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Mistakes That Must Be Avoided In Assignments

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 Alice Smith  Published On Jun 21,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Service

Mistakes That Must Be Avoided In Assignments

Assignment writing is a crucial segment in the academic career and even a single mistake appears to be costly. There are multiple types of assignments such as dissertation paper, essays, research papers, thesis, etc. Each of them has its own significance. A student needs to be overly cautious while drafting the paper.

This blog tends to illustrate the mistakes that students must avoid in their assignments. The most common writing flaws are grammatical issues, spell-errors, punctuation splices, inappropriate tone of scripting, and other language blemishes. Once you navigate till the end of this article, you can identify what is blotting you from scoring A+ grades and also explicit remedies to rectify those imperfections.

See the mistakes that you may not know have been committing in your assignments!

  1. Inappropriate topic selection: The foremost concern is to select a topic that tones with your comfort zone. Often students make rapid decisions while choosing a topic and the flow of writing hampers if that idea does not match with the pupil’s choice of interest. 
Good topic has a pivotal role in scoring impressive marks

Solution: The trick lies in choosing an interesting theme for your assignment. The subject line needs to be trendy as well. Here are the factors that you must look up to while selecting your assignment subject.

  • The idea should not be confusing. That is, the matter should be easy for the readers to digest.
  • The topic must be enthralling for the readers.
  • Your field of research must not be obsolete. To be precise, your topic must be relevant and researchable.
  • The scope of the subject-matter should neither be vast nor too small.


  1. Undirected research: You can research on anything you like but, the effort goes in vain if you put in inappropriate sources. Many students fail to identify credible sources, as a result, ending up citing some vague data in the content. Most of these papers face rejection on inserting the irrelevant data.

Solution: Do you know the ways to avoid input faulty data?  Here are some tips that you must consider.

  • Make certain, the sources you are using, are reliable and valid.
  • To fetch authentic data, you must collect information from published and accredited scholarly articles
  • If you are about to gather facts from websites, check its reviews and ratings to ensure the website is genuine
  • You must dig deeper into the matter to find the proper figures and statistics on the subject line.


  1. Inept and clumsy writing: Language inefficiency or being a novice in assignment writing often leads to this problem. Apart from having sufficient data and assurance about the scope of the topic, a good hold on the language is equally important. Readers easily notice the ambiguity, lack of clarity and confusions in your paper. These faults badly reflect on your grades.

Clarity of thought is vital for assignment writing!

 Solution: A clean and decent piece of writing is just what professors expect from their students. Here’s how you can improve your assignment quality –

  • You must be clear in your words
  • Make a proper outline before writing
  • Take notes of the relevant data in a notepad so that you can quickly check that information when required
  • Never exaggerate unnecessary or input statements that are irrelevant
  • Read sample papers to grasp the style of assignment writing and its formats


  1. Incorrect tonality in the papers: The tonality in tuition assignments varies from the sub-categories you are choosing. For essay writing, you can portray your idea in a much informal way than a dissertation paper. Thesis statements need more professionalism in order to depict the researches you have conducted. Students, generally, mismatches the tonality and confuse between argumentative, informative, persuasive, or expository.

Be very watchful while deciding the tone of your language

 Solution: Only with profound experience, one can judge the right tonality in your papers. The best idea is to discuss with the concerned professors so that they can explain you the perfect attitude for writing the draft. Besides these, consider the following factors for understanding the right pitch –

  • Read the topic more than once
  • Understand what it expects
  • Check university guidelines
  • Read sample papers on matching themes to grasp the tone of other writers


  1. Not referring to college notes: On attending lectures, a student often gets to know a key factor that acts as a trump card for your assignments. The lecturer tends to deliver certain relevant information regarding the topics that actually builds the assignments stronger. If you do not attend the sermons, you may miss the tiny bits of facts.

 Solution: You are deemed as an attentive and sincere student if the professors notice class notes incorporated in your assignments. A major trick of scoring top marks is to make your mentor happy! Let him comprehend that you are a regular candidate and attends the lectures with utmost sincerity.Take swift-notes, ask queries, and discuss the matter in detail – these, in turn, help you to compose a good piece of writing.


  1. Plagiarized content: Your paper gets rejected immediately even a single portion seems to be copied. Strict rubrics state that your content needs to be original and unique. Entailing others work without citing proper references are always set as a bad example of assignment writing.

Solution: Take inspiration from others but always put forth your own ideas. Here are certain way outs you must try to avoid plagiarism.

  • Paraphrase the content you are about to include
  • Insert exact sources from where you extract the data
  • Prepare footnotes/endnotes
  • Use parenthetical references (authors, date) in the assignment body
  • Always input quotation marks when you are excerpting someone’s statement


  1. Grammatical issues/spelling mistakes/punctuation splices: Students sometimes input improper punctuations that become responsible for changing the whole meaning of the statement. Spelling errors or typing errors are also common when the pupils write within the time constraint.

Those who are novice, do grammatical mistakes advertently mostly with tenses, subject-verb agreements, prepositions or incoherent choice of words. Students also land into trouble due to excessive use of homonyms and complex sentences. Professors do not like drafts having repeated sentences written in passive voice. These create a bad impression about the student that mirrors on their scorecards.

 Solution: Conventional academic writing prefers simple sentences with fewer homophones that are easier for readers to grasp. Better to use the regular grammatical guidelines fluently in your composition. See the steps to follow for prohibiting these issues –

  • Use more active voices except for quoting statements that are already in the passive voice
  • Make use of simple sentences and familiar words
  • Read the document carefully before submission
  • Edit using digital proofreading software
  • Ask help from someone to revise your paper in terms of tonality and fluency in your writing


  1. Presentation of ambiguous introduction/conclusion: Introduction is meant for sparking the curiosity of your readers whereas conclusion is meant for ending with relevance. They write the introductory paragraph in a flat voice and end the draft abruptly. This restricts their papers from fetching good grades.

 Solution: Never make your writing a cliché! Avoid using phrases like “in conclusion”, “at the beginning”, “in the end”, “firstly” and so on. Make the paragraphs interesting and appealing – see the ways to draft it.

  • Give a jest of your topic in the introductory paragraph
  • Depending on your theme, use tempting statements for the introduction to binding the readers
  • Write about the researches, you have conducted, in the concluding paragraphs
  • The ending section must not be terse rather there should be an explanation about the exposition
  • You must not make either of the sections too long or too short

By far, you must have understood the basic faults that the students make while writing their assignments. Apart from the above issues, some students also procrastinate and miss the deadlines. You must avoid that tendency and start working on the paper as soon as you get the assignment.

Be cautious and sincere while drafting your assignments.

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