professional, that too without forgetting the necessary nourishment. The Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been offering education since 1953 and has earned recognition as an established T.C.M. education institution within the region.

The Chinese Medicated Food Diploma not only teaches the fundamentals of Food Hygiene but also focuses on subjects like food styling and Chinese medicine.

Curriculum: The course involves Chinese medicine and prescription studies.

Course duration: 2 years, part-time

Parting thoughts,

When it comes to pursuing a part-time degree or diploma courses in Singapore, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. All of these part-time courses are designed to help you succeed in your chosen field. So, take your pick and shine on like a diamond.

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