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100 Stellar Argumentative Essay Topics For School And University Students

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Argumentative Essay Topics
 Alice Smith  Published On Jul 14,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Essays

100 Stellar Argumentative Essay Topics For School And University Students

Essay topic selection happens to be the most tedious task and is the first hurdle that the students have to encounter. In this blog, we will take a look at argumentative essay topics covering a wide range of subject matters. If you wish to impress your professors & want to write An Argumentative Essay, then first you should select good argumentative essay topic. Here we are goint to present some argumentative essay topic ideas for school grade student to university level student. Explore the topics below.

Read on to get further insight.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Check Out

Sport is an interesting sector for many students. Thus, if you wish to write essays on sports argumentative essay topics, you should definitely check out the list below.

  • Are certain sports like boxing, and fighting life-threatening? What protocols should be followed?
  • Sports involving animals shouldn't be considered legal
  • Should video games be considered a sport?
  • Kobe Bryant is a better basketball player than LeBron James
  • College athletes should be paid
  • What can be considered the highest achievement in sports?
  • Swimming keeps all the human body muscles fit
  • Does NCAA association affect academic performance?
  • Steroid gives a bad rap to the sports industry
  • Football, basketball should continue in empty stadiums amid COVID-19

You have to choose good argumentative essay topics that will spark the interest of the readers. And, they would be interested in going through the entire content.

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Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

If you are in middle school, you can take note of these argumentative essay topics for middle school. It will help you secure exemplary grades.

  • Are human beings solely responsible for global climate change?
  • Who faces the most societal pressure-girls or boys?
  • Is it justified that the minorities receive special consideration even though they are well off?
  • Do violent video games make you more aggressive?
  • Students should have a say in the academic curriculum and courses
  • Reality television shows do not depict real life
  • Cigarettes should be outlawed
  • Religion should be kept out of politics
  • Are Americans becoming more obese? Are they consuming fast food too much?
  • Interracial marriages positively impact the racial tolerance

Some of the topics require extensive research work. However, if you develop this habit now, you won’t face issues later on.

Argumentative Essay Topics Specifically for College Students

If you are pursuing higher studies in college, you need to up your game of essay writing. And, you have to choose the best argumentative essay topics.

  • Free college education will make it less qualitative
  • Are there double standards for men and women?
  • Is full body scan at airport security too much?
  • Today's music has no value
  • Should death sentence be activated in every country?
  • Are workers allowed to strike?
  • Highest rated universities should increase their acceptance rates
  • Virtual relationships are fake
  • The middle of the 20thcentury was the golden era for movies.
  • Can a chip control our cognitive functioning?

Which argumentative essay topic for college caught your attention?

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Intriguing Classical Argument Topics

In this section, we will be taking a look at the classical argument topics. In these types of essays, you have to include the introduction, narration, confirmation, refutation and conclusion.

  • The Government should penalise those who affect the environment
  • Court proceeding should be documented for television
  • CIS is the better alternative for the USSR?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of globalisation
  • Successful politicians: Art or Born Talent?
  • Governments ought to invest more in social movements
  • Is it wrong to tolerate discrimination?
  • Should prostitution be allowed to continue?
  • Are women better at running businesses?
  • Medicines: Do they really work or are they just placebo?

If you face issues while writing the essays, you should check out the argumentative essay samples as a reference. You will get a detailed insight into the structure.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics that Will Turn a Few Heads

If you really want to draw the attention of the readers, you have to select controversial argumentative essay topics.

  • Is the third wave of feminism a logical one? Why are women resenting this movement?
  • Celebrities should not be bestowed with political duties
  • The 3rdWorld War can only be prevented by the USA and Russia
  • Should governments across the world accept same-sex marriages?
  • Is abortion morally wrong?
  • All forms of genetic cloning should be banned
  • Is capital punishment ethical? Are there any other ways to punish the criminals?
  • Will the pandemic COVID-19 come to an end?
  • Illuminati does exist and are responsible for the chain of events across the world
  • Corruption is the reason behind the low wages

If you observe closely, you will notice that the topics might be agreed by some and disagreed by others. That is what makes the ideas debatable or controversial.

Funny Argument Topics that Will Split Your Sides

Why does every topic have to be serious? It’s time to lighten the mood with funny argument topics.

  • Joey in ‘Friends’ is hilarious character ever
  • The worst track in the world
  • How to be an obnoxious better half?
  • Why is your dog thinking at this instant?
  • How to complete a book report if you have never read the book?
  • How to get your parents to provide money every time you need it?
  • Does Google make us smarter?
  • Is a lie acceptable under a certain circumstance?
  • How to succeed in high school without even trying?
  • Should marijuana be legalised?

These are some of the topics that you can consider.

Compelling 6th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

For a 6th grader, the controversial aspect of the argumentative essay topics needs to be toned down. Thus, the 6th grade argumentative essay topics one can select are:

  • How can animals survive the harsh winter in Antarctica?
  • Short hair should be preferred to long hair for the boys
  • Children should not be given a smartphone
  • Students should be allowed to take lessons at their own pace
  • Which instrument is the most difficult to learn?
  • How to confront your bully?
  • Which anime or cartoon do you like the most and why?
  • Do you feel that ghosts exist?
  • Freedom of Speech: Should it be limited?
  • Do your grades affect you negatively?

This list should be perfect for the students.  

Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

Do you have to submit write-ups based on argumentative essay topics for technology? Then you should check out the following list of argument topics.

  • Are people being over dependent on technology? Is it hampering their creativity?
  • Will advancements take place even beyond 8K resolution?
  • Is the weakening magnetic field going to affect telecommunication?
  • Cloud collaboration applications are not safe
  • Virtual reality boosts creativity in children
  • Industry 4.0 makes us closer or more insecure?
  • Zoho is better than HubSpot when it comes to managing CRM
  • Genetically modified food technologies are the solution to hunger issues
  • Is censorship of the Internet sometimes necessary?
  • YouTube content should filter filthy comments from the videos.

Hopefully, you will find a topic as per your liking.

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Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

In this section, we will take a look at the argumentative essay topics on social media.

  • Are the documents saved on social media platforms secure?
  • Steps that can prevent online cyber bullying
  • Are we spending way more time on social media platforms and how is it affecting our daily schedule?
  • Is Facebook still the best platform to promote your business online?
  • Which platform offers a diversity of options: Facebook vs Instagram vs Twitter?
  • How to prevent hacking of social media accounts?
  • How startup companies can take advantage of social media platforms?
  • Do people actually prefer virtual conversation than having an actual conversation?
  • Social Media Learning: Is it as effective as the traditional way of teaching?
  • Are social media platforms being used as a form of surveillance?

These are some of the argumentative essay topic examples you can consider.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics to Begin With

If the above mentioned topics for argumentative essay seem a bit challenging, you should start practicing with these easy argumentative essay topics.

  • Should education be made free for all?
  • Do tests really measure a student’s intellect and skills?
  • Internet access should be limited to the students
  • Can vegetarians derive all the required nutrition?
  • Does the method of fracking affect the quality of drinking water?
  • Can we change our carbon footprint?
  • Will books become a thing of the past soon?
  • Are nursing homes the best option for the patients?
  • What amount of do money people need to save for retirement?
  • Does cell phone usage lead to cancer?

You will definitely be able to set the ball rolling with these argumentative essay ideas.

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