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Guide On Analytical Essay That Can Help You To Develop An Excellent Paper

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 Alice Smith  Published On Oct 06,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Essays Help

Guide On Analytical Essay That Can Help You To Develop An Excellent Paper

Analytical essays a type of essay which requires you to thoroughly analyse a topic or a subject. This will require you to utilise your analytical skills at its best. But, there’s no need to get intimidated by these types of essays. With some tips and practice, you can also master writing analytical essays. To write an essay that can get you impressive grades, you need to know the essay from its core. This blog can help you to get a deep insight into the analytical essays.

What is an analytical essay?

As mentioned above, while writing an analytical essay, you will have to give a thorough analysis of the subject. Through this type of essay, readers should be able to distinguish between what they know about the topic and what is the actual fact. The in-depth analysis helps the readers to easily understand or accept a thesis or a claim. In this type of essay, all the information are examined and studied in detail to give the readers a larger opportunity to understand the subject matter. So, it is obvious that you will have to do a deeper research and scrutinise the topic.

How to do an analysis?

In your analytical essay, you will be provided with a topic ranging from personality, work, situation, or anything else which you will need to scrutinise. To make it easier, you can start by creating a thesis statement which you will try to establish by analysing the subject. Below are the steps that you need to follow to analyse any topic:

  • Gather information- As mentioned above, you need to do in-depth research on the topic. This will ensure that you have sufficient information in hand. Also remember, the information has to be relevant to the topic or the subject that is to be discussed.
  • Ask questions- After you have gathered the information, you should go through the information, carefully analysing each line. At the time of doing this, you can ask some general questions to recognise the key problem. These can include: what the chief points are? Is there any fact that is already accepted even when proper evidence is absent? What is your thought on the thesis? Why is it important to establish the thesis by analysing the matter? Asking these questions will help you to break down the information.
  • Critically analyse- Now, you will have to examine the information you have gathered. In order to fully comprehend and explain a subject, you have to consider the following points:
  • The similarities between the information
  • The contrasting features of the information
  • The stages of a process, the order or arrangement of events, or cause and effect
  • The relationship between pieces of information that can be found by relating them
  • The functioning of complex systems

            If it is a written task or artwork done by someone, you can think about the following:

  • The creator’s motivation behind the work
  • The time when it was created
  • The implications of the final result
  • The way in which the creator has fulfilled his/her purpose behind the work

          This way, you will be able to understand every small detail of the topic.

  • Assess the information- Once you have analysed the subject, you will have to evaluate the information to find out which is suitable for establishing the thesis. Below are the ways to assess the information:
  • See if there is evidence for various point of views
  • Look for any logical connection between the pre-conceived ideas and the facts you’ve found
  • See how the information differs from or support the topic
  • Look into both the points which agree, as well as disagree with your argument
  • Find out the information which is relevant and can be used in the essay
  • Assimilate the information- Following the analysis, you will need to put together all the analysed information in an order that will make it easier for the readers to understand the whole thing. Build a reasonable reply and incorporate them in your argument to come up with a logical conclusion.

How to write an analytical essay?

An analytical essay is written using the general structure of essay consisting of an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and the list of reference. But, the information must come in a logical order which will help the readers to have a broader understanding of the subject.

  • Introduction- The opening paragraph of the analytical essay plays a specific role. Its main function is to draw the attention of the readers and inform them what they are going to find in the essay, so that they feel intrigued to read the whole paper. The introduction will contain some background information, the importance of doing this study, the thesis statement, and the method you will follow to establish your thesis. The thesis is the principal part of the introduction, so you must write it very carefully.
  • Body paragraphs- In this section, you will build your argument by analysing the subject. It can comprise three or more paragraphs. You will be presenting different key points that will help in explaining and building your statement. The contents of the paragraphs may differ, based on the subject which you are analysing. But, there is a common structure which you need to follow in each body paragraph. This structure includes a topic sentence, the supporting fact or evidence, linking statement, and a conclusion. You need to explain and show the relationship between the evidence you provided and the point you are trying to establish. There must be a continuity between each paragraph so that the information from one paragraph to the other flows. To do this, you should end each paragraph with a transitional sentence.
  • Conclusion- In this section, you will provide a brief summary of your entire paper. Here, you can mention the most significant points in your body paragraph. The readers can use the conclusion as a reference that can guide them through the points mentioned in the essay. You can include the conclusion and the implications of the result found after the analysis. This section must be written in a manner so that the readers get a feeling of satisfaction for getting their ideas on something clear, with the help of the analysis portrayed in the essay.

Before you begin with the writing, you can carry out the below-mentioned tasks to develop a high-quality analytical essay:

  • Read the essay prompt very carefully to ensure you do not miss out on any instruction
  • Do broader research especially in the places where you won’t see in case of any other type of essay
  • Prepare an outline following how you will write the essay

And after you have completed writing the essay, don’t forget to proofread the copy.

The information mentioned above can help you to learn a lot about analytical essays. So, you can develop a great paper the next time you get this type of essay from your professor.   

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