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How To Study Effectively: 12 Smart Ways To Learn Faster

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Ways to Learn Faster
 Alice Smith  Published On May 06,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Management

How To Study Effectively: 12 Smart Ways To Learn Faster

Studying is an integral part of a human being’s learning curve.  The human mind gains knowledge and learns skills as it studies and interprets new information. From a student’s perspective, studying effectively is essential, not just for good grades but for their overall development.  

The search for the perfect studying methods, tricks and techniques have been going on, from the time we humans learnt to educate ourselves. From professors to toppers, everyone has their own quirks about how to study the best way possible. But, they all agree on the fact that, the more diligent and organised a study routine, the better is its effectiveness.

So, let’s rack up those gray cells and take an in-depth look into some of the best studying methods, approved by professors and toppers around the world.

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12 Best ways to study - Explore expert-approved suggestions

Every student puts their heart and soul into their preparations. They skip eating, burn the midnight oil, toil for long periods and frantically go through their books, in an attempt to achieve those top grades and live up to everyone’s expectations.

But do such impulsive and unorganized ways really help you learn? The answer is a resounding no. Studying requires a methodical approach, best defined by the points below:

  1. Be confident and motivate yourself

Studying becomes effective when you learn with confidence and possess the will to succeed. Being motivated in your studies is essential. Whether it’s becoming the class topper or cracking that hard math problem, always believe in yourself and study diligently to achieve your goals.

  1. Know your priorities

Study according to your priorities. Think about the subject that you lag in the most or the upcoming exam for which you are unprepared, and put all your focus in it. Be responsible and make it a point to achieve what’s important, at the earliest.

  1. Prepare a routine

Planning before proceeding is the mantra of experts all around. Develop the framework for your routine and then add to it. Allocate fixed time slots to the subjects that demand attention and follow the routine with dedication.

  1. Manage your time

 Most students get burdened with hectic daily schedules that leave little time to spare. Arrange whatever spare time you find into a fixed routine, and utilize them for studies. But, also remember to take some time off if you don’t want to burn yourself out.

  1. Get rid of distractions

With time being of the essence, make sure to avoid any kind of distractions. Turn off the TV, switch off the smart-phone and put all your attention into your work.  The best time to study without encountering any kind of distraction is usually early in the morning or late at night, when things become a bit calm all around.

  1. Study at your own pace

Remember not to stretch yourself thin. Do not overburden yourself simply because you lag behind your classmates in a certain subject. Study minutely and take your time while learning concepts & practicing problems.

  1. Relate what you learn to reality

One of the most common answers that educational experts give to any student who asks them how to study more efficiently is relating one’s studies to the real world. Finding the practical applications of theory makes studying interesting and enables one to grasp the subject better.

  1. Test yourself

Take part in frequent mock tests to realize how much more you need to study. Testing your knowledge and skills is the best studying method to gauge if you need to study further. Get online and look for question samples or scour the library for test papers and solve them within a set time.

  1. Avoid procrastination at all costs

This is a serious flaw amongst students at every academic level. Procrastination makes us lenient, makes us lose focus and lose track of time. Diligently follow a study routine and ever put off any work for later on. Take necessary breaks but always stay motivated and work hard.

  1. Group study

Group study is highly beneficial as you have a chance to learn things from different perspectives.  Get your friends together, discuss a topic, solve questions or simply brainstorm together. New ideas come up with ease when multiple minds work together.

  1. Be disciplined and dedicated

Remember, it’s your life and you have to put in an effort if you intend to achieve greater things. Discipline yourself and study with dedication. Set a target and do not let up till you reach it.

Modify your study routine by following the above points and you, yourself, will be able to guide others regarding What is the best way to study?”

Next up, is there a proper answer to the question,” When is the best time to study?”And do you want to know how to save time while studying? Read on and find out.

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What is the best time to study and how to quicken one’ study pace?

Did you know that time and the length of your studying affects how much you can learn at one go? Studying for long hours has been found to have a negative effect on the brain’s retention capabilities. Similarly, there is actually NO best time to study; it all depends on when you feel at your best.

Going to sleep after studying at night helps information to settle easily in the brain. Distractions are less and you get to concentrate on our machinations with ease. Again, studying with a fresh mind in the morning has been found to have a similar effect.

Properly allocating time in study routine, leaning shortcut solution tricks and using web applications for instant valid reference are some of the best ways to fast pace your studies. Stay focused and make use of all the time that’s available.

We will now move on to a section that presents a list of effective & catchy study techniques. Scientifically proven to enhance one’s learning abilities, read them thoroughly and try your best to implement them.

The best research backed study techniques & methods to revamp your learning 

Contrary to popular belief, certain highly effective but not so secret study hacks do exist. Numerous researches show how the brain can be taught how to study smart and understand information better

Take note of the following study tips to develop your cognitive abilities to the max.

  • Practice chunking

Chunking is a well established cognitive psychology concept. It states that breaking down information into chunks helps the brain memorize and retain information better. So, divide a difficult topic into segments and study them separately to overcome its difficulties.

  • Space your studies

Researchers suggest that spacing and varying one’s study routine improve learning capabilities. Spice up your studies by learning different subjects together. It will help overcome the monotony and also saves time.

  • Talk intermittent breaks

Rest is as vital as work. Studying for long hours at a stretch is detrimental for health and will eat away at whatever progress you make. Breaking up long study sessions into segments is the simplest of all study tricks.

  • Read aloud

Speaking out the things you are reading out loud helps the brain to memorise better. It acquires information via both the eyes and ears, enabling it to retain it better.

  • Create a mind map

Connect what you study with relevant information from other sources. Develop a mind map to link the idea from and understand their underlying relationships. Mind maps help understand the practicalities of a theory better.

  • Use flashcards

Note down all vital concepts, definitions, formulas and all other vital data on flashcards. These will help you memorise them even better.

  • Listen to soothing music

Music has a soothing and refreshing effect on the brain. Learning while listening to the correct type of music helps our brain comprehend information with ease.

  • Chew gum to jog your memory

Who would have guessed that chewing gum boosts the brain’s focus? Chewing gum can keep the brain awake and focused on the task ahead.

  • Meditate and stay calm

Keep calm and study hard. Having a stressfree mind is an essential requirement anytime you start studying. Learn to meditate if possible. It helps calm those edgy nerves and boosts both concentration & confidence.

So, work hard, implement the points in this guide and you will begin to notice the changes soon enough.

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