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Fundamental Of Writing Research Papers

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Research Paper
 Alice Smith  Published On Aug 25,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

Fundamental Of Writing Research Papers

Jordan was a fresher in his college and was new to research paper writing. He started writing his paper without considering reading the nitty-gritty important details in the guideline. The No.1 complain most professor tends to have is poorly structured research papers. Research papers demand broad research to be going beyond the details discussed n the class. The faulty organisation can hamper your overall grades. This is something you need to take seriously. Take guidance from our renowned writing company,, if you need to know how to write a good research paper.

As a college student in Singapore, you will require to write at least one research paper before you graduate. After reading this blog, you will have a fair idea about how to write a comprehensive research paper. The blog will guide you through how to format, structure, and create an outline for a research paper. It will include everything that you will require for writing an impactful research paper.

How to format a Research Paper?

Before you sit with planning the final draft of the research paper, read all the specific requirements your instructor has for you. Proper formatting is necessary if you want to create a good impression.  

Here are a few common formatting rules of a research paper:

  1. Margins

You must leave a one-inch margin on both sides, at the top and bottom of the text, leaving the running head. Make exceptions for page numbers that are placed ½” (1.25 cm) from the top upper-right hand corner.

  1. Cover/ Title page

Creating a cover page is not necessary unless you are asked. In case you are not required to make a title page, you may begin 1” from top of the first page of the essay and write your name flushed against the left margin.  Below your name, write the name of your teacher, course code, and date, which must be double spaced and flushed against the left margin.

If you are asked not to number the first page, then start numbering with page 2. Double Put the title of the essay at the centre on a new line. For long titles, double-space between the lines of the title.

  1. Table of contents

For a short research essay, usually, there is no requirement of Table of Contents. Nut for a lengthy research paper, it is necessary to add Table of Contents, which will show the page numbers.  

  1. Paper

If you are printing your paper, use 8 ½”x 11” clean, white and good quality paper. You must use one side of the paper only. Use a high quality printer for this.

  1. Numbering pages and paragraphs

Throughout the research paper, you must keep on numbering the pages consecutively in the upper right-hand corner, ½” from the top and flush against the right margin. Use Arabic numerical for writing all the page numbers. Avoid decorating the page numbers in anyway.

For submitting research papers via e-mail, number all the paragraphs consecutively by adding the reference points at the beginning of 1st paragraph, before 2nd paragraph and so on.

  1. Indentation

If you are submitting a handwritten research paper, make sure you double-space all the lines. Start each line with an indentation of 1” from the left margin. You can use your thumb to measure the width of the paper.

In case you are using a computer, the beginning of each paragraph, you must use an indent of 5 spaces or ½.  Obviously, you will have your instructor to tell you whether you need to use indent or not. But you must be consistent throughout the essay no matter what you decide to choose of using.  

Make sure you follow the format for writing a perfect research paper, as mentioned above. If you have any more confusion, you can consult our PhD professionals at, who knows how to tackle every complicated research paper topic.

How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper?

Writing the introduction of a research paper may seem challenging to a lot of students in Singapore. But you will know how to tackle those challenges after reading this section. Your introduction will set the tone for the entire paper. So it is up to you how you want to catch the reader’s interest and communicate the thesis statement or hypothesis.

Here is how you should write your introduction for a research paper

  1. Write a few lines that announce the topic of your research paper. The first few sentences will focus on broader aspects and then slowly, it will lead to more specific research questions.
  2. Your introduction will have a series of keywords that will indicate the areas of research you are addressing.
  3. Add a small literature review, which will be the most important element of your research paper. It will demonstrate your strong understanding and knowledge about the topic. A strong literature review will contain important background information of the topic and its importance in the field of study.
  4. Another important element for the research paper introduction is research questions. This will come at the end of the research paper, which should be concise and must be closely focused.

Here are a few things you need to remind yourself to write a compelling introduction to your research paper. If you need any professional assistance or have any queries related to “How to write an introduction for research paper”, contact the experts at

Steps from Experts on Writing an Impressive Research Paper Conclusion

The role of a conclusion is to take back the readers for one last time through the important points, supporting evidence and also the position you presented in the research work. How you plan on writing a conclusion for the research paper depends on your research topic as well as the style of your paper.

Consider following these tips while writing your research paper conclusion:

  1. Restate the research topic

At first, you need to restate the research topic. Do not use more than one sentence for restating your topic. Then explain the importance of the topic.  

  1. Restate the thesis

Use different sets of words while writing your thesis statement. It can be effective even in one sentence if you use the right words.

  1. Summarise the main points

Sum up all the relevant facts and arguments and write in your conclusion. You must not add any new information.

  1. Justify the solution with the arguments

Once you are done restating the main points, you can discuss how the topic affects a specific outcome. Add findings or results of studies to explain their contribution to coming to a specific outcome.

  1. Call to action

Create a call to action or pose an interesting idea that forces the readers to think further about the argument.

By following each step mentioned in this blog, you will be able to write an impactful research paper conclusion. Any doubt arising on how to write a perfect conclusion for research papers can easily be solved by requesting help from top experts at

Create Perfect Outline For Research Papers

An outline is the skeleton of your research paper. It will be the basement from where you will build up the whole research paper. Generally, each outline will contain 3 main components: Introduction, body and conclusion. For a more successful research paper, the outline must be more detailed oriented.

We will show you a simple diagram of how your research paper outline should look like:


  • Hook sentence
  • Announce the topic and state its importance in the field of study
  • Thesis statement


  • An argument for supporting thesis
  • An argument for supporting thesis
  • An argument for supporting thesis


  • Summary of arguments
  • Call to action

If you want to boost your grades fast and easy, contact now where you can have the best writers at best deals. Composing excellent types of research papers can only be possible when you know how to write an outline for a research paper. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from our professionals. Let’s show in detail what else has in offer for you.

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