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6 Effective Tips To Unlock Your Learning Potential

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 Alice Smith  Published On Dec 31,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

6 Effective Tips To Unlock Your Learning Potential

Ever wondered how some people are really good at learning new skills and information while some literally struggle to learn even the simplest of things? Most of us try to justify this by saying that the quick learners are the gifted ones, and the others aren’t. Yes, there are some biological reasons that might be responsible for your learning capacity, but it is also possible that you may not be using your full potential for learning.

Here are 6 effective ways which will help you to unlock your true learning potential.

  1. Be more attentive in the class:

If you want to enhance your learning abilities, you should start working on your attentiveness. If you often zone out in the middle of the class, you may miss out on a lot of information and references that could have helped you learn the lesson better.

If you cannot concentrate on the lectures most of the times, it is recommended that you favour the first bench in the class. This will help you pay more attention in the class. Also, it will be better if you start taking notes. This way, even if you forget what has been taught in the class, you can always refer to the notes and remember the lessons.

  1. Communicate with the professors:

The problem with most students these days is that they don’t communicate with their teachers or professors. If you think “I don’t need to ask the professor. I’ll just Google the answer,” then you are mistaken. Your professor can help you learn a piece of information or skill in such a way that is unknown to Google.

If you have doubts regarding a particular chapter, expressing it to the professor might be helpful. The professor can clarify your doubts with a proper explanation, in a way which you can understand. It is not that necessary for you to ask a question in the class just for the sake of it. If you have doubts or require the professor’s guidance on something, you can also talk to him/her after the class.

  1. Isolate yourself from distractions while studying:

You may not realize this now, but your cell phone might be the reason why you are struggling to learn a chapter of the syllabus. Not just a mobile phone, but anything that interrupts your study sessions can keep you from learning particular information or skill. So, you need to isolate yourself from all kinds of distractions if you really want to unlock your learning potential.

At first, put your mobile phone on flight mode. Such electronic devices are the main source of distractions when you are trying to learn something. However, you may need your computer during the study hours. So, instead of putting it away, you can install a particular application that blocks the distracting websites (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Also, it is advised that you limit human interactions during the study hours to avoid distractions.

  1. Test your knowledge every once in a while:

If you belong to that particular group of students who study only the night before the exam, you aren’t actually learning anything. You need to study diligently and evaluate how much you have learned by testing your knowledge frequently. This will not just help you to understand where you are lacking, but will also prepare you for the finals.

There are numerous online portals where you can take mock tests. Some of them even have the feature to choose between the difficulty levels of “easy”, “normal” and “hard”. You can even prepare an assignment on your own to see how well you have learned a particular topic. Once you know where you lack, you can work on those areas to learn better.

  1. Don’t stick to the same source of information:

If you want to learn better, sticking to the same old resources like textbook and Google are not going to be of much help. As you might realize, the information available in the textbook is limited. The online sources of information can be helpful at times, but they are not always reliable. For authentic information, you have to look for the websites that are owned by reliable entities like government, universities, public organizations, established companies and individuals, etc.

However, it is always recommended to rely on the printed sources of information than the ones available on the digital platforms. If you really want to boost your learning potential, you need to develop the habit of reading. Also, you should get a membership at the library where you can find thousands of books to refer to. When you gather information from multiple sources, you not just learn, but also get to experience different takes on the same topic.

  1. Give your mind the rest it needs:

In order to learn better and faster, you need to have a healthy mind. If your mind feels exhausted for the most part of the day, you might not be able to learn anything properly even if you try. It is very crucial to eat the right food and sleep properly so that your brain can function properly. If you are skipping your meals or stay up all night, it can reflect on your learning abilities as well.

Include foods in your diet that are rich in omega-3 fatty acid. You should also eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. They have anti-oxidants that reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, helping your brain to stay healthy. Besides, you need to sleep for 8 hours a day on an average. A healthy and fresh mind is essential for tapping your true learning potential.


Now that you know 6 different ways to unlock your learning potential, you should not be sitting idle, wasting your time. Start practicing those tricks right away to take your learning abilities to a whole new level.

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