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Basic Possible Rule To Impossible Essay Writing

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 Alice Smith  Published On May 30,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Essays Help

Basic Possible Rule To Impossible Essay Writing

What do we expect in college life? Fun with your friends, quality time with your loved one, less work and more play stuff. In short, nothing but blue skies all over. In a perfect world with an ideal scenario, this would have been the case, for this should be the best times of our lives, right!

Alas, the world we live in, is in actuality, far from perfect and the sky is rather gloomy. Students nowadays are bogged down by the weight of assignments, term papers, homework assignments and much more. They have not the time to breathe, let alone any fun. The life of a typical student is a maze of classes, lectures, assignments, exams and then some more essay assignments.

Essays: Nightmares?

 A student, in general, has to write multiple essays for multiple subjects, all within a strict deadline, structured with the given framework that may vary, unique, informative, original and well researched.

There are many reasons why students feel writing the essay is impossible. Mentioned below are such cases and some tips on how to get over them and end up writing a killer essay.

The deadline is knocking on the door

A common thing for a student is to procrastinate when they think the task is the hardest of all and time-consuming. They pass off the essay writing task to the ‘next day’ with a shrug saying “there’s still enough time and I will do it tomorrow”. This goes on until only a few hours are left to the deadline. The student, in that case, will have to pull off an all-nighter and complete the essay within a few hours.

If you are stuck in the situation where you have to complete the essay within a very short time, then here’s the way out:

  • Calm those nerves and breathe

This is what you should do at first. You won’t be able to achieve anything with a panicked and an agitated mind. Lie down and breathe to relax your nerves. Only after you are calm, you will be able to concentrate and get it done.  

  • Remove those distractions

Now you need to keep calm throughout and maintain focus. To do that you’ll have to banish the distractions. Switch off your mobile phone, if not possible, turn off all notifications, tell your friends to leave you alone for a few hours.

  • Create a solid outline

Once you`re ready, write a draft of the main ideas of the arguments you want to put up, including the points you want to raise in your essay. This will limit the areas where you will need to do the research and will give a direction where you need to focus your efforts and toils.

  • Do a quick research

It’s time to do the research. As you’ve already chosen the fields, it’s less probable that you’ll be lost in research. Do quick investigations on Wikipedia, for Wikipedia mentions the source very well, and you can use them as well.

  • Write and write fast

After you’ve done the research based on the outline, now it’s time to write the essay. Elaborate on the outline using the research. One tip here, type the document rather than writing, for typing speed is generally more than the writing speed for most people. Moreover, you can easily make corrections in the digital format.

  • The body first, others later

The segment which takes up the most time writing is the body of your essay, which is the meat of your essay. Complete that one first, after that only the introduction and the conclusion are left, which won’t take that much time and can be completed within a comparatively shorter span of time.

  • Revise as your life depends on it

Now that you’ve finally got an essay is sitting before you, it’s still not the time to give in to tired eyes and aching mind. Revise what you’ve written. You are bound to find some mistakes or two. It can be factual, grammar, spelling or anything. Revising your essay will always do you good than harm.

Topics seem alien

Those who can choose their topics are somehow a bit lucky ones. But those, to whom topics are been assigned by the professors, are ones to feel bad for. For sometimes, or most of the times, they are handed over such topics with which they are unfamiliar, or are least interested about them. Imagine the plight of the student who has to then wreck his brains for something he has no interest in.

If you are stuck with an unfamiliar topic and have to write an essay on it, then go through the following steps to overcome the challenge:

  • Get in the mindset

No matter how boring or unfamiliar the topic may be, you have to write on it. There are no two ways about it. So there is no point in denying the inevitable, and it’s better to get on with it with the right mindset that will help you to do it. Think of it as learning a new thing. The urge and excitement of learning something new will rouse your interest on the topic and will help you to toil away. Who knows - the new topic may be your next favourite one. 

  • Research it as much as you can

There’s no other way. You have to do an extensive research on the topic. Researching is the only way to get the general idea of the topic, and to know what to write about. Another way researching helps is that it will arouse your interest on that topic. So, it’s a win-win for all.

  • Try to find a Summary on the topic

Another way to get prepared is reading summaries about the topic. Try reading other essays and research papers on the said topic. Learning what others have written about it on their essays will give you an idea of what to do and what not to do. Also, it will tell you what others have already covered so that you can avoid being too general and repetitive.

  • Ask the experts

Another helpful way will be to get help from experts in the same field. You can always ask them to shed some light on the topic. You can email different people about the issue and ask for resources on the matter. Ask them questions that you have as doubts, the answers you get will help you in formulating your essay.

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