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Academic writing is a vast area that delves into multiple disciplines and fields of study.Hence, we have gathered the most prominent experts to impart their knowledge and provide anecdotes on how the students can pursue this complex process of preparing various academic papers.

 Alice Smith  Published On Jun 09, 2018 | Updated on Sep 06, 2022  Academic Management

Thesis writing Demystified: Know the secrets of Writing thesis like a pro

Thesis, the word itself evokes a picture of lengthy papers, dull researches, sleep-deprived eyes, frequent yawns, aching fingers from running them over the keyboards, jotting down points and littered mass of empty coffee cups. These images fill the s

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 Alice Smith  Published On Jun 04, 2018 | Updated on Sep 06, 2022  Homework

7 Reasons For Doing Homework To Have A Better Future

In the academic world, and also among the students and parents, the debate over the worth of homework has always been there. Some believe it to be an extra burden which, practically helps in no way, and to some, homework directly relates to academic

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 Alice Smith  Published On May 30, 2018 | Updated on Sep 06, 2022  Academic Essays Help

Basic Possible Rule to Impossible Essay Writing

What do we expect in college life? Fun with your friends, quality time with your loved one, less work and more play stuff. In short, nothing but blue skies all over. In a perfect world with an ideal scenario, this would have been the case, for this

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 Alice Smith  Published On May 22, 2018 | Updated on Sep 06, 2022  Homework

Surprising Homework Facts that Will Surely Motivate You

“Oh God! Not again!”- This is exactly what goes on in your mind when your professor assigns you with a heap of homework. Well, you’re not alone. The majority of students hates it. And they will probably give reasons like “it

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 Alice Smith  Published On May 17, 2018 | Updated on Sep 06, 2022  Academic Management

Education in Singapore – An Extensive Overview

Education is perhaps the biggest tool, imperative for a nation’s progress, growth and prosperity. A man who has the right education will always be able to pave the way for a better and progressive generation ahead. It is evident that Singapor

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