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How To Write A Synthesis Essay: Definition, Format & Example

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Synthesis Essay
 Alice Smith  Published On Nov 21,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Essays

How To Write A Synthesis Essay: Definition, Format & Example

A synthesis essay is basically a uniquely composed essay that carries distinctive perspectives regarding the particular subject matter or the central idea associated with it. It is mainly based on four key components, namely;

  • Synthesising sources
  • Composing the perfect thesis
  • Formatting the essay
  • Coming up with textual narratives

Now that you have got the hang of the basics, let’s dig deeper in order to explore the bigger picture in this context.

How to Write Synthesis Essay? The Broader Overview

Merely knowing what is a synthesis essay is not enough, if you fail to understand how to write a synthesis essay in the first place. So, here are a few steps for you to follow while going about a synthesis essay assignment help.

  • Understand the essay prompt thoroughly and figure out all the synthesizing sources associated with the same.
  • Now, you need to draft the thesis of your essay, which is basically the first draft of your claim related to the prompt.
  • Next up is the process of choosing relevant referential sources that could possibly come in support of your claims or the primary point of argument in the final draft.
  • Once you are done accumulating all relevant information and sources for the essay prompt, invest enough time in evaluating each source closely.
  • Now, it is time to compose the final thesis. Here, you need to align the information, the main idea, thorough interpretation of your sources and the likes.
  • Remember, the thesis should answer three primary questions. What is the essay topic all about? How do you plan to write on the topic? Why exactly would you write about the topic?
  • Once you would define the primary theme and answer each of the questions mentioned above, move on to the segment of landing the perfect introduction, three-fold body paragraphs and compelling conclusions.
  • Lastly, always make it a point to revise your essay thoroughly, check for grammatical mistakes and weed out all forms of fluffy content in the paper.

Now that you are aware of the synthesis essay organisation tips, it’s time to explore how to go about the structure of a synthesis essay.

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How to Structure a Synthesis Essay? Organised Ideas and Tips

In order to structure the essay, it is important for you to understand the synthesis essay format. Once you are well-aware of the format, outlining the essay paper would appear to be an easy task down the line.

Here’s everything you must know regarding synthesis essay outlines.

  • Pick the right essay slant to initiate the task with.
  • Make sure each source or analytical information accumulated fits well or matches with the primary slant you would take to go about the essay.
  • There should be a proper hook or an engaging start to the essay paper. Jot down all key pointers and make it a point to introduce the same in your essay.
  • Now, jot down all essential elements or central ideas that you would like to talk about or highlight in the main body paragraphs.
  • Lastly, always make sure to organise at least a couple of compelling endnotes and key takeaways to include in your conclusion.

However, merely knowing how to introduce the essay or how to write a conclusion for a synthesis essay is not enough. Isn’t it better if you get to read through an example for easy references on the go?

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Synthesis Essay Example

Topic: Is Home-schooling a Good Idea during the Pandemic?

In movies and fictions, most home-school graduates are portrayed as geniuses who would win over the worldly challenges like a pro. But, in reality, how far is the idea of home-schooling relevant? Is it actually an effective idea to embrace home-schooling during the present situation of the pandemic? Or the conventional walls of schools and face-to-face interaction with schools teachers are way better than signing up for home-schools? Now that students have access to digitised academic resources and smarter communicational modes, home-school might turn out to be a good idea.

[Note: The synthesis essay introduction directly delves into the crux of the matter, which is “home-school”. It talks about the pros and cons, reality and surreal aspects associated with this particular context of the discussion. At the same time, the introduction succeeds in putting across the argumentative point that hints towards determining whether home-schools would turn out to be a good option in today’s world of digital advancement.]

Tamara L. Chilver says, “I home-school my children not to prepare for tests, but to prepare them for life.” Now, if we are to go by this notion and try to explore the bigger picture, then home-school seems to be one truly effective institution for all the promising youngsters across the globe. Now that the world has ranked up to the level digitising its resources across all domains, promoting home-schooling during the time of pandemic is apparently a good idea.

However, we should also take care of the downsides of home-schooling. It is critical for you to understand or evaluate the environment of home-schooling. It shouldn’t be too noisy and disturbing for students. Also, students must be tech-savvy, at least in the matter of using advanced academic apps and resources at home.

According to reports, 53% of students, in today’s world, are tech-savvy, as they know how to harness the potential of digital apps and resources to the fullest. But, what about the remaining 47%?  If we are to take home-schooling seriously, then it is imperative that there should be 100% fluency and technical proficiency among students. If we are successful in meeting all the crucial parameters for home-schooling, then the idea could possibly change the world for the better.

[Note: The first body paragraph hints towards the general overview of the essay prompt, based on a relevant quotation on home-schooling. The second body paragraph talks about the downsides and every other probability associated with the idea behind schooling from home. Lastly, the third body paragraph talks about how home-schooling could be a good idea, based on a couple of factual data, probabilities and constructive future plans.]

So, to end with, home-schooling seems to be a good idea if students and educators are responsible enough to carry in out in the right manner. However, we should also think of the downtrodden. They are devoid of any form of basic education. We should volunteer and come together in an effort to make home-schooling accessible for them as well. It’s high time NGOs and every other governmental authority should join hands in an endeavour to normalise home-schooling, at least till the pandemic ends.

[Note: The concluding note of the essay generalises the idea behind home-schooling and talks in support of the same (as mentioned or introduced in the thesis). In addition to it, the section includes a couple of thought-provoking slants, key takeaways and futuristic plans.]

Still Unclear of How to Develop the Perfect Synthesis Essay Prompt?

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