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Drafting Flawless Reflective Paragraphs In Assignments

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Reflective Paragraph
 Alice Smith  Published On Dec 23,2019 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Service

Drafting Flawless Reflective Paragraphs In Assignments

What is a reflection Paragraph?

Reflective paragraphs in assignments depict your impression and perspectives on how some events, particular incidents, works of others, people and communities affect your personality. Adding reflective paragraphs in assignment is entirely subjective. It must depict your personal point of view without hindering the beliefs of others.

However, things might turn out to be complicated for an individual if he/she fails to get the hang of the nitty-gritty of the task.

So, here are the suggestive measures and tips one must follow in order to master the art of composing flawless reflection paragraphs in assignments.

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  • Your responses to experiences or opinions or thoughts or feelings etc
  • A way of thinking by which you can gain deep knowledge.
  • An opportunity to gain self-knowledge.
  • To get better understanding of what you are learning.

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Reflective Writing Tips - Write in a clear and concise manner

Now that you know about the reflection paragraph definition, it’s time to explore the first and foremost aspect.You need to come up with a clear and concise idea. Even though reflective writing is subjective in nature, one must meet the aspect of presenting an idea with logic and rationalism.

Here’s how.

  • Choose a subject you are already aware of.
  • Add globally accepted perspectives, so that readers can relate to the primary context of the discussion.
  • Jot down the main themes you will be exploring and try defining each one of them in one to two sentences with clarity.
  • Re-check the sentences and make changes in the case you find them hard or confusing to understand.

Merely knowing what is a reflection paragraph is not enough, unless you know how to keep your texts clear, logical and meaningful. So, take note of this key suggestion prior to initiating the task of writing.

How to Write a Reflection Paragraph with the Perfect Outline? 

The role of an assignment outline in reflection paragraphs is undeniably significant. Unless you have a well-knit structure to refer and proceed with, you will not be able to create a well-drafted paper. So, here are a few essentials you may like to take note of.

  • Narrow down the primary topic and jot it down into smaller fragments of discussion.
  • Assemble the purpose of putting across a particular perspective, and proceed with the later part of the assignment accordingly.
  • See if the particular point you are planning to mention in the outline has enough supporting pieces of evidence and explanations for back up.
  • Remember, the outline must prove to be the perfect summary of all the available information of a particular topic in a logical order.

Once you are aware of each of the suggestions by perfectly implanting them in your work, perfecting the paper with uniqueness and elements of logic shall no more be an intricate affair for you.

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Reflection Paragraph Example for Reference

Now that you know about the essential strategies that will help you draft the perfect reflection paragraph in an assignment, here’s an example for your reference.

My Visit to a City Slum during a Health and Sanitation Survey

Even though the condition of slums in Singapore hasn’t really changed much since the past decade, my recent visit to one of the city slums has given me a new perspective to sleep on. We may complain regarding the dire strait and the government not paying heed to the condition. But, have we ever thought of the things we can actually do improve the slums’ condition in Singapore?

We can keep aside the context of government initiatives and start investing enough time in realising what individual or private NGOs can do. Most of the slum residents in Singapore lack proper sanitation, as they have to share common toilets with the neighbours. Private NGOs and other welfare organisations in and around the country can come into play in this matter. Enthusiastic crowd-funders or NGO executives can play gigs and reach out to different people via artworks and exhibitions to raise money on behalf of the slum dwellers. Once they are successful in creating a decent budget, the fund can be used in order to build toilets for the slum dwellers.

In addition to it, prospective academic counsellors and other volunteers across the country can join hands in an endeavour to promote free education for residents. This can at least ensure unified education for the ones who cannot afford taking admissions in schools and colleges. As a result, a major chunk of the Singapore slums can enjoy access to education and implement their learning in promoting more of such health awareness campaigns and initiatives.

To end with, it is to be mentioned that a bit of determination and commitment to bring changes to a poverty-stricken area can make a huge difference. We should not necessarily depend on Government funds and initiatives every time. There are a few things we can take charge of independently. All you need is the right mindset to proceed with.

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Why is Reflective Writing Important?

Reflective writing isn’t merely an academic assignment. One can consider it as an exercise to brush up their creative skills, develop rational thoughts, and build self-confidence and more. Writing reflective paragraphs has several benefits. Let’s take a look at the most notable ones.

  • Reflective writing helps you develop independent and non-judgemental perspectives regarding a particular topic or news.
  • It gives you enough avenues to explore in terms of developing and adding up creative slants.
  • Helps students identify areas where they lack knowledge.
  • Composing reflective paragraphs allows students to conduct in-depth research and know how to embrace rational thought process without hindering their individual perspectives.

Now that you know why is reflective writing important and the various suggestions that must implement to produce a well-knit paper, it’s time to put on your thinking cap. Take note of each of the aforementioned aspects and put your best foot forward to compose a brilliant reflection paragraph in an assignment.

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