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Know The Various Layouts Of Academic Writing Services In Singapore

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 Alice Smith  Published On Feb 08,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Service

Know The Various Layouts Of Academic Writing Services In Singapore


In less than 50 years, the small city-state of Singapore has emerged as one of the world's fastest growing economy with equal growth in education sector. The Central Intelligence Agency figures stand tall - Singapore’s per capita GDP has risen to an incredible US $60,000, making it occupy the sixth highest position globally. This being the picture, students from across the globe flock to Singapore for world-class academic opportunities and enjoy the competitive advantage.


The sphere of education has witnessed an exquisite rise. Students are exposed to lot of new ideas, injected with the most updated academic facilities. This allows them to compete in the job market with an added advantage unlike students from other countries. Further, this superior competency is not only prevalent in only colleges, universities and higher educational institutes; even the primary level pupils are made acquainted with the recent developments. "Young parents are tech savvy. We are leveraging technology to a large extent to engage with them," says May Tang, principal of Fern Green Primary School in Sengkang. So you can understand where it starts from.


But the path to obtaining your dream degree in Singapore is not that easy, especially if you are from the foreign countries and have come to Singapore only to study here. Grais Bridget from UK has taken admission to study Humanities at National University of Singapore in this current academic year. No wonder she is going to find many difficulties crossing her path. One might ask, what are those?


As Bridget has come from the UK, she is definitely going to face the problem of language. Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English are the most commonly used languages, but locals prefer to speak in their mother tongue. So if you have to find an address and you know nothing better than English, it’s better to go for a crash course in Malay or Mandarin.


Food is another most significant of problems. But with the international food chains available in almost all the major cities in Singapore, students can tackle the problem a bit. However, these foods are not available at a pocket-friendly price, so it’s wise to get acquainted with the local dishes. Thus, you can avoid spending a lot of money, and your taste buds will experience new flavour simultaneously.


Last but not the least, it’s always easier said than done: getting fully into the new assignments, new subjects and a new batch of students who will be your next best friends in this foreign country is not a child's play. So to lessen these issues and challenges, involve yourself in some productive activities. This can range from joining into a sport that interests you or to joining a community with same pet love like you. Skyping to your friends and family back at home can also soothe you a bit.


Now coming on to the real struggles in the academics - the struggle to write assignments and not score poor grades. These two always go hand in hand; if you can come up with class-apart assignments, you will be prized with the desired grades. But how difficult is that? As per a Russian student, who had come to Singapore in the last session for advanced courses in Market Research Studies, "When I first came here, I had a problem with research papers as I have never written them in high school. I was not familiar with the structure of paper as well as academic resources and citations. It took me a whole term to understand what I need to work on my own and how to get a good grade on a paper."


Hope you can understand to what extent you need to be careful about.


Stop by the academic help services available online, and find your best friend in Singapore. Here you will be able to find help with custom writing, researching, editing and other aspects of drafting an assignment. For a detailed and ready-to-meet-all-your-needs service, trust the online academic help services blindly. Although these services cannot counsel you with the external issues we have stated above, the aim of scoring the best grades can be addressed flawlessly by them. But before you go for one, here’s first how to identify the various layout of the online academic writing services!


Layouts of academic writing services

After a long and brain-churning session, we have come up with significant layouts of academic writing services. These can be termed as the backbone of the services, depending on what students decide the viability of the service provider and pay them. The online help services offer to complete all assignments with ease, with promises to get even A+ grade. A Straits Times check has found that these services are aimed at Singapore students, offering to complete assignments for a fee.


But you definitely do not want to fall prey, right? So identify the layouts of the academic writing services.


  • Writers

How promising is it to hire the writing team associated with the online academic help services. The writing team plays an important role in elevating the standard of the online assignment writing services. Each of the assignment help services in the industry is claiming to be the only choice for the students. Normally, any online academic help service out there hire writers who hail only from Singapore to make sure that students are guided with the best in class assignments, made by the best brains of the country. With this, the services are always eager to hire the PhD qualified and retired university professors because no one other than these veteran academicians is able to address the changing demands of the assignments and students' questions with ease. Research scholars are always high on demand to solve the academic papers and the subject related issues faced by the foreign students who have come to Singapore for higher studies. If you are looking to hire these professionals, do not forget to check if there are any industry-professionals associated with the team you have been eyeing lately.


  • Quick Tips

Always check the sample papers made by the writers of the online academic help services you were aiming to work with. It will throw some light on the quality the writing services adhere to.

Do not ever just trust on the promotional content. Rely on your eye and ears the most. If you are satisfied by seeing the quality, go on with the online services. Otherwise asking other senior foreign students is always easy to decide. They can also make some effective suggestions so that you can make informed choices.

Look at the ratings before you choose. You will get a thorough idea of commitment, quality, originality and qualification of the writers.


  • Researchers

There should be a team of specialists who are well at researching updated content for the assignments they have got to write. The international students, who boast very limited knowledge on the particulars of making assignments and researching on the allotted topic, sometimes are completely dependent on the online academic help services. And as we consider research as one of the significant parts among the various layouts, students need to be careful with their choices of online academic writing services.


Writing does not end with researching, instead starts with it. If you do not know how to research for your assignment, you are never going to make out the assignment properly. The research team is the asset of any online academic help service. The researchers have multiple functions to concentrate upon, of which updating the in-house database with the most recent content is one. Another is to search for relevant sources of information as per the students' requirements, making sure that by adding these the assignments will stand out of the crowd.


  • Quick tips:

If an online assignment help service do not have adequate researchers in hand, it will show the quality of assignments they have produced (it can even be the samples). Consider not taking these services to work with you.


Check what the reviews say about the qualification of the researchers associated with the online academic help services. The more the qualification, the better the website is to work with. Because PhD qualified experts will always put forward better assignments than who holds only graduate degrees.


The number of published papers and journals are also an excellent method to go with qualified researchers.


The online academic help services which have confusions on how to add value to their website and pull more customers can also employ these quick tips before hiring researchers.


  • Editors

Yes, you definitely should know who will edit your assignment. The responsibility of an online academic writing service does not end at just to develop lines and sentences one after another to answer the question altogether and submit it like that. The very responsibility also lies in editing the paper and then submits it to the students.


Foreign students, who have come to Singapore for acquiring better chances of academics there, contributes almost half of the foreign currency input in Singapore. And as the country’s education system has now started taking more students more on their interests and not based on their scores, the online academic help agencies should do justice to that objective.


One cannot deny the fact that a well-written assignment can be very well presented if it has been edited by professional and skilled editors. As assignments can be the key to open most the locked doors of opportunities to the foreign students, providing them with the best help will, in turn, leave room for more talented students in the system.


Assistant Professor Ryan Hong of the National University of Singapore says that ‘students may resort to these online services as they feel overwhelmed by academic demands.’ This is true for both the native and the foreign students. Services are available for all those subjects taught in the universities of Singapore. Editing services act is considered as one of the most significant layouts so concentrate on that.


  • Quick tips:

Professionals should have a thorough knowledge of the editing basics of different types of assignments.

If you are an overseas student and want to learn the details of an academic paper, the online academic help services can be a good option apart from the university reading and writing centre.

So to throw some more light on the layout part, let us concentrate on how the aforementioned professionals prepare an assignment and layout the paper accurately. They also guide students to layout an assignment to make sure only better turnovers:


After the professors are done with allotment of assignments, students start working on it right across. Lack of planning definitely shows it at the end. To leave such condition and lose scholarship because of an assignment is definitely not wise. The online assignment writing services, therefore, suggest a concept plan or a map. The function of it is well known - it shows the path. The same can happen with your assignment. You can run it in the right ways if you spend a couple of hours in planning for every bit of the assignment you will work for the next two weeks.


The next concern should definitely be formatting of the assignment. In this stage students can come up with a thorough picture of layout, word count, desired referencing style, writing style, grammar and spelling.


The last two aspects are although considered as a part of proofreading the assignment which happens once you are done with the assignment. Successful proofreading will always lead you to better assignment results.


The next part is to paragraph planning. Seems difficult? Hire the online assignment writing services. While they have hundreds of assignments to solve at a time, still the pre-writing and layout planning stage always takes place. But how do they do it perfectly every time? ‘Think of the main idea that you want to communicate in that paragraph and draft a clear topic sentence which will tell the reader what you are going to talk about,' says a veteran professor from a reputed institute in Singapore.


Linking the paragraphs together will be made easy by using linking words like similarly, additionally, next, another example, as well, furthermore, another, firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally, and so on. The direction that your thinking is taking in the essay should be very clear to your reader. Linking words will help you to make this direction obvious.


Coming to the next part, the online academic help services suggest students to concentrate on writing the paper. While professionals start with the introduction, and gradually present the context, background, outline the issues and present the thesis question, students can do the same by following the format. While native students are acquainted with these details, for foreign students, professionals’ touch can rent boost up the grades.


As we move onto the body section, different types of assignments adhere to different arrangements. For an essay, it’s just the body paragraphs. For thesis and dissertations, there are literature review, reach methodology and results and discussions as well. The online academic writing services continue working minutely. They present the topic sentence, the references which will support the claim, and then the conclusive sentences. All three can continue for multiple paragraphs, depending on the assignment demands.


The layouts of conclusion in all assignments must have the following points -

Describe in general terms the most important points made or the most important linkage of ideas


End with a comment, a resolution or a suggestion for issues that may be addressed in future research on the topic.


Is hiring by the foreign students in Singapore desirable?


Are assignments piling up on your table? Are you too confused with the layout of assignments? Being a foreign student in Singapore has started taking toll on you? There's only one place that can alleviate all your troubles and tensions- has occupied the No. 1 place in guiding the students in Singapore for many reasons. Plagiarism-free assignments, help for more than 100 subjects, 24*7 live support, consistent high ratings, help in all types of assignments, best assignments without any compromise on the quality are only to name a few.


Need some more reasons? Well, we are the only online academic help service which is good at understanding the students’ demand - both the native and the overseas students. So when you come with a problem which needs immediate solution, you will definitely get to have customised assistance from Our experts will take care of the entire assignment with a host of impeccable academic writing services that are trusted by thousands of students for over a decade.


Expect only insightful assignments in a plethora of subjects from us. Delivering only top-notch quality assignments has always been the foremost priority of our service experts. We have formed our team of writers by hiring hundreds of in-house experts and editors who are always on their toe to help you achieve your academic goals. Give a boost to your grades by hiring our PhD qualified writers.

So don’t waste your time anymore. Save your grades by availing high quality assignments within your budget.

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