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30 Dazzling Discursive Essay Topics To Up Your Essay Game

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 Alice Smith  Published On Apr 01,2019 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Essays

30 Dazzling Discursive Essay Topics To Up Your Essay Game

If you fought over the television remote with your dad as a kid, you would know that news channels run multiple debates all through the day. The panelists and their heated arguments over one political issue or the other may have given plenty of headaches. But in college, your professor asks you to assume your position in that very panel when setting a discursive essay.

A discursive essay, as the name suggests, is a discourse on a given topic. When you are assigned a discursive essay, you need to plan it a tad bit differently than other kinds of essays. For a discursive essay, you must present all arguments in favour of as well as against the topic with evidence to support your claims. In many ways, it is like an argumentative essay with a few structural differences.

But there is no need to panic just yet. Even though it sounds difficult, a discursive essay is not that uphill a task when you plan it well.

Read on, and you will find a few clever tips to prepare the structure of your discursive essay along with 30 amazing topics to choose from.

While writing a discursive essay, you need to strike the right balance between the arguments you present, as well as the counter-arguments that you will include in the paper. The structure of a discursive essay is similar to the following.

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 01: argument and supporting examples
  • Body paragraph 02: counter-argument and supporting examples
  • Body paragraphs 03 to 06: following the same argument and counter-argument structure
  • Conclusion

Pro tip 01: Never forget to run a thorough plagiarism check after you have finished writing the essay. You can use an online plagiarism checker to get it done quickly and for free.

Pro tip 02: Do not turn in the essay without editing and proofreading it thoroughly. In case you are too caught up with other tasks, get editing and proofreading help from experts online.

Picking a topic – 30 discursive essay topics to floor your professors

If you are at sea with picking a topic for your discursive essay, then you might have been going wrong about it all the while. A good discursive essay topic should not be too broad, but should also cover the essential thesis that you wish to put forth. While global or political issues are quite fascinating topics for discursive essays, keep in mind that they tend to stretch over quite a few pages.

There is a quick way to determine whether you are going the right way. Whenever you need to choose a topic for a discursive essay, analyse the topic in the light of CDRM.

C – Current (must be of relevant nature to the time when you write the essay)

D – Debatable (must have at least two opposing arguments ongoing)

R – Researchable (must have info that you can look up and present scope of further study)

M – Manageable (must be narrow enough to wrap up within the length and breadth of an essay)

Given below is a list of 30 discursive essay topics. Pick one that catches your fancy or take inspiration and creates a topic of your own.

  1. Should GMOs be allowed as mainstream food for consumption?
  2. Is veganism really great for the health and the environment?
  3. Is the military invading our privacy with the use of drones?
  4. Will AI take over the world in near future?
  5. Should public places (bars, cafes, bus stops, libraries, etc.) use Internet filtering devices?
  6. Are plastic straws and bottles really harming the environment?
  7. Are dating websites reliable for meeting potential future partners?
  8. Does every small business need to be on social media to make it big?
  9. Are humans causing global warming?
  10. Should tobacco and its by-products be banned entirely in public places?
  11. Is the human race becoming increasingly tech-reliant?
  12. Do we have a tax system that is fair and just to all citizens?
  13. Is it necessary to impose a curfew when bringing up teenagers?
  14. Should the government control our daily diets and rations to improve national health?
  15. Do female sports stars deserve equal pay as their male counterparts?
  16. Does playing war or shooting-based RP video games encourage violent behaviour in children?
  17. Should formal sex education be made mandatory globally?
  18. Beauty pageants empower or demean men and women?
  19. Can switching all racing cars to bio-fuel be a wise move to bring down emission levels?
  20. Should homosexual partnerships and resultant marriages be legalised throughout the world?
  21. Should abortion be made illegal in all countries?
  22. Does having a school uniform encourage kids to learn about inclusiveness and equality?
  23. Are standardised tests fair to all students coming from different backgrounds and having varying cognitive capacities?
  24. Should the death sentence be replaced with 25 years of prison sentence?
  25. How useful are swimming and dancing as whole-body exercises?
  26. Should governments ban all products that use animals for testing?
  27. Does reducing work hours have a positive impact on work-life balance?
  28. Do fame and money necessarily have to come at the price of mental stability or emotional peace?
  29. Should the government be more empathetic towards the rights and needs of minorities?
  30. Is free access to the Internet one of the greatest threats to education and learning?

Parting words

That’s all there is behind choosing a great topic for your discursive essay. Be careful about the parameters of your academic institution, and pick a topic that appeals to you. That way, you won’t be at your wits’ end when trying to research for the essay. As a result, the process of writing the essay will become much more enjoyable. That’s exactly what top academicians suggest as well. Go with a topic that genuinely interests you. Make sure the topic has all four elements of CDRM, and you will be good to go. Pick your stance and plan away. All the best with your discursive essay.

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