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Surprising Homework Facts That Will Surely Motivate You

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 Alice Smith  Published On May 22,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Homework

Surprising Homework Facts That Will Surely Motivate You

“Oh God! Not again!”- This is exactly what goes on in your mind when your professor assigns you with a heap of homework. Well, you’re not alone. The majority of students hates it. And they will probably give reasons like “it takes so much time that I don’t get any time left to watch my favourite sports or show on Netflix.” But, what if you are told that there are some facts concerning homework that will make you complete your assignments with a lot of enthusiasm? If you are thinking, “No way”, then, you must read this blog.

Is there any relation between homework and a student’s achievement?

An article posted in revealed the result of a study conducted by OECD, in which, it was stated that the education system in Singapore is the best in the world. A leading newspaper in Singapore, The Straits Times states that in a week, an average of 9.4 hours is spent by the students on homework. From this data, it can be said that homework has a contribution towards the academic success of students, which is the key to having a flourishing career.

So, why homework is valuable? It is because they bring many advantages to students, which have its direct role in academic success.

Benefits of doing homework

Like everyone else, if you have always thought that homework has been invented to give your professors another mean for torturing, then, you need to think again. Assignments might be a tool for teachers to measure your progress but it is you who will get the ultimate benefits.

Let us have a look at how this happens.

  • A way to improve your final grades- Did you ever think that if you really mess up your exams, who will have your back? It’s your assignments. A good amount of marks are allocated to the homework. So, if you work hard to accomplish your assignments, your worries will be less if one or two of your tests did not go well.
  • Preparation for exams- Speaking of tests, homework also helps you to get ready for it. Half of your preparation will be done if you write your assignments regularly. You won’t feel like that you have arrived at a completely new place while opening your books before the exams. And you won’t have to give extra effort to prepare for the tests because you already have some knowledge about almost all the units of your syllabus.
  • Better learning- If you have little to no idea about a specific topic or subject, then you better start doing your homework more regularly. Learning about a new subject-matter can be best done by writing an assignment on it. In this way, you will be able to enhance your knowledge and may come across some interesting information that is not included in your course. You won’t find a better way to learn.
  • Improved memory- Usually, assignments are given on the chapters that have been completed in the class. When you do the homework, you have to recall the lectures and also use your notes. Thus, you will be using your brainpower, resulting in boosting your memory.
  • Boosted accuracy- They don’t say ‘practice makes perfect’ for nothing. Higher grades will only come if you give your instructor a well-written and accurate assignment. And, when you do homework regularly, you get better at it each day and ultimately achieve perfection.
  • Increased time-efficiency- If deadlines wreck your nerves, you must start doing more homework assignments. Before you make the judgement that this blog is written by a madman, hear the explanation first. When you are assigned to write many assignments that need to be completed within a limited time, you have to make a plan to proceed. You build strategies to deal with the homework efficiently to finish them within time. And you know who helps you to create those strategies? The very fear of the deadlines. Thus, you ultimately grow your time management skill, which is crucial for achieving success in life.
  • Identifying weak and strong points- At some point in academic career, you will be asked about your strong and weak points. And you will come across your strengths and weaknesses when you will do your homework regularly. You will be surprised to know that you are way better at something than your friends. And something that you have been thinking yourself a pro at, is not really your forte. So, stop taking those weird quizzes online to find out your weak and strong areas and start working on your assignments to know it for yourself.
  • More confidence to face difficult situations- Do you hesitate a lot before taking up a challenging task? Or simply avoid them because you think you are not competent enough? Well, when you do your homework and ultimately finish it successfully, you definitely feel a sense of achievement. This helps you to get rid of your anxiety, nervousness, and fear that you usually feel before dealing any difficult task. So, you better write more assignments if you want to become more confident which will eventually lead you to success.

So, you get all these benefits from taking just one action and from this, you will actually find a solution to many of your long-term problems. This is the best deal you will ever get so, start doing more homework.

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