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The Inside Stories Of Universities Of Singapore

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 Alice Smith  Published On Nov 08,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  General

The Inside Stories Of Universities Of Singapore

Singapore, over the past many years, has gradually made its presence felt among the progressive realm of world education and academics. Reportedly, the country is one of the largest and busiest centers for information technology and global telecommunication leaders. This makes it all the more evident and obvious that the prospect of growth and academic advancement in the nation is favorable, with opportunities and scopes for building a progressive career in the field of Polytechnic, Engineering, Design and Media, Electronics and information communication technology, hospitality and more.

However, there’s more to it. The vast realm of the universities in Singapore has stories and facts in every corridor. Thus, for a student, who is aiming to start his/her higher academic career in this country, it is imperative that the person should develop an in-depth knowledge and idea regarding the various facets of the academic scenario prevalent in the country.

Now, in case, you too are looking for opportunities in Singapore that can give you a head start and make things favorable in terms of building a seamless and prospective career, here is the bigger picture you should consider taking a look at. From various educational institutions to undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and news about campus dining in the universities; here are the different aspects you may wish to explore and read about.

Universities of Singapore and the IT Education

Apparently, the Nanyang Technological University, is one of the most desired places for students aspiring to make it big in the field of Information Technology. It has also obtained a rank and made a mark among the top 10 institutions to offer academic programs for subjects like technology and engineering. In addition to it, the institution is also known for its faculty of civil engineering

Next up is the National University of Singapore, which is an equally favorable place for the students aiming to pursue the academic stream of Information Technology. It has reached the mark of being ranked as the 3rd largest university across the globe for the domain of civil and structural engineering. In addition to it, it has obtained the 4th worldwide rank for the subjects of engineering and technology.

If we are to talk about the other streams of studies and academic courses covered in these universities, it is to be mentioned that the Nanyang Technological University offers undergraduate courses that cover a plethora sub-disciplinary areas like communication studies, humanities, sports science, business, medicine and more.

Talking of the post graduation courses, the educational institute offers different courses on biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, mathematical science, civil engineering and more. Talking of ranks and accolades, the university is apparently among the top fifty universities across the globe which has been established in duration of less than 50 years.

As part of the trivia, the total number of students pursuing academic courses in this university is pretty high, comprising of 32,705 local students. Additionally, the Nanyang Technological University and the University of Singapore are among the top institutions to enter the list of QS University Rankings.

Thus, it seems that Singapore, as a country, is not only progressive, also has an infrastructure which is likely to help students soar high in their academic pursuits. In addition to all of these, the e-learning infrastructure of the country is also on a rise. From online assignment help providers to e-tutorials and project assistance, it seems that the country is geared up to build a better future for its residents and for everyone else who would express interest to pursue a career, both as students and working professionals.

The Emergence of Campus Dining in the National University of Singapore

Now, this is one interesting and crucial aspect of the discussion, if especially we are to talk about the inside story of the universities of Singapore. The introduction of the concept of campus dining is perhaps one of the latest advancements to have occurred in recent days. The food court, apparently, accommodates 700 visitors.

They can choose their meals at a reasonably priced rate, from more than 12 separate outlets, with the availability of different types of cuisine from the East and South East of Asia. From Japanese to Korean, and Malaysian to Indonesian; you can expect the food court to offer a plethora of dishes, feeding around 50,000 people every single day.

Tan Chorh Chuan, the former president of the Univeristy is of the opinion that since eating out in Singapore is a big thing, the university has invested a lot in the dining halls. Now, this seems to be one progressive move made by the university associates and authority, if we are to look at things from the perspective of development and growth.

According to the Times’ Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Singapore has beaten the Univeristy of Tokyo as the top ranked university in Asia in the year 2015. This makes the entire scenario of education in Singapore even more competitive and noteworthy across the world. Education and research are crucial aspects when it comes to a country’s development.

Thus, such aspirations, and efforts put in order to transform the nation’s face into an advanced and student-friendly hub for pursuing academic careers are likely to pay off in terms of establishing a global platform for the students to engage and experience university life at its best.

The Aspect of Funding Cost of Studying in the Universities of Singapore

Posted on the, the National University of Singapore, to some extent, is one of those universities in Singapore that offers most of the grants. The university also works closely with Accel-X, which has reportedly invested in several NUS (National University of Singapore) startups.

If we are to talk about the facet of the expenses requisite for pursuing an academic career in Singapore, then here’s everything you should consider taking a look at:

  • The tuition fees of an undergraduate student in Singapore might vary between $25,000 and $40,000.
  • The overall cost of studying in Singapore should ideally be somewhere between $2,000 to $12,000, on a monthly basis.

While these were only the stats and ideal figures, as extracted from various sources, you may certainly choose to browse the official websites and government portals of the country for further accuracy and knowledge in this matter.

To talk further about the funding aspect of the universities of Singapore, let’s highlight yet another noteworthy aspect the undergraduate education at the National University of Singapore is highly subsidized by the government at present. In addition, take note that the university fees are reviewed and modified on a periodical basis in order to highlight all costs associated with the aspect of providing education to the students in this country.

To Wrap Up

With each passing day, the global market of education and learning is expected to rise and become more competitive.

This would make it all the more crucial for the country’s government to keep up with the pace and come up with more of such advancements which could help students experience state-of-the-art infrastructure and a finely balanced environment which could both nurture the growth and opportunity for students in terms of building a progressive academic career and a professionally progressive lifestyle at the same time.

Now that the country has already made its presence felt among the many technologically and academically advanced nations to offer a favorable hub for global education, interactive learning and internships, chances are that more students, both local and international will gradually get them registered and enrolled to explore and experience a sea of opportunities in the near future.

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