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Writing A Perfect Dissertation Proposal - A Complete Guide

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Dissertation Proposal
 Alice Smith  Published On Apr 21,2020 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Service

Writing A Perfect Dissertation Proposal - A Complete Guide

The dissertation proposal acts as the prelude to research literature. A proposal serves the dual purpose of giving an overview of the intended work plan and convincing evaluators about the researcher’s capabilities.

Excellent dissertation proposals deliver all details about the research question, general scope, research methodologies briefly. Proposals follow the basic structure of the dissertations they are proposing for and vary according to specified requirements. The writing tone and style is formal and professional, similar to its primary counterpart.

PhD. Dissertation proposal samples highlight how well-crafted proposals can lead to excellent dissertations.

The following section explains the advantages of preparing a well-written dissertation proposal.

Importance of  Well-written Dissertation Proposal

Let’s get started by answering the foremost question – What is a dissertation research proposal?

The proposal is a researcher’s statement of guarantee that the proposed research work is necessary and will have a significant contribution to the existing research in the field. Dissertation proposals also convince the evaluation team that the research paper will be completed within schedule.

Though their form and content vary across institutions, the general dissertation proposal outline constitutes of the following segments:

  • A title
  • The statement of the research question
  • Research history and background
  • Justification of the current research work/theoretical framework
  • Literature reviews
  • Research methodologies
  • Research implications
  • Research schedule or the plan of work
  • Bibliographic references

You may even have to include an abstract and introduction in a proposal if the guidelines say so.

All the vital aspects of the work plan such as the relevant pieces of literature, research hypotheses and analysis methods are laid out concisely. This makes the proposal an effective blueprint that writers can follow while conducting research.

Writing a dissertation proposal requires preliminary research and a clear idea about how to develop each section with meticulous detailing.

The upcoming section shows how to write a dissertation proposal in the best way possible.

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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal? - A Step-by-Step Guide

If you check out samples of dissertation proposals, you will see that proposals generally vary based on the sections they include. But the constituents of each section remain mostly the same.

Some proposals combine certain key sections, while others are a bit expansive. Let’s have a detailed look at the general dissertation proposal format.

  1. Title

Here, writers present a tentative title of the proposal. The working title should convey the research question and the idea of the investigation to be carried out.

  1. Statement of the problem

In this self-explanatory section, you need to identify the problem or the knowledge gap you will address in the research.

Write the problem statements in the form of a paragraph starting with the research problem. The rest of the paragraph should include the background details of the problems, like the reasons why the problem exists and why it needs to be solved.

  1. Justification or purpose of the research

This section explains the need and the objectives of the proposed research work in a concise manner. The research objectives should be short. The research hypothesis comes next, and it should present viable relationships amongst research variables and predict possible outcomes.

Since a dissertation proposal acts as a prelude to the actual research, the outcomes and objectives will be tentative.

  1. Literature Review

A vital section of any dissertation, the literature review showcases all the relevant pieces of literature that can play an essential role in the research.

Briefly mention the texts that you have identified to be of considerable importance. Literature reviews in dissertation proposals also help evaluators point writers towards similar research work in the field.

  1. Methodology

A dissertation proposal methodology is the prototype of the results and discussion section of a dissertation. This section must explain the methodological approaches you want to follow and how the methods will help you address the research question.

This section must also convey the data collection techniques, the expected outcomes and also how you intend to interpret the said outcomes.

  1. Research implications

The significance of the overall research is explained within a short summary here. The statements must be clear and convincing.

Mention the theoretical and practical importance of the research topic. Following that, elaborate on how your research contributes to the field of study and how it will help broaden your subject knowledge.

  1. Plan of work

Most proposals include an approximate timeline of completion of each paper section. The timeline helps evaluate the feasibility of the project. Evaluators can instruct the writers whether they will be able to meet the submission deadline, given the available methods and resources.

  1. Bibliographical References

Proposals should include a reference list of key texts that will contribute to the body of work. Make it a point to mention all the sources cited in the literature review of the dissertation proposal. Follow the specified formatting and referencing instructions while writing the bibliography.

The given dissertation proposal template is followed across several prestigious institutions like Oxford, Berkeley, etc.

Next up, we have some surefire tips that will help you refine the quality of your writing further.

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Surefire Tips for Writing the Perfect Dissertation Proposal

Here are tricks that will help you convince the dissertation committee about the objectives of your research through your proposal:

  • Keep things to the point

Many students are confused about how long should a dissertation proposal be. The general word count is between 2500 to 3000 words. Sentences should be precise and emphatic. Do not go into long-drawn explanations.

  • Maintain a formal tone

The overall tone should be professional and formal. Keep the audience in mind while writing the proposal.  Mention technical terms but do not overdo anything.

  • Define key theoretical terms

Explain the key terms without going into excessive details. This will help the readers understand what your goal is easily and also showcase your topic knowledge.

  • Revise and proofread frequently

Revising will help you remove errors and make a lasting impression on the evaluators with a flawless proposal. Get your proposal proofread by others like a friend, a teacher or a professional academic editor.

  • Maintain a writing schedule

Planning before proceeding is the way to go. Jot down all vital information about the literary sources, research methods and relevant theories and start writing it.  

  • Write freely and make multiple drafts

Gather your thoughts and begin writing them down. Have multiple drafts ready, keep on refining them and work towards the final flawless copy.

That brings us to an end to this little guide on writing flawless dissertation proposals.  Following the above tips and guidelines with dedication is a sure shot way to developing impeccable dissertation proposals.

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