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Argumentative Essay Writing Made Easy-Know The Basics

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 Alice Smith  Published On Aug 02,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Essays Help

Argumentative Essay Writing Made Easy-Know The Basics

Argumentative essays are what students get mostly from their schools, college or university. Writing essays seems daunting to many, and when they hear any new term like ‘argumentative essay’, they get more overwhelmed. If you also feel the same way, then, you don’t really need to be panicked. The basis of an argumentative essay is a plain argument which we all do in our life. If we see it from this perspective, this type of essay will not seem too intimidating. This blog can enlighten you about the basics of the argumentative essay.

What is an argumentative essay?

In this type of essay, the writer builds an argument on the given topic and tries to persuade or convince the readers to agree with it by giving proper supporting material. You need to decide on your position on the topic or and then provide evidence or facts in the body to support your argument. Your main goal is to give the readers reason to agree with your argument.

However, you must always remember that your argument must be presented in a logical and measured manner. Argumentative essays are given so much importance because it helps a student to present their opinion in a very compelling manner.

Difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay

The persuasive essay is one of the major types of essays. And, the argumentative essay is a part of the persuasive essay. Often people get confused between the two and consider these two to be the same. But, there are distinct differences between them,

An argumentative essay differs from a persuasive essay. In the argumentative essays, the writer counters both the supporting and the opposing arguments to validate his/her own position on the issue by presenting evidence and facts. Thus, in the argumentative essay, the points made are stronger and more valid than that of the persuasive essays.

What does a great argument consist of?

  • Thesis statement- One of the most important parts of an argumentative essay is the thesis statement. This statement will show the readers your position or stance on the topic. The thesis needs to be brief, clear, easy to comprehend, and argumentative. This precise, logical, and apparent thesis statement will come at the end of the introduction.
  • Background information- To make the argument more comprehensible, it is necessary to present the historical facts regarding the problem. This will help the readers to understand the context of the issue, as well as, of the main argument.
  • Importance of the argument- As a writer of the argumentative essays, you must show the readers why this issue is important for you. This way, the readers will know why it is important for discussion.
  • Defined terms- To create a strong and effective argument, you need to make it understandable for the readers. To do this, you must define each technical or difficult term you have used in your argument.
  • Counter arguments- It is very important to present the arguments that oppose the thesis or your position on the topic. This way, you will be able to show why others’ opinions are not valid. You can present the opposing arguments either by accepting it, or by explaining it. Presenting the counter arguments is the key to creating a strong argument.

How to write an argumentative essay?

The structure of an argumentative essay is more or less the same as any regular essay. It will include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

So, how should you write an argumentative essay?

  • Find a topic (if not given)- Often your professor will give you the option to select your own topic. Now, this step holds immense importance in creating an impactful argument. You must discover a topic on which you can form a strong argument. It must have a lot of researchable material available on it. 
  • Do a lot of research work- It is essential to carry out extensive research on the topic. To develop a valid argument and back it up, you need to know the subject inside out. Knowing all the facts and information on the topic will also help you to respond back to any opposition. However, you should be extra careful while gathering information from different sources. The peer-reviewed sources are the most credible sources you can use for any academic purpose. Any other source like a reputed newspaper or website can be utilised, but there is this chance of it being biased. 
  • Take a stance- Now, you should decide your position on the topic problem. You need to think a lot before selecting your position. You must take a stance, which you can support by providing strong evidence and facts. It must be something that you want to convey clearly to your readers. 
  • Prepare the outline- Your argument must be coherent. To do this, you must create the outline before starting with the essay. You must decide the order in which you will present the information in the essay. You can prepare the sequence according to the priority and importance of the facts. This will also make the whole process of writing much easier for you. 
  • Write the introduction- The introduction will include an apparent thesis statement. The introduction must begin with something very catchy or attractive. Following this, you will have to introduce the topic or issue at hand. You can end the introduction with either the thesis or a transitional sentence. This way, there will be a continuation of information from the introduction to the next paragraph. 
  • Compose the body paragraphs- The body paragraphs are where you will establish your argument. These must be well-structured containing facts and evidence. You can begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, which will show one reason for agreeing with your main argument. Following this, you will present your evidence, which can be anything from an example, statistics, real life experience or hypothetical situation, any resembling fact etc. This will be followed by a linking sentence that will show how this evidence backs up your argument. A body paragraph will end with a conclusion. Following the same structure, you should develop the other body paragraphs as well. 
  • Create the conclusion- The last part of your argumentative essay can begin with a restatement of the thesis but it won’t be a mere repetition. This section will give you the last chance to convince the reader of your argument. So, you can mention the strongest point that supports your argument in the conclusion. You can also briefly state the implications of your argument. However, do not bring up any new information in the concluding section of your essay.
Now you know a lot about the argumentative essay writing which can help you to develop one with ease. So, next time you get an argumentative essay to write, don’t get panicked and use the above-mentioned information to prepare a praise-worthy paper.

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