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Psychology Research Paper Topics To Impress Your Professors

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Psychology Research Paper Topics
 Alice Smith  Published On Dec 09,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

Psychology Research Paper Topics To Impress Your Professors

Psychology is an exciting but complex area of study. All psychology research topics demand extensive research and 200% of your writing effort. With your paper, you should aim to reach to the broad audience, which you should simplify complex ideas with your knowledge of the research. Choosing good psychology research paper topics is the most crucial step in research paper writing.

What is the Psychology Research Paper?

A psychology research paper contains theories, experiments, and arguments to educate students of the developments in the psychology field. The purpose of psychology research papers on various topics for college students is to demonstrate a student's understanding of the topic/subject based on peer-reviewed academic evidence.

All researchable topics in psychology require:

  • Impeccable writing
  • Extensive research
  • Proper knowledge of the experimental methods
  • Gathering and evaluating evidence
  • Efficiently delivering ideas

A research paper plays a pivotal role in determining the overall grades of a student. It's hence crucial for a student to assess information in abundance and develop a quality paper.

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How to Choose Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics

Composing a psychology research paper may seem like a draconic task. But with interesting psychology research paper topics, things can become manageable. However, psychology is a multidisciplinary subject which makes it all the more difficult for students to choose the right ideas for a psychology research paper.

For choosing interesting psychology research paper topics for college students, there are a few factors you must consider:

  • Brainstorm researchable topics in psychology based on your knowledge. Choose a specific keyword and search for scholarly papers for reference.
  • Search for psychology research paper topics in the subfield you are interested in. That way, you can explore good psychology research topics than a few psychology research paper ideas.
  • Conduct extensive research and read online resources such as articles and peer-reviewed papers to gather exclusive data related to your topic.
  • Don't choose cognitive psychology research topics that are either too broad or narrow.
  • Select a topic that helps you write an informative paper by accessing the existing literature and your findings. Double-check if you can make a strong hypothesis on the subject.
  • Keep three to four psychology research topics in hand before you start with your research. That way, you can switch topics if you come across unforeseen obstacles.
  • Don't rush your research process. Collect the secondary data from online sources before heading out for primary data. You must gather first-hand data or preliminary information to give your paper a more realistic touch.

Below are some ideas of psychology research topics you can write about. You can find ample information on each of these psychology research topics.

50+ Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

  • Effect of autism on children
  • How do people encounter memories?
  • Discuss how memories affect psychological abilities.
  • How can critical thinking be measured?
  • Can you recover memory loss?
  • The use of colour in cognitive psychology
  • Evaluate the impact of speech disorders on young children
  • Depression and its impact on cognitive development
  • Do learning capabilities diminish with age?
  • Causes and consequences of shyness among adults
  • Where do phobias come from? How do phobias impact an individual's mental state?

Forensic Psychology Topics For A Research Paper

  • Causes of suicide among teenagers
  • Mental disorder in serial killers
  • Identify the causes behind mass murderers.
  • Forensic psychology vs clinical psychology – identify the differences.
  • Is YouTube a reliable source of information for forensic psychologists?
  • How can better upbringing prevent a person from becoming a serial killer?
  • Is rehabilitation in prisons effective?

Social Psychology Topics

  • How does a human being cope with grief?
  • Roles of aggression and violence in society
  • How does physical disability differ from psychological disability?
  • Gay adoption – social and ethical concepts
  • How do people react to the violation of social norms?
  • Why do we generalise people?
  • Role of social media in human interaction
  • Effects of childhood trauma on mental health
  • Reasons for the rising divorce rate in the US
  • Sex workers and their psychology
  • How does culture influence the mental state of an unwanted child?
  • Do couples benefit emotionally from therapy?

Psychology Research Topics For College Students

  • Is depression a mental illness?
  • Qualitative research is more effective than quantitative analysis. Discuss.
  • Mood Freezing and its implications
  • Explain why women are better at remembering words and numbers.
  • How is violence instilled in children?
  • Are dreams directly connected to the soul?
  • Can dreams reveal us as an individual?
  • How to transform dreams into reality?
  • Are stable marriages a myth?
  • Can a narcissist mother influence a child's mentality?

Good Psychology Research Topics

  • Violent music has adverse effects on mental health. Discuss.
  • Effect of schizophrenia on young adults
  • How to change cannibalism in African cultures?
  • Understanding individuals with suicidal tendencies
  • Do motivation theories work?
  • Reasons behind anorexia in adults
  • Narcissistic attitudes in the 21stcentury
  • Hate crimes – identify the effects on the family.
  • Psychopathic behaviour in youth
  • Asexuality as a sexual orientation
  • Identify the changes in measures of insanity over the century.
  • What are the underlying causes of being deviant?
  • Research of the Oedipus complex in modern society
  • Increase of antisocial behaviour among today's teenagers

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