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Top Universities In For Pursuing Masters Without GRE

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Masters without GRE
 Alice Smith  March 02, 2020  General

Top Universities In For Pursuing Masters Without GRE

Did you know that you can get into the top universities in the USA and Canada for the Master's program without giving GRE? Yeah, it’s possible. You can avoid the big hurdle and still make it to the top universities. Most of these universities implement other metrics to gauge the academic accomplishments and knowledge of the students. 

List of Universities to Enroll Yourself for Masters Program without GRE

The universities where you can pursue a Masters's program without GRE have been listed below.

List of USA Universities

  1. Western New England University, Massachusetts

This is one of the best colleges in the USA. You can pursue MBA, MS, MS Engineering Management, Accounting, MS Organizational Leadership, MSW, etc. here. However, you need to have significant academic accomplishments under your belt.

  1. University of California Riverside Extension

If you are searching for graduate schools that don’t require a GRE score and you also like participating in workshops and weekend programs, then you should definitely check out this college. You will find unique course formats, and you can pursue a PG Diploma in Engineering Management, Business Management, etc.

  1. University of California Berkeley Extension

If you are looking for ‘No GRE Master’s Program’, especially PG Diploma Courses, then this is the best college for you. You will get high-quality courses, Internships, affordable programs and you can choose whether you want to pursue a PG Diploma in Management or Engineering Management. 

  1. California Lutheran University

If you plan on having exciting weekends with your friends while pursuing a degree, then this college is best suited for you. While studying MS Management, MBA, MS Information Technology, MS Quantitative Economics, etc., you can have a nice time at the beaches and mountains.

  1. University of Redlands, California

This university is ranked No. 36 On Forbes’ List as the ‘Best Universities in the West’. In fact, you can earn an MS degree within two years and also go for night classes. You can pursue MBA, MS IT etc. and also go for accelerated programs in Clinical Health, Learning and Teaching etc.

  1. Webster University, Missouri

If you are looking forward to having a lifetime experience as a college student, then you should check this college. Apart from pursuing an MBA, MS Cybersecurity, MA HRM, MS Data Analytics, MS Nursing, etc., you can enjoy various extracurricular activities.

  1. University of California Silicon Valley-Extension

This is another college where you can pursue a PG Diploma program in Business, Education and Technology. Moreover, the fee structure is affordable, and the course is especially designed for working professionals.

  1. Concordia University, Chicago

You can enroll yourself for graduate programs here without presenting GRE score. This college is popular for Critical Thinking and Communication Skills development in the students. You can pursue MBA, MS Education, MS Computer Science, etc. here. 

  1. Dayton University, Ohio

This is another college where you can study Masters without providing GRE score. In fact, this college is best suited for management studies and also engineering programs. You can apply for studying MS Accounting, MS Civil Engineering, MS Computer Science, MBA etc.

  1. University of Hartford, Connecticut

If you are interested in engineering programs, then this college is among the top universities in the USA for the engineering aspirants. You can go for MA Architecture, MS Neurosciences, MBA, MS Communication, MS Engineering etc.

Now it’s time to take a look at the universities and colleges in Canada, where you can apply for graduate programs that don’t require GRE.

List of Canada Universities

  1. Concordia University, Edmonton

This is one of the topmost universities in Canada (ranked 22) where you can apply for Master’s without providing GRE score. The university offers bachelors and masters degrees in various academic fields like Accounting, Health Science, IT and Computers, Language Studies etc.

  1. Royal Roads University, British Columbia

If you are looking for Under Graduate (UG), Graduate, and Certificate programs in Canada, then you should check this college. In fact, you can pursue a degree in subjects like Communication, Business, Environment and Education etc. 

  1. University of Windsor, Ontario

This institute is among the top 30 colleges in Canada. You can study Business, Law, Nursing, Education, Engineering etc. Moreover, if you like to hang out with your friends after a day at the college, you are going to enjoy the location.

  1. Trent University, Ontario

Ranked no. 35 in Canada, Trent University is especially suitable for the students who wish to have one of the best research facilities in the country. You can apply for online graduate programs here. No GRE score is required for studying Data Analytics, Accounting, Arts and Science, Business etc.

  1. Farleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver  

Vancouver is the melting pot of various cultures. In this college, you will find students from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, you can go for higher courses in subjects like Hospitality, IT, Business, Administrative Science etc.

Thus, if you are planning on applying for Maters without appearing for GRE exams, these are the topmost colleges and universities that you should consider. With a little luck, you will get into your dream institution.  

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