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A Complete Guide On Writing And Structuring College Academic Paper In Singapore

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 Alice Smith  Published On Jan 29,2018 | Updated on Sep 06,2022  Academic Service

A Complete Guide On Writing And Structuring College Academic Paper In Singapore

Singapore might not be the first country that comes to your mind when you start planning for studying aboard, but it is definitely a destination to consider. Formed by more than 63 islands in Southeast Asia - it has become the core of innovation and is successfully attracting significant foreign investments every year.


Modern Singapore has become world’s largest and busiest business destination worldwide. And when it comes to education, Singapore is becoming the new favorite hub for higher education for international students. It is also becoming the home to a number of world-class universities, and it has secured high rank in international league tables in mathematics and science. So if you are planning to study in Singapore, then for all good reason you should understand the nation's higher education system before you start working on your applications. To understand the education system accurately, you must know how to tackle different types of assignments that will come your way once you start your college or university in Singapore. Let us break down how to work on various types of assignments to make your way to the top.


Malisa Ali, a postgraduate student studying psychology in National University of Singapore, says: “Assignments are fun when you know what you need to do to complete assignments within deadline; you can deal with multiple assignments as well. But when you need to prepare for your upcoming exam while working on tough assignments, it becomes nearly impossible.” According to an article published on the website of TheStraitsTimes, a study conducted by Organization For Economics Corporation and Development has revealed that Singaporean students, who are otherwise known for their academic excellence worldwide, are suffering from higher level of anxiety as well. Not only Malisa, but more than 72% University students are struggling their way to achieve a higher score.


In Singapore University and colleges you will be needed to work with three types of assignments mainly, Essay Assignments, Research Papers and Case study assignments. Other than these types of assignments, you also need to work on the lab report, book report and power point presentations. In this blog, you will get assistance with framing structure of these three basic types of assignments. Be very specific about writing different kinds of assignments for instructors and professors put much emphasis on the writing style and presentation while grading your paper.  The most constant part of writing the best assistance is making it as per universities guidelines.


What is overall structure of an academic paper?

It is too obvious to mention that every academic paper follows a basic structure. Basic academic journals have three main parts - an introduction, the body and the conclusion. Each of these three components should serve three distinct purposes.


The introduction should be written in a way that it creates a hook to grab readers' attention. While structuring an academic paper, you need to plan separately for the opening paragraph. The main purpose of writing an introduction is to create a context for the topic; it also establishes paper's central argument. The structure of the body and conclusion can be briefly introduced in the introduction part.


The body follows the structure outlined in the introduction phase and provides arguments to prove the paper's thesis right.

The conclusion should restate the central theme in a new way. It should bind all the loose ends together. In the conclusion part, you need to review the paper’s main idea and explain your assignment’s relevance and importance.


Introduction structure

Introductions are generally segmented into three parts.

  1. The introduction should always create a context for the topic.
  2. In the opening paragraph, you need to describe the structure of the essay
  3. Here you need to introduce your central argument.



  • Creating context

By creating a context in the paper, you will be able to lead your readers into the body part of your paper. While setting the context, you need to give information illustrating the background of the subject and arguments.


Now how to create the context

  • You can start by telling a story
  • Can start with illustrating historical and background information
  • To make it more credible, you can start with giving statistics and facts or other hard data
  • You can start with offering fundamental definition of different terms related to the main theme
  • Posing question relevant to the topic
  • You can also start with describing the essay



  • Describing the structure

Describing the structure of the essay may help the reader to get the necessary ideas about how you are going to proceed with the paper. It will help them to notice essential details without getting distracted by unnecessary information. This section of the introduction should serve as the roadmap for your readers. Now your readers can proceed with a clear picture of what to expect later in the paper.


This proves to be beneficial for your readers for they already know what more to expect later in the paper. In the introduction, you need to concentrate on giving a general idea about what you are going to discuss in the later stage of your paper. To introduce your general plan, you can use two standard phrases, this essay will/ in this essay I will.


After writing any of these phrases, you may continue describing what readers can expect to learn and know later in your paper. To make your intention clear to your readers, you can use verbs like describe, analyze, prove, argue, and distinguish.


  • Bringing in the Central Argument

While writing an academic paper, introducing the main argument becomes the most crucial thing to do. Therefore, while writing the opening paragraph introducing a central case becomes necessary. The primary argument isn't written to convince readers; instead, it is designed to claim that readers after going through the essay will gain some new perspectives and knowledge. Much of the academic papers are written with the intention of showcasing one's expertise and allowing readers to gain a better understanding of any particular subject.


Body Paragraph

The body portion of your academic essay discusses everything in details. Its main purpose is laying out evidence and information to prove your central argument correct. 


There are two main aspects that you need to remember about the body portion of your paper. First, each body paragraph typically follows a distinct format and second while writing those sections; you need to follow some rules academically.


Body paragraphs generally have three parts:

1. Topic sentence

2.  A set of explanatory sentences

The topic sentence focuses on topics of the paragraph. It tells readers what the paragraphs, is going to be all about.

Explanatory sentences focus on the topic sentence by explaining, clarifying the topic. These sentences bring forth all general and background information on the theme of a paragraph. These sentences illustrate a paragraph's relationship to the central argument of the paper.



Conclusion too has three main portions

1. Restatement of the thesis

2. Reviewing main points mentioned in the body

3. In the last phase, you need to explain the paper's relevance, importance and significance.


  • Restating the Thesis

The thesis statement should always be focused on the central argument of the paper. A thesis statement should be written on the last part of the introduction. In conclusion the thesis statement should be repeated and restarted with a new language. This time it needs to be written at the beginning of the outcome.


In the conclusion part, it should be written slightly differently as when readers are reading the conclusion, their understanding of the topic has enhanced as all the valid arguments have been included in the body. As their knowledge about that particular issue has advanced, it makes total sense to develop and rephrase the language of the thesis statement and central argument. By restating the thesis statement, you intend to provide a much broader illustration of the central thesis statement. This will allow readers to understand the effectiveness of the thesis statement on a deeper level - without shifting from the original thesis statement's intention or meaning.


  • Reviewing the main points

When you are writing the conclusion, it's a great idea to provide a brief recap of main points and topics. While reading the outcome, your readers will appreciate a recap of paper's central point and topics. Providing this brief discussion will remind your readers about the central theme of the essay and will help them to connect with author’s original argument.


  • Explaining your academic paper’s relevance and importance

Academic papers are assigned to you for a reason. Your instructors or professors want to check your problem solving and applicability skills. While writing an academic paper, whether you need to inform, explore or convince through your paper. Although if you possess good writing skill, then you will be able to connect main points back to the central argument. You should never assume that only providing arguments will be enough to convince readers about the importance and significance of your paper. So in the conclusion part, you need to explicitly and powerfully explain the purpose of the paper. You need to emphasize on explaining why the paper is essential. 


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