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GCE O Level Examination Guide For Singaporean Students

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 Alice Smith  Published On Feb 10,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

GCE O Level Examination Guide For Singaporean Students

The GCE O Level refers to General Certificate of Examination Ordinary Level. Getting through the examination is itself a complex process. From understanding what is O level in Singapore to getting the hang of certificate of merit according to Singapore education standards; you got to meet a plethora of crucial aspects.

Now that you are eager to go through a comprehensive GCE O level examination guide, here’s everything you need to know.

What is GCE O Level?

The General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level examination is basically a subject-based academic qualification. The O level and CSE were replaced in the United Kingdom in the year 1988 by the GCSE and later complementary IGCSE exams.

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Subjects included in the GCE O-Level Examination

The O level schedule 2020 includes the following subjects for all prospective students to read and learn.

  • English Language.
  • Elementary Mathematics.
  • Fashion and Textiles.
  • Design and Technology.

No matter if you are from private O level school in Singapore or from other institutes; you need to get the hang of each of the subject as mentioned above to clear GCE O level examination. In case you are looking for an academic expert to help you out with GCE O level examination, count on the expertise of We have a team of diligent academic experts to guide you through the process.

When is GCE-O Level taken?

GCE O level is the final certification for secondary school which is to be taken at the fifth form or year 11at an approximate age group (14 to `6). The O level course is offered by Cambridge International Examination, American Council for Higher Education and Edexcel International.

The Fundamentals of L1R5 and How to Choose it?

L1R5 is an assessment tool which is used by the Ministry of Education to rate the 10,000+ Singaporean secondary school students who take the annual GCE O Level Exam in the month of December every year.

To choose or calculate the net L1R5, you need to follow these steps.

  • Calculate net L1R5 after accounting for the bonus points.
  • Remember, NET L1R5 is equal to Raw L1R5 – any bonus points.

In case you need any further assistance in the matter of calculating or choosing the net L1R5 score, then order your paper. Our in-house writers shall come up with an accurately drafted sample paper on how to calculate L1R5 with relevant examples for the purpose of referencing.

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Required L1R5 Scores for top schools and Colleges

According to reports, a student requires an L1R5 score of less than twenty points in order to be eligible for top schools and colleges. In addition to it, the student must also pass all examinations related to their mother tongue and the English language.

High School Equivalent of GCE O Level

It is said that the GCE O Level examination is equivalent to the General Certificate of Secondary Education or what is popularly known as GCSE standard.

However, it is to be mentioned that the other equivalent O levels aren’t used much apart from the GCSE examination, which is usually taken by students aged 15-16.

Experts Tips to Prepare for GCE O Level

Preparing for GCE O level examination is one complex process altogether. If you are aiming to receive the GCE O level certificate this year, then consider following these tips for successful outcomes.

  • Focus on studying at least three subjects per day.
  • Maintain a timetable and stick to it.
  • Keep a comprehensive GCE examination guide with you to refer back to the document while studying.
  • In case the entire process appears to be too complicated for you, then seek our assistance for helpful guidance and professional academic assistance on the go.

What Do GCE O-Level Results and Scores Denote?

The GCE O level score refers to the grades one must acquire for the coveted results in the long run. As a matter of fact, a grade of C6 or more is considered as the parameter to pass an O level GCE examination. Obtaining pass grades in one or more academic subjects will allow an individual to get the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level examination certificate.

Required GCE Scores for Various Schools

Here are the different criteria for obtaining GCE scores for various schools.

  • GCE Advanced Level: Grade A, B, C, D, E indicate a Pass in GCE Advanced Level. The Grade A is considered at the highest score in this context.
  • GCE Ordinary Level: Quite similar to that of GCE Advanced level, the O level exam sets out its criteria on the basis of A, B, C, D and E grading.

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GCE o level 2020- Exam dates and Certification

Here is a tentative list of the GCE O level 2020 exam dates for the certification course.

  • EL Paper 5: Wed, 12 August – Fri, 14 August (for private candidates only Paper 4: Mon, 17 August – Wed, 26
  • CLB / MLB / TLB (Mid-Year): Tue, 7 July
  • CL / ML / TL Wed, 8 July – Mon, 20 July
  • HCL / HML / HTL Mon, 27 July – Mon, 3 August
  • Arabic as 3rd Language Bahasa Indonesia as 3rd Language: Mon, 3 August – Tue, 4 August Mon, 3 August – Wed, 5 August
  • Mid-Year CL/ML/TL:  Mon, 1 June (am)
  • Mid-Year CLB/MLB/TLB: Tue, 2 June (am)
  • End of Year Exam: Mon, 19 October – Thu, 12 November

What next after GCE O-level?’

Students, generally after cracking the GCE O level certification course, aims to clear the GCE Advanced level examinations. If you too are preparing for the same and looking for an academic expert to help you out in this matter, then get in touch with We have the best academic guides in Singapore to help you with customized tuition assignments and sample modules, so that you can overcome all odds with precision.

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